Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways

Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways. The Vancouver Whitecaps announced Saturday morning that the team and LB Designated player, Ali Adnan have agreed to mutually part ways. The news comes as a bit of a shock, but it was getting more and more evident Ali Adnan wasn’t going to be able to play very much for the Whitecaps this season.

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Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways (Photo by Joshua Griffith)

With ongoing Visa Issues, Ali Adnan has been stuck back in Vancouver training with the Academy Squad and select other players still in Vancouver. “WE have a lot of respect for Ali and our thankful for his time at our club.” Whitecaps CEO and Sporting Director Axel Schuster said in a media release this morning. “Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a circumstance related to his visa that was out of all of our control.”

Ali Adnan commented on the move through the Whitecaps, “I am thankful to Axel, Greg (Anderson), and Marc (Dos Santos) for working together on a solution in a very difficult situation regarding my US visa status, which was complicated further by COVID-19 travel restrictions,” added Adnan. “I am also very grateful for all the support from the Whitecaps fans, my teammates, and everyone at the club for two memorable seasons. I will forever be a fan of this club and Vancouver will always have a special place in my heart.”

Whitecaps vs Quakes | Sports Talk Line
Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways (Photo by Joshua Griffith)

Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways After On Going Visa Issues

During his time with the Vancouver Whitecaps Ali Adnan would appear in 47 matches during MLS, 4 matches in the MLS is Back Tournament and 2 Canadian Championship games. He added in 3 goals and 8 assists including some absolute beauties. He stunned fans at BC Place with a perfect ball into the top corner after walking around defenders down the left.

Fans will miss “Ali Adnan Best Player” as he was fun to watch on and off the field. One of my favorite memories covering Ali Adnan was when he decided to crash Russell Teiberts media and told us he was his bodygaurd.

Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways | Sports Talk Line
Vancouver Whitecaps And Ali Adnan Mutually Part Ways (Photo by Joshua Griffith)

Where ever his career leads him I wish nothing but the best to Ali Adnan in his future. It is just a shame he won’t be doing it for us in Vancouver anymore!

Axel Schuster Spoke More About Ali Adnan And The Vancouver Whitecaps Decision

CEO and Sporting Director Axel Schuster spoke to media later in the afternoon about how the Vancouver Whitecaps and Ali Adnan mutually part ways. “Obviously it came out about today, there were discussions and it started already a few weeks ago, Ali was done for the National team duties. It’s a unique situation and I don’t think anything like that has ever happened to a professional soccer player.”

“At the day we left for Salt Lake we all thought he would be coming next week…we had booked a charter plane for him coming in a few days after the team arrived [so] with all the restrictions of Covid he could go to the last exhibition game against Chicago.”

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On if there was a way the team could have recouped costs for the team, “We have checked that with agents now since the European season came to an end and the clubs are looking… Ali was very open to make things happen but at the end unfortunately not playing for 8 months and not being in the shape that is necessary to be attractive to teams there was no market value left.” He continued, “That was part of the frustration as we hoped we could find a loan deal.”

“Ali is coming to a point where he is saying I am so tired of this guys…If if we get the Visa Tomorrow it will still take [him] 2 months to get in shape.” It was a frustrating situation for Ali Adnan to be travelling, having to quarantine and not being able to join the team.

“We know that Ali came first on a loan and the contract was prolonged after he was finally bought. To be honest, I want to be always careful to speak openly about a process that was before my time because I was not here and the decision-maker at that time.” Axel all spoke about if there was any new word about the Visa process and the team has heard nothing.

“I think even without Covid it would be a very special and unique situation, I have seen players got denied at the beginning of the contract and for that reason, the contract is not valid, that’s an essential clause in our contracts.”

Vancouver Whitecaps And The Sports Talk Line Network

The Whitecaps would have been playing FC Dallas on Sunday evening without Ali Adnan regardless. It will be a must-win match for the Whitecaps who try and climb out the MLS western conference basement. This move will also allow Cristian Gutierrez to take over the LB spot permanently.

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