Whitecaps At San Jose

Whitecaps At San Jose Ends In A 0-0 Draw As Both Teams Were Scared Of Losing The Point

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The Whitecaps at San Jose play to a 0-0 draw Friday August 13th. It was an uneventful match as both teams were timid at times trying not to make a mistake. Good news for both teams as no one made a mistake. The teams split the points and Vancouver temporarily moves out of the MLS Western Conference basement.

We always try to play for the three points. There’s moments at the minute 82 and 92 that we were pressing we were going for the three points. We wanted the game to be very close in the 60th minute and make two subs that would open up our offensive options but when you don’t win its important to give your best. You see what these guys have been doing on the road with their fighting spirit and pushing, I’m proud of how everyone’s pushing, we tried for the three points but I’m proud of the guys for the point.”

News, Notes, And Lineups Whitecaps At San Jose

Marc Dos Santos would be forced into changes with the injuries. Ryan Raposo and Andy Rose would slot into the lineup as two of the four changes to the lineup. Erik Godoy and Lucas Cavallini are out with injuries and two changes to the midfield. Leonard Owusu would replace Caio Alexandre who was almost invisible last match and Russell Teibert would replace Michael Baldisimo.

Maxime Crepeau is back in net with Jake Nerwinski, Rose, Ranko Veselinovic and Javain Brown from left to write at the back. Janio Bikel in his normal holding role with Rusty and Owusu rounding out the midfield. Deiber Caicedo, and Raposo will flank Brian White up top in a 4-3-3 formation.

Whitecaps At San Jose

For San Jose, and Matias Almeyda would only make one change bringing on the former Portland Timber Jeremy Ebobisse for Cade Cowell. Cristian Espinoza and Eduardo “Chofis” Lopez would join him up top in a 3-4-2-1 formation. Former Whitecap Shae Salinas would roam the midfield with Jackson Yueill, Judson, and Luciano Abecasis.

J.T. Marcinkowski would take his place between the posts with Tanner Beason, Oswaldo Alanis and Nathan from left to right in a back 3. The dangerous Chris Wondolowski sat waiting on the bench for head coach Almeyda.

Whitecaps At San Jose Lineup

Whitecaps at San Jose kicked off from PayPal Park just after 7:30 pm PST for the two struggling sides.

Whitecaps At San Jose Play To A Timid 0-0 1st Half

The home side would kick things off in their violet kit against a Whitecaps team wearing their White Hoop kit. Shea Salinas would make a nice run down the left side and win an early corner before the clock would hit the one minute mark. It was a short training ground play and Salinas would send a shot in on Crepeau. He was able to smother it easily and Vancouver was able to get on the ball. They tried to work through Caicedo and Nerwinski down the left but San Jose was able to clear easily.

They would have more luck down the right side as Brown would track down a pass and cut it back into the box. It would eventually run to Leonard Owusu and he sailed one over Marcinkowski. San Jose looked shaky to start as they weren’t able to hold possession. A throw on the left side and Vancouver would take advantage with a great break. Owusu would find Raposo who had a brilliant first touch and would find Brian White. He had a great chance in alone but his shot was parried out before being cleared.

Whitecaps At San Jose

Nervous moments to start the match for the home side. After a brief chance crossed into the box for the Earthquake Vancouver would get right back on the attack. Some nice work by Teibert would almost spring a great chance but he was just beat out by Nathan. San Jose was on their heels as we moved into the 10th minute of the match. Very few connected passes and a lot of booting the ball back into the Whitecaps end. They woke up in the 11th minute and won a corner after some nice work from Espinoza. Chofis would send in a nice ball but it was cleared out the other side.

The danger would remain as the ball would come to Salinas who would lay it off perfectly to Chofis. Javain Brown would take the blunt of the shot as it would roll out and Referee Timothy Ford would blow the play dead as they treated Brown. Play would resume in the 13th minute as Vancouver tried to show they were the more dangerous team and get the important first goal. It was San Jose who would get the next chance as Chofis worked down the right side and found Yueill. He cut it back to Espinoza but the ball was far wide and out for a Vancouver throw.

