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Vancouver Whitecaps Vs Houston Dynamo Battle to A 0-0 Draw: It’s 1 Point Right!

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The Vancouver Whitecaps Vs Houston Dynamo Battle to A 0-0 Draw. It was a hard-fought match at Rio Tinto Stadium Tuesday night. The Vancouver Whitecaps and Houston Dynamo were both missing players from the CONCACAF Gold Cup. There seemed to be a lack of urgency by both squads.

The two squads had to make changes from their last matches. Vancouver was coming off a big win against the LA Galaxy 2-1 on Saturday. For lineup’s news and notes look no further than right here for Sports Talk Line.

Whitecaps Vs Dynamo A Tenative First Half

The Whitecaps would kick things off in the first half as both teams looked to feel each other out early. Vancouver was aggressive on the press as Vancouver wanted to eliminate as much space as possible. It was working early as Houston was forced to send it long several times. The Dynamo would win a free throw in the 5th minute after a foul throw from Cristian Gutierrez.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

Max Urruti would get the first chance of the match in the 6th minute after some poor defending from Vancouver. He would beat the defenders but his shot would go wide for a corner kick. the first attempt was sent out the backline for another corner before Andy Rose would clear the ball out to touch. Vancouver would relieve the pressure in the 7th minute after Brian White would win a free-kick. Vancouver would look to attack in the 9th minute but a shot by Michael Baldisimo was blocked by Houston.

The Dynamo were able to clear and rush out on a break before a ball was placed off Janio Bikel’s face. The play would resume and Vancouver would press down the right side with Cristian Dajome. He would send in a cross toward Brian White in the box but the ball would deflect and run to Houston. The Dynamo would slow things down and hold possession as we moved into the 13th minute, A long chip in the box would run out of touch and give the ball back to the Whitecaps.

The ball would bounce around and Houston would come away with it on the counter-attack. Fafa Picaull tried to take on Gutierrez but the Dynamo attacker was offside. Vancouver would turn the ball over in the 15th minute and Jake Nerwinski was pressed to make a nice defensive play on the right side. The ball would fall back onto the feet of Vancouver and they would win a free-kick thanks to some strong play from Bikel. Gutierrez would send it to the back post. It was deflected back to the edge of the box and Caicedo would send it wide on the volley.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To a 0-0 Draw

Houston would send it long and try and move quick on Vancouver but Nerwinski was strong at the back. The Whitecaps would take back over possession in the 18th minute before giving it right back to the Dynamo. Dajome would make a nice run beating Zarek Valentin down the right side but his cross was sent out for a corner. Caicedo would swing it in right to Dajome and he was left unmarked. His volley was sent well over the net as the score remained 0-0 in the 21st minute. The Whitecaps would continue pressing as Bikel made a hard challenge against Teenage Hadebe.

Houston would wake up as we moved into the 22nd minute. They would pressure Vancouver and look to force mistakes. Pico was sprung down the side and find Urruti in the box. Andy Rose was able to stand strong as Vancouver was able to clear. Andy Rose would receive a yellow card in the 24th minute after referee Guido Gonzales deemed he reached his arm out for a handball. Urtruti would send a great strike off the woodwork but it would stay out as the score remained 0-0 in the 26th minute.

Vancouver was showing promise in the first half as Caicedo sent in an early cross. Brain White couldn’t get on the end of it but Vancouver would stay on the attack. Baldisimo would win a 28th-minute corner but Caicedo couldn’t deliver a ball anyone could get on the end of. Vancouver was doing a good job of taking back possession whenever they had a chance as they had 56% in the 31st minute. After some scrambling play from both teams, Houston would slow things down after a foul. Gutierrez would make a smart play on Adam Lundkvist in the 33rd minute to win the ball back.

