Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Vancouver Whitecaps Fall 4-0 Vs Real Salt Lake As Things Go From Worse To Devastating For The Club

The Vancouver Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake Wednesday evening. After an early opening goal by Damir Kreilach in the 1st minute that saw him chip it over young Thomas Hasal. Vancouver was chasing things from the start and was never able to muster the offense needed in the final 3rd.

The two teams would go into the half with a score of 1-0 for Real Salt Lake. After some failed attempts to tie up the match, RSL would double their lead in the 57th minute thanks to the brace from Kreilach. Things would go from bad to worse for Marc Dos Santos and the Vancouver Whitecaps. A foul by Javian Brown on Justin Meram would lead to a 74th-minute penalty kick by Albert Rusnak and the match was out of reach.

Despite Thomas Hasal having a solid match, he would surrender another goal in added time. Meanwhile, on the other end, David Ochoa would walk away with a clean sheet, he was only tested 2 times by Vancouver in the victory. The loss leaves a lot of questions for the Whitecaps as they have some time off before facing LA. Let’s see how things went down Wednesday evening at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Lineups News and Notes Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

The Vancouver Whitecaps would make the necessary changes to the lineup after losing Lucas Cavallini and Maxime Crepeau to Gold Cup duty. Marc Dos Santos would make 2 changes to the lineup that drew 2-2 against FC Dallas Sunday evening.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Thomas Hasal would take over in the net, and Brian White would slot in up top, for the missing Lucas Cavallini. Derek Cornelius is missing from the bench, but fellow Canadian Theo Bair could see action tonight off the bench. Real Salt Lake and Freddy Juarez would make 4 changes from the 1-0 loss to LAFC.

Bobby Wood gets into the lineup up top for Rubio Rubin and he can add a different dynamic for Real Salt Lake. Real Salt Lake would also start Justin Meram who has been deadly in his time against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Real Salt Lake Starts Things Off Early

Things kicked off and Real Salt Lake would strike off the opening whistle. An early ball over the top and Demir Kreilach was able to catch Thomas Hasal out of his net. He would chip it over and Hasal couldn’t get back in time as it would go off the post for the early 1-0 Real Salt Lake lead. Vancouver would take to the attack after the goal working down the right side. Deiber Caicedo would cross the ball in but Salt Lake was able to clear.

Vancouver Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Salt Lake was able to relieve the pressure and slow things down as we moved past the 5th minute, Vancouver would stay on the attack before giving the ball away to Salt Lake in the 8th minute. Justin Meram would make a nice chip but the cross was cleared away by Andy Rose. Vancouver Was down 1-0 in the 10 minutes as Real Salt Lake tried to amp up the pressure. A pass to Donny Toia was long and Vancouver would take over.

The Whitecaps would look to get back on possession, but Real Salt Lake was happy to sit back and clear things away. A nice switch by Janio Bikel to Javian Brown and Vancouver had some room down the right side. Brown would find Cristian Dajome in the middle, but his shot was over the net and didn’t trouble the keeper. RSL would counter quickly with a long ball looking for Wood. It was too long, and Hasal was able to smoother it before taking a cleat to the head in the 15th minute.

Vancouver would hold possession, looking for a gap in the Salt Lake defense. They would win a corner in the 18th minute after some nice work. Caicedo would send it well over everyone and out for a throw, it was a poor delivery for the Whitecaps. Despite giving up the ball and being down a goal Vancouver was keeping a high line and working to press. They would win a free kick in the 20th minute and look to get back on the attack. Real Salt lake looked to counter but Rusnak was offside, and Hasal was able to make the save.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

As the Whitecaps moved things around and looked for space, the teams would trade possession. Caicedo would get a nice turn and take off before he was hauled down by Pablo Ruiz. He was shown a yellow card, and Vancouver would get a dangerous free-kick. Caicedo would send the free-kick right off the wall before sending it long and out of touch for an RSL throw. Salt Lake would try to counter in the 26th minute, but a pass for Kreilach was cut off by Erik Godoy.

Real Salt Lake would get the next chance off a nice cross, Hasal was right there to gobble up the weak header and Vancouver would look to get on the attack. They would hold possession and try and work things around but could not find any holes in RSL. The hydration break would come in the 32nd minute as both teams cooled down with the hot temperatures. The away side would take control of things after the break as we moved into the 35th minute.