Brian White would do some nice work with his back to the net to win a free kick for Vancouver in the 17th minute. Caicedo and Raposo would talk things over before Caicedo would whip it in to the front of the box. It was cleared away easily before the second chance was launched back in but right to Marcinkowski. San Jose would slow things down and work it around the back looking for space against the Whitecaps backline. Espinoza would find Luciano Abecasis in the 20th minute but his shot was deflected right to Crepeau.

Some nice passing from Vancouver but they weren’t able to find that one pass. Things got a bit sloppy as we moved into the 22nd minute. It wasn’t exciting football but it was a solid road performance so far for Vancouver at PayPal Stadium. Vancouver almost got a chance when the ball was clipped into the box but White was covered and the ball would eventually roll back to the Earthquake. Russell Teibert would win a free kick in the 26th minute after a hard foul by Salinas.

Whitecaps At San Jose | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps At San Jose

The Whitecaps had their big men up from the back trying to get on the Caicedo delivery. Veselinovic would get a head on it but without any power and it was an easy save for Marcinkowski. San Jose would posses things as we moved into the 29th minute but Vancouver was defending very well. San Jose would give it away but win it right back with some nice pressure forcing Crepeau to clear it long downfield. The home side was starting to get more confidence as the match remained scoreless. Ebobisse would great a chance at the back post on a Abecasis cross.

He got a free volley and Crepeau had to be sharp to send it out for a corner. Veselinovic had to be sharp at the near post on the Espinoza delivery, he cleared it out for another corner. The second attempt was sent right to Crepeau who would grab the ball and allow Vancouver to catch their breathe. The spark that Vancouver might have started with was quickly smothered by San Jose. The Earthquake had moved up their line and started limiting any attack Vancouver had seen early.

Espinoza would take his chance from distance in the 35th minute but his shot was well high and out for a goal kick. With 10 minutes remaining in the half it seemed like Vancouver would be happy to remain scoreless. Vancouver wasn’t nearly as aggressive as usually without the ball and it was leaving space for San Jose. Salinas would get room at the top of the box and his shot was blocked by Veselinovic and out for another Quakes corner. It was sent to the back post by Yueill but no one in a Violet jersey was there and it ran out of touch.

Whitecaps At San Jose | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps At San Jose

Vancouver would quickly give it back to the home side as we neared the 40th minute. It was a nervous end to the half for Vancouver as San Jose was sending dangerous crosses into the box. Brown had to be sharp and kick it away before it came to Salinas at the back of the box. The minutes would tick away in what was a pretty uneventful first half. Janio Bikel would win the ball back and win a free kick as Chofis was shown a yellow card in the 43rd minute. The free-kick was taken backwards by a cautious Whitecaps side.

Vancouver would get a nice chance to end the half as Owusu would find Nerwinski with a nice ball down the left side. Jake rushed the cross and it was long and past everyone. Almsot another moment for the Whitecaps as Raposo would cut it back dangerously into the box. It would run past White before Caicedo would deflect it out for a San Jose goalkick. The half would come to a close with the teams playing to an uneventful 0-0 first half.

Subs Bring More Action But Things End In The Same Result

No changes for either team to start the second half. Vancouver would win an free kick after a Shae Salinas corner but San Jose would get the chance on the counter. Chofis was sent out wide with lots of space but he couldn’t make anything of it before a shot from the top of the box was blocked. Vancouver cleared the danger but San Jose would remain in possession. It wasn’t until the 49th minute that Vancouver push forward on attack. Some nice work by Caicedo down the middle of the pitch, and he was able to find Teibert. The ball would go out for a throw but it was turned over.

San Jose would push back as we moved into the 51st minute. It was briefly turned over but Yueill would win it back with some nice body position causing Raposo to foul. Both teams seemed to be trying to hold off the other until they could bring on reinforcements from the bench. Both sides had players who could change the match waiting for their opportunity. Vancouver would control as the second half moved into the 54th minute and win a free kick much to the disapproving fans. Salinas would haul down Raposo and Vancouver had a set piece opportunity. It was sent it by Caicedo but didn’t threaten the home side.