Vancouver would try and attack again in the 34th minute through Caicedo on the right side. Caicedo would send in a ball that ran past both White and Dajome and out for a goal kick. Baldy would try and send Gutierrez out wide on the left side but it was defended well and Vancouver would need to regroup/ Dajome would get the next chance for the Whitecaps after some nice play from Caicedo and White with a back heel. Dajome would shoot it well high over the net as we moved into the 37th minute.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

The Caps would keep up the pressure and earn another corner in the 37th minute but the play was blown down by referee Gonzales. Things would work back in the Whitecaps favor as Hadebe would chop down Gutierrez. It was far out and sent to the back post but didn’t provide any danger for Vancouver. The road team was having a hard time maintaining possession. The teams moved into the 41st minute with very little separating the two teams. Ranko Veselinovic would give up a free kick with a hard foul on Joe Corona.

Corona would deliver it in and Andy Rose was able to clear while he was fouled by Hadebe. The Whitecaps seemed content to finish out the half with a 0-0 scoreline. Houston would get several chances to counter with a timid Vancouver side. They would pick up their focus in the final third and were able to thwart any attempts from Houston. The 4th official would signal 2 added minutes as the Dynamo looked for a late goal.

Vancouver was able to finish off the half despite some shaky moments. It was a strong half for the Whitecaps controlling the ball but the score was 0-0 as we moved into the second half.

… In The Second Half As The Vancouver Whitecaps Vs Houston Dynamo Battle to A 0-0 Draw

Vancouver would push the pace early with a nice cross from Dajome. Brian White was a step behind as the ball would run through but Vancouver would remain in possession. A mistake would allow the ball to roll out in the 47th minute and Houston would take back over possession. Both teams tried to settle into the second half as we moved into the 49th minute. Bikel would try and force things but was called for a foul to give the ball back to Houston. They would almost make Vancouver pay in the 51st minute.

A great ball to Barra was deflected out for a goal kick. Corona would deliver it in and it was cleared out to the edge of the box before Dajome could clear. Hasal would restart things in the 53rd minute with a long ball that Vancouver was able to get on the end of. the Dynamo would continue attacking in the second half. They would force some mistakes from Vancouver before Urruti would get a chance on the net. His shot didn’t test Hasal as Vancouver cleared for a moment.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle to A 0-0 Draw

Houston tried to get a chance off the bad clearance but it was Vancouver that would work things up the field and win the free-kick. Cristian Gutierrez would strike a beautiful ball that just locked off the post. Vancouver couldn’t get to the rebound and things were still 0-0 for the Whitecaps vs Houston. Houston would win a free kick in the 58th minute before making the first substitutions of the match. Memo Rodriguez would come on for Lundkvist for the Houston free-kick.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle to a 0-0 Draw

The ball would be played in and cleared out by Vancouver for a deep throw. As the match moved into the 60th minute the Dynamo were looking to take all 3 points. Quintero would spring Rodriguez on a dangerous pass in the box. He wasn’t able to get a good shot away and Thomas Hasal was able to grab the ball and send Vancouver back the other way. Dajome almost set up Brian White once again in the 62nd minute but he was just a hair away from getting a head on the ball.

Vancouver would make their first substitution in the 62nd minute bringing on Caio Alexandre as an attacking piece for Russell Teibert. Alexandre would take a foul right after he made his way on the field. Houston would try and make Vancouver pay but the shot was sent wide by Corona. The Dynamo would continue to attack as we moved into the 65th minute. Darwin sent a shot wide as Vancouver was sitting back defending the single point.

Urruti would take a bit of a knock from Bikel after a hard tackle. Vancouver would use the break to their advantage in the 72nd minute. Marc Dos Santos would bring on Tosaint Ricketts for Brian White in the 73rd minute trying to bring on fresh legs. Michale Baldisimo would find some space and an errant pass would run to Alexandre. His shot was off target as Vancouver couldn’t find their mark.

 | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

The Whitecaps would win a free kick in the 79 minutes and take it quickly. Nerwinski and Dajome would work out wide right. Dajome would cut inside and win a dangerous free-kick for Vancouver. Gutierrez would take the kick and send it just wide of 3 Vancouver players at the back post. Vancouver would be awarded the corner. Houston was able to clear it away and drive back down the other end of the pitch. The Dynamo would win a corner but it was headed wide of the net by Hadebe.