A turnover would lead to a chance for Caio Alexandre but his shot on the net was wide of goal and didn’t test David Ochoa. Vancouver would get another chance thanks to some hard work from Caicedo as he would win a free-kick. This time Caicedo would test Ochoa but he was able to dive across and stop it low at the far post. Real Sale Lake would keep their 1-0 lead as we moved into the 38th minute. Caicedo was unlucky not to get a free kick in the corner but Vancouver would keep on the ball.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Brian White would almost be sprung on the net in the 40th minute but the ball was just too far. Vancouver would continue to press and win the ball right back. Real Salt Lake would get the next chance after some strong play to hold up the ball by Wood. He was able to find Kreilach who would let it run through to Toia. The ball cross-in would be blocked for a throw for nSalt Lake. The long throw was taken by Herrera and sent out for a corner. It was cleared away but the second chance needed to be blocked by Brown and then shot over the net.

The Whitecaps would look to counter in the 44th minute after Bikel was fouled. The advantage was played and Russel Teibert was able to find Cristian Gutierrez down the left side. His cross was grabbed by Ochoa who came off the line. Just as the referee would signal 2 added minutes Vancouver would rush in with a nice attempt. They would win a corner kick by Gutierrez would once again send it right to the arms of Ochoa. Vancouver would keep on the attack but the whistle would blow with the “Home” squad down 1-0.

Second Half Mistakes And The Whitecaps Fall 4-0 Vs Real Salt Lake

Neither side would make changes to start the second half Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake. Vancouver would win a free kick in the 48th minute off a throw. Caicedo would float it to the back post and it was sent out by Erik Godoy for a goal kick. Vancouver would almost get another chance right after Brian White was sent in. He was stopped by Ochoa, but it wouldn’t have mattered as the referee had the offside flag up. Real Salt Lake would look to push things but the long ball by Toia was right to Thomas Hasal.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

As things moved into the 51st-minute RSL was happy to control the ball and keep the pressure away from their net. Vancouver would get their best chance of the match in the 53rd minute after Brown was able to steal the ball and send Vancouver on the Counter. Dajome was sent free down the right side and his ball would run just past both White and Caicedo at the back post and it stayed 1-0 for Real Salt Lake.

Vancouver would take back over possession but couldn’t find that last pass. Brian White was almost sprung free in the 56th minute but RSL was able to recover. They went back the other way and Kreilach would have a great opportunity to make it 2-0. His left-footed attempt was cut out by Hasal and punched out for a corner kick. Rose was able to clear the corner but the second chance would get crossed back into the box. Kreilach was able to head the Meram cross past Hasal for the 2-0 RSL lead in the 57th minute.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Freddy Juarez would make the first substitutions bringing on Nick Besler for Pablo Ruiz and Rubio Rubin for Bobby Wood in minute 58. They got an instant jump from the subs as they continued to take it to Vancouver. They happily controlled the ball as the 60th minute ticked past for Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake. It was almost 3-0 if not for some great goal-keeping from Thomas Hasal. He was able to get a hand on the Rubin shot before Rusnak fired it off the woodwork.

Vancouver would get back on the ball and threaten in the Salt Lake box. Brian White would get some room but couldn’t find Caicedo as the ball bounced around before being cleared. After a giveaway to RSL would bounce to Hasal, Vancouver would continue to press but the final product wasn’t there. The ball would run out to Caicedo in the 65th minute but his shot was wide and wouldn’t test Ochoa.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Marc Dos Santos would make his first substitutions bringing on Jake Nerwinski and Ryan Raposo for Russell Teibert and Cristian Gutierrez. It didn’t work out for Vancouver as RSL would get a free-kick right away in the 67th minute. The shot by Rusnak was blocked by Caicedo and he was off to the races. Deiber worked hard and was able to feed it across to Brian White. He worked around in the box and found Bikel, whose shot was deflected out for a corner.

The inswinger was cleared by RSL before the 2nd chance was called for a foul and the danger was over for Vancouver. The Whitecaps would continue on the attack in the 70th minute chipping a nice ball into White. RSL was able to clear but only as far as Dajome who won a corner for Vancouver. Raposo would send the ball to the back post but no one was there for the Whitecaps. The second chance in was blocked and RSL countered.

Salt Lake would hold onto the ball and try and put the game out of reach. Justin Meram was taken down by Brown right in the box and it was immediately called a penalty kick. After VAR had a look, the penalty kick was awarded and Rusnak would step up and make it 3-0 for Real Salt Lake in the 74th minute. Hasal guessed the right direction but the pace was too much for the Vancouver keeper. Vancouver was down 3-0 with just 15 minutes left in the match and we’re looking for some kind of spark.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

The Whitecaps would play the ball around but couldn’t muster up dangerous attempts on the RSL keeper. Time would tick into the 78th minute with Vancouver looking for anything at this point. Freddy Juarez would bring on Anderson Julio and Justin Portillo for Meram and Everton Luiz. Marc Dos Santos would counter swapping Leonard Owusu and Theo Bair for Alexandre and White.

