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Cole Beasley – NFL Vet Channels Inner Adolescence

But, but, but ….. wwwhhhyyyy??? It’s not my fault! There you go. I just summed up the Twitter rant Cole Beasley has been on in two short sentences. It seems Mr. Beasely has issues with the NFL COVID protocols. That much we are sure about. What we are not sure about are any facts because the NFL vet seems to be shy of those pesky little things. It all began on June 17th with one Tweet and has been going for days. And like any good adolescent Cole wants you to know one thing above all else. He is doesn’t like it and is not going to do it.

“Did we vote on this?”

Er, I don’t know how to tell you this Cole, but you did. You voted on your team reps who all got together and voted for you on the final package. It’s called “representation” ie why your “rep” did it for you. I am guessing you missed that part in the NFLPA handbook and/or it just didn’t fit your narrative.

“I just spoke to a doctor.”

And it seems like you didn’t listen. Yes you can still pass COVID if you are vaccinated. You can also still kill someone and/or die yourself in a car accident even if you have your seatbelt on.

“Everybody is so all in on science now .,. What happened to God’s will?”

That tends to happen Cole when your life is on the line. Yes, Christian Scientists still go the “god’s will” route, but I notice you have not claimed affiliation. There is a reason there are religious hospitals that use real doctors to treat people versus real priests. Science works. God’s will, though great reading is not something most people are willing to rely on when it counts.

“I didn’t say … PSA”

After a couple of days, Cole has retreated to the “everyone misunderstands, I didn’t say what I said, I am going to live my life the way I want.” position. No word on if he is holding his breath till his face turns blue if the NFL doesn’t let him have his way.

Reality Check

No one is telling Cole what to do. He is being given a choice and he doesn’t like it. He can do the community thing and help carry the burden by supporting those around him. OR, he can do whatever he wants, exercising his personal freedoms. If he chooses that route the NFL chooses to protect those that are shouldering the burden.

Mr. Beasely chose not to engage in a conversation, instead, he began spouting inaccurate accusations posted as questions with no supporting factual sources. He did go to college. He should know how to present and support an argument. He chose instead to use emotion. This is often the case when those complaining know they have no legitimate basis for their angst.

I have met Mr. Beasely and he has been gracious with his time in talking to members from the media. He seemed intelligent, educated, and thoughtful. I like the guy. Yet I have seen people in all walks of life reacting badly to the flood of misinformation. I get that. I don’t get how Mr. Beasely is himself creating misinformation by presenting the NFL’