After some back and forth play Matias Almeyda would be the first to go to his bench in the 59th Minute. Marcos Lopez and youngster Cade Cowell would come on for Salinas and Tanner Beason. MDS would take notice and make some changes of his own. Ryan Gauld would replace Leonard Owusu and Dajome would come on for Raposo on the right side. San Jose would win a free kick after Ranko hauled down Ebobisse. It was cleared but the home side would remain on the attack. The ball would be played up to Ebobisse and he was able to turn into space and fire a shot on Crepeau.

Maxime Crepeau Keeps It 0-0 Whitecaps At San Jose

The Whitecaps keeper was able to dive out and get a hand on it to deflect it off the post before Vancouver cleared. The match was anyones as we moved into the 64th minute. Vancouver was controlling things and doing well to create space. Dajome would head off to the races down the right side but his cross was blocked out for a Vancouver corner. Caicedo would send it into the box in the 65th minute but it was punched away by Marcinkowski. The Whitecaps were looking much more confident in the second half after bringing on Gauld and Dajome.

A brief chance by San Jose was stopped by Ryan Gauld who came back with a nice slide to intercept the pass. The Whitecaps would continue on the attack winning a throw thanks to Dajome before Nerwinski and Caicedo worked down the right side. The ball would come back to Teibert but his shot was wide left of the target. Vancouver would win a free kick in the 68th minute that would allow San Jose to make another change. Carlos Fierro would come on to replace Abecasis in the midfield.

Off the free kick Ryan Gauld would do some nice work to win Vancouver their second corner of the match. Gauld would clear everyone and send Brown chasing it down. San Jose was able to move up their line and alleviate the pressure. As we hit the 70th minute mark Vancouver was controlling things comfortably but couldn’t find that opening goal. Dajome would win Vancouver a free kick after getting shoulder barged by Lopez. He would be shown a 72nd minute yellow card for the interference.

 | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps At San Jose

Gauld would send the free kick right on net but it was an easy save for Marcinkowski. Dajome would return the favor shortly after with a foul on Lopez. Referee Ford had a long look but kept the yellow card in his pocket. It was San Jose’s turn to attack as they would win another corner after a great run by Cowell. The Quakes would take it short and Vancouver looked to clear but Dajome would go back towards the touch line. Cowell would muscled him off the ball and chip it into the box. Teibert was right there and able to clear the danger before San Jose would make it’s last subs of the night.

Andres Rios would replace Lopez, and MLS Leading goal scorer Chris Wondolowski would come on for Espinoza in the 76th minute. If the home side was going to make a push for all three points these were the changes to do it. The Whitecaps at San Jose were prepared for the surge. Some nice work by Andy Rose and Ranko Veselinovic would stop the Quakes attack.

With Wondo the super sub on, the Quakes were doing a better job holding the ball. Gauld would do well to win the ball back in the 81st minute and eventually Dajome would win a throw for Vancouver. It was thrown to the edge of the box but San Jose forced the Caps to turn back. The two teams would trade promising rushes but they were stopped as they neared the box. Vancouver was able to slow things down after a hard foul by Feirro on Bikel. Marc Dos Santos would use the opportunity to bring on Tosaint Ricketts for Brian White and Baldismo for Bikel.

San Jose would almost make Vancouver pay but Jake Nerwinski was able to force a bad cross from Feirro. Brown cleared it out before the Quakes would send it long to Crepeau. The physicality picked up as both teams looked to keep one point. Dajome was shown a yellow card in the 88th minute after colliding with Lopez. After Vancouver won it back, Gauld would show some of his skill with a nice move to free up space on the left side before a driven ball into the box. San Jose had to be careful and cleared it out for a throw.

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Whitecaps At San Jose Tick Into Added Time

We neared the end of regulation and San Jose would find some space. It was wasted and crossed right into Crepeau and the Whitecaps could head back the other way. The 4th official would signal 5 added minutes as the Whitecaps closed in on another draw. Javain Brown would take a knock and need treatment before he was replaced by Bruno Gaspar who was back in the squad after injury. The Kick was sent in by Yuell but Crepeau was confident off his line to grab it around the penalty spot.