Vancouver looked to get something on the offensive side. The Whitecaps would get a free kick in the 79th minute to try and cut into the lead. Raposo would deliver the ball into the box but it was cleared away easily by Real Salt Lake. Donny Toia would be shown a yellow card in the 81st minute for a hard foul on Janio Bikel as the Whitecaps looked to break on the counterattack.

Despite having a free kick in a very good spot, the Whitecaps would waste it and Real Salt Lake would come away with the ball. Ryan Raposo and Jake Nerwinski tried to make things happen down the right side after Vancouver won the ball back. They would run into too many red jerseys and were forced to turn back. Jaurez and RSL would make their final change in the 84th minute bringing on Maikel Chang for Rusnak.

The Whitecaps would run out of gas as Real Salt Lake would pour things on in added time. They would add a 4th goal as the Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake. Anderson Julio would add insult to injury in the 4th minute of added time. Thet sealed things for the Whitecaps who remain winless in 8 straight matches.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Post Game Thoughts And Media As Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

It was walking on eggshells after the Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake. Marc Dos Santos seemed worn out and tired of doing media from Utah for “Home Matches”. He was as positive as he could be answering the same old questions about why the team couldn’t get past that mental hump.

“First thing we have to do is to make sure that we go back and look at the little things that are not allowing us to win a game, and there’s a lot of things in the first half that I think we did very well. The only difference that was in the first half was the goal that they scored.”

“And apart from that, I think there’s a lot of positive clips that I could take from that and build the confidence of the guys up. I’m going to have to be creative, I’m going to have to find solutions, and I’m going to have to think about that very well, but I’m incredibly motivated to prepare the next game.”

Marc Dos Santos also spoke about if he thinks the team can turn things around in the final two thirds of the season.

Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs real salt lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

“Yeah, I believe that if we do everything we have to do as a club, we could turn it around. But of course there’s no hiding from we were feeling good about the results we got in Seattle and in Dallas, and it was very hard tonight. But it’s my job as a coach to pick them up. I believe in them, my work here every day in training, I see them working on it, showing up, I see them giving the best that they have. And that’s my job here and I’m going to keep on doing that with all the passion that I have”

After the fun was over and we established a nice romantic comedy I had to ask Marc the tough question. That is my Unnamed Media moment of the match so check down below for the question. Deiber Caicedo was next to speak with media and he looked desheavled at best.

“They were the rightful winners at the end of the day. We have to be more together than ever. That’s the reality. We have to work hard, we have to work really hard and use this as motivation to achieve what we want to achieve for this badge, for this organization, and for us as well. We have to keep going, keep working hard and putting in the minutes to produce results on the field.”

Janio Bikel was last and kept his answers extremely short with just 2 questions. On the results tonight, “I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to dissect the result but we need to lift each cause it’s not done yet. We have many more games to play.” And on the mood of the team, and if they can get past this.

“I think for a result like this we need to talk to each other and see what we can do better on the pitch, also outside the pitch. Like I said it’s hard but we have to continue.”

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

We are not getting an Unnamed Goal of the match despite there being 4 for Real Salt Lake. Going to ease over that pain for the time being and go right to my Unnamed Media Moment of The Match with Marc Dos Santos. Then we are going to get into your pain on Twitter! And there was so much after the Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake.

The Unnamed Media Moment Of The Match

Sometimes you need to ask the tough questions and tonight I did just that. I wanted to know if after the Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake Marc thought he was the right person for the job? His answer… 100%

MDS Speaks To Media After Whitecaps Fall 4-0 Vs Real Salt Lake

The Unnamed Twitter Moments Of The Match

I put the word out, and you answered with how you were feeling after the Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake. Even the Vancouver Whitecaps social media got in on the action during the match.

Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 Vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 Vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps Fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Vancouver Whitecaps fall 4-0 vs Real Salt Lake in another “Home Match”. Tension is rising for Whitecaps fans as the team is now 8 matches without a win. It could be back to the drawing board for Marc Dos Santos and company, who are still waiting for confirmation to return home. Hopefully August can provide them the comfort of BC Place and finally a real home-field advantage.

Until then make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the latest news and updates on your Vancouver Whitecaps. The Transfer window is open and we may see Vancouver make some additions to bolster the squad. Make sure to check out Sports Talk Line for all the latest sports news, videos, highlights, and articles.

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