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Jets Maye Contract SNAFU

Jets, Maye, Contract. All words you want to see in a sentence right now if you’re a Jets fan. Out of the myriad ways you could use those three words together there are only a few that would be bad. The Jets’ front office seems focused on making that possibility a reality as the “Jets continue being the Jets” and the fact that saying is even a thing illustrates how frustrated the Jets’ faithful are right now as the club continues its recent tradition of alienating All-Pro safeties and make no mistake, Marcus Maye is just that, an NFL, All-Pro, Top-10 safety. Perhaps even a top-5.

Jets Maye Contract – Current Status

Safety Marcus Maye is currently under a one-year franchise tender which will pay him $10.6 samalions. Not chopped liver as they say and it would put him just inside the top 10 salaries in the league for the position. But the Jets are reportedly offering much less than that on a long-term deal and the Maye camp is not responsive to these numbers. That means the club has until today’s NFL-mandated deadline, Thursday, July 15th at 4 p.m. EST, to get Maye signed to a long-term deal. Or not. At this juncture, the two sides are reportedly at an impasse. This brings us back to “the Jets being the Jets.”

Jets Maye Contract – the Backstory

2017 was the year the Jets selected Jamal Adams with the 6th pick of the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Adamas was a generational player and a great pick. Why isn’t he a corner piece of the current defense? Why isn’t he leading the locker room? Why isn’t he forming, with Maye, the most feared safety tandem in the NFL right now?

The Jets dealt the disgruntled star safety to the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, splitting with a gifted player whose relationship with the franchise quickly deteriorated because of a contract dispute.

Dennis Waszak, Jr. AP

It was an ugly, protracted situation that had no business playing out in public let alone actually happening in the first place. The Jets front office had one job, one job! They blew it. They do, however, seem to be good at drafting incredible talent at the position. They selected Marcus Maye in the 2nd round that season and he is still with the club. For the moment.

We should take a moment here to consider what this defense would be like with two top-10, physical, ball-hawking safeties wreaking havoc and keeping the cap on the D. Oh my.

Jets Maye – The Future

Where does everyone go from there? Maye could force a trade ala, Jamal Adams. The Jets front office has shown they will cave. But I don’t see that occurring. Maye and his representatives have kept things on a professional level. So far they have shown themselves preferring to trade offers versus bluster in the press. Regardless, continuous low-balling by the Jets front office does not build goodwill between the club and the player. A team could come after one of its core players, reward him, and build team chemistry and loyalty showing burgeoning bets the organization takes care of its own. Instead, the Jets continue to do things the Jets way, holding hard lines, communicating badly, and watching as their top talent leaves for one of the 31 other NFL clubs.

Maye will play this year on the tag and next season will be playing hardball looking to get paid or find new digs. The club almost invariably will lose another top talent from its defense. The locker room chemistry will not grow. Not good for a club trying to change its culture.

At least they keep getting high draft choices to give the fans hope.

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