Timothy Ford would add more time on the clock after the Brown injury and San Jose would try and get a late goal. Judson would cross it in to Wondolowski and his volley was off Rose for a Corner. Nathan was able to head it to the back post but a great chance by San Jose was sent out to the relief of the Whitecaps. San Jose would keep pushing with another free kick. It was driven in and cleared poorly by Vancouver before Cowell took a foul out of frustration on Dajome and was shown a yellow card.

Crepeau would take as much time off the clock as he could before sending it downfield. The boos would reign down from the home fans as Timothy Ford would blow the whistle on a 0-0 draw. The Whitecaps would extend their unbeaten streak to 6 games but as Marc Dos Santos said, they need more than draws!

Post Game Thoughts And Media

Another match and another draw for the Whitecaps at San Jose Earthquake. Marc Dos Santos was happy to get the one point on the road but again felt his side could have gotten all 3 points once again. He also spoke about the defensive performance and depth of the squad to get through injuries.

“Jake had a moment with us where he was a in a little bit of a low, he wasn’t in the best spot or none of us were in the best spot. He was able to fight through it. It’s a player who we trust but it’s also a player that plays in a position with lots of competition, with Javain, Bruno, Guti. But today, I felt both Javain and Jake were incredibly important to do what we wanted to do out wide.” Marc would continue about the play of his fullbacks.

“When they got guys in tight spaces I think our back four was incredibly aggressive in their marking, Jake was good reading the switch, Javain was good reading the switch and that’s part of the game of San Jose they invite you to one side and then they switch it. It’s great for the team to have all these options.”

On the injuries to Janio Bikel and Javain Brown, “We have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and we just play Wednesday night. It’s hard for me to give you an assessment so I don’t know, I don’t have information on them. I think it doesn’t look as bad and they both could be possibilities for the game against Austin.”

Full Media Whitecaps At San Jose

Keeper Maxime Crepeau Spoke next after his clean sheet for the Whitecaps at San Jose. “I think it was up for grabs, in the first half we wanted to attract them and exploit the spaces between the lines. We had one chance with Brian early and after that we were compact defensively. In the second half, we were a little more low at some points in the game but they didn’t really have a lot of chances and they didn’t really play with a lot of volume in our third but we had our moments as well with possession in their half, that’s what we need to build on for the next game against Austin.”

“In the position we are in, with the games remaining, we know we have a lot of games at BC Place so we have to win as many games as possible. We’re not wining but we’re not losing either so it’s all about finishing our chances creating more, being difficult to break down defensively. It’s about winning games, the clocks ticking slowly so we gotta start ramping it up.” On the need to turn draws into 3 points.

I asked Maxime how excited he is to return home to BC Place for a real home match next weekend, “We know the reality playing away for a long time, playing away is a reality we just have to accept it and just go with it, we need to go [to Austin] for the last away game before playing home games at BC Place with our fans.”

Javain Brown was last up and commented on his injury, “I’m great, just a little cramped.”. That is good news for a Whitecaps side that is thin enough at the back.

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

What an exciting match as the Whitecaps at San Jose battled to a hard fought 0-0 draw. Yes this is sarcasm… As always there was some excitement off the pitch. Which brings us to the The Unnamed Moments Of The Match. Make sure to check out The Unnamed Goal Of The Match!

The Unnamed Time Wasting Of The Match

Sarita Patel has done an amazing job for fans and media giving us all the inside stories and a look at the team while they were down in Utah. Turns out she has a pretty good boot! Also, if I may point out, a nice bit of time wasting.

The Unnamed Moment Of The Match Whitecaps At San Jose

The Unnamed Goal Of The Match

The Unnamed Star Wars Beef Of The Match

JJ Adams from the Province asked Crepeau post game if a “tie is like kissing your sister.” I thought he was referring to a Mighty Ducks 3 quote but he was referencing Star Wars… This quote was in the movies as much as “Luke I am your father” so a twitter war ensued.

Whitecaps At San Jose Post Game Star Wars Battle

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Whitecaps are right back in action Wednesday night as they take on expansion side Austin FC. Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line website for the latest news and notes ahead of the Whitecaps next match. Will they continue their streak of draws, or will the Whitecaps finally get all 3 points?

Whatever happens on Wednesday night let’s hope it is more exciting than the Whitecaps at San Jose match!

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