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NFL Free Agency – One Last Hurrah

It’s that time of year again in NFL Free Agency. The time when teams are pretty much done fleshing out their post-draft rosters with the gentleman left without a contract at this point are playing the waiting game, working out, keeping their options open all while keeping a close eye on any injury news.

If you are under 28 and haven’t been signed likely you haven’t yet fully recovered from an injury or the talent level is lacking. If you are an older vet then injury may very well be the culprit. However, there is also a magic line when veterans lose their appeal to organizations. For “me-first” types, it’s earlier. The moment their talent wanes clubs lose interest. For “team” guys they often have a longer leash as they are a positive in the locker room and help set the tone for organizations looking for a culture change or hoping to extend dynastic ones. Besides, you never know when they will be “feeling it” and deliver a flash-back performance.

Below is a list of three guys that should be on the shortlist of many an NFL GM. They are near or literally past the end of their prime, but if injury hits the right team at the wrong time the crew below can still help a club out in a pinch as they just may have one last run left in them.

NFL Free Agency List

Larry Fitzgerald

The 38 years old future Hall of Fame WR has lost a step but speed was never the focal point of his game. He competes, runs incredible routes, and has an unbelievable catch radius. Put him on a club as a fill-in for a few games or better yet as a WR3 and get out of the way! He can’t produce as a WR1 level anymore but his savvy play, incredible instincts, and knowledge of the game make him a plus addition to any club. Have you noticed there is no “retirement talk” from his camp? Exactly.

Richard Sherman

At 33 years of age Sherman is still confident, still competitive, still well over 6′ tall, still has 32″ arms, still has instincts, and an insane drive. He also has a 10-year NFL career playbook in his head he can call on in any situation. Firey, focused, and ready to play, if a team has a sudden hole develop in their secondary this is a guy I would have on speed-dial. Sherman recently let it be known he wants to play two more seasons. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Todd Gurley

Injury is the well-known culprit that has Todd Gurley on this list. His skillset and age (27) are what give him a solid shot of getting one more shot. Gurley has an insane drive to compete and reportedly wants to keep at it as those around him urge him to retire as they watch his degenerative condition rob him of burst each season. However, rather than look at what Gurley isn’t anymore, let’s talk about what he is. A 27-year-old vet who is solid in blitz pickup, good in the locker room, works hard, can run routes and catch, still has some speed, never lost his instincts, and is big enough to run with some power. If the right spot opens up a team could do a lot worse than add a guy like that to a roster in need.

You can’t count any of these NFL Free Agency stars out. It’s probably retirement for the lot, but if the phone rings I bet they pick it up and have a conversation.

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