Hasal would clear things away as the Whitecaps tried to hold on to the single point. The Dynamo were able to win back the ball in the 87th minute before a strong defensive play by Vancouver to head out on the counterattack. The ball would run long to Caicedo who felt he should have been fouled as things went back and forth between the two teams. Houston would control things as the match neared stoppages time. Vancouver was able to win the ball back and relieve the pressure.

Whitecaps at LA Galaxy Preview | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

Vancouver looked to get 1 point while Houston was pushing. A long ball on the left side for Gutierrez was deflected out for a throw and the Whitecaps would press. The 4th official would signal an additional 3 minutes as Vancouver won it back. The ball was played out to Nerwinski but his cross was long and over everyone in the box. Houston would clear it away before winning a free-kick as the match slowed down in the final minutes. Vancouver was able to clear all the way back to Marko Maric.

The clock would tick down in the final minutes of added time and Houston would win a late corner. The ball was delivered in by Darwin Quintero but it was poor service, and the ball would be cleared out for a throw. Gonzales would take a look at his watch and blow the final whistle with the score Whitecaps 0-0 Vs Houston. Could have watched the NBA finals…

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

Post Match Thoughts And Media After The Vancouver Whitecaps Vs Houston Dynamo Battle to A 0-0 Draw

It might have been a boring night watching the Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo battle to a 0-0 draw. But it was a positive result for the Vancouver Whitecaps as they looked to rebound from an 8 match winless streak. Marc Dos Santos was happy to speak with the media on Tuesday evening.

“Tonight we played a very disciplined game overall, but we were not able to unlock the opponent. Even though if Dajo had a few crosses [that were] incredibly dangerous, Guti hit the post, they hit the post too, and then there’s a free-kick that goes so close where Andy arrives half a yard late, you know, so I didn’t feel it was big chances. But there was a lot of half-chances that we could have been better.”

“I left the locker room right now that is not sad but just disappointed that man we could have got these three points again. But I also left the locker room right now [saying] that we played in Seattle, in Dallas, in Salt Lake, in Salt Lake against the Galaxy, in Salt Lake against Houston, and we lost one game.”

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle to a 0-0 draw | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

“We still got three ties, we won, we know the type of points we need to make the playoffs, but you cannot think like that right now. Now you just have to think game by game, trying to get points and not doing too much calculation and bring anxiety. We prepare every game like it’s the most important one for us. We tried to win tonight, but unfortunately, we couldn’t.”

Ranko Veselinovic spoke next about the match and getting back into the lineup for the Whitecaps, “Pretty hard match from both sides, both teams played defensively. I think that we could’ve won all three points, but like I said it was a really hard match and one mistake would decide it from both sides.”

“I felt pretty good, I was wanting to play, I hadn’t played for six games. I trained good, physically I felt good these two games. I’m happy to be back helping the team and I’m looking forward to the next two matches.”

 | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

Thomas Hasal spoke last after his clean sheet, “For us as a team, it’s important to get a result, first and foremost. We spoke about it after the match as well. In the last five games, we’ve got three draws and a win, and all the games that were close to turning into wins as well. So it’s important for us to get the result at this point. We were solid at the back, the guys in front of me were great. I didn’t have much to do today.” 

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

In a match that saw the Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle to a 0-0 draw, there were very few moments from the pitch. There was lots of unrest on social media, even with the Houston Dynamo account. Marc Dos Santos was in a good mood and made for the media moment of the match.

The Unnamed Media Moment Of The Match

MDS was having some fun after back-to-back results for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Check out his full media here as he welcomes back Manuel and rips the rest of us.

Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

The Unnamed Social Media Moment Of The Match

It was hard to find a good time Tuesday night as the Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw. The Houston social media account felt the same and was just looking for vibes.

Vancouver Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo Battle To A 0-0 Draw

The Sports Talk Line Network And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Vancouver Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo battle to a 0-0 draw in a rare Tuesday night clash. Vancouver will head down to take on LAFC on Saturday, July 24th. In some good news for the team, they will return home to train in Vancouver after the match. They will continue to train out of Vancouver and return home in August with 9 of their last 15 matches at BC Place.

Vancouver continues to slowly climb up the standings in the MLS Western Conference. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the latest news and notes. Check back to the Sports Talk Line Network website for all your sporting news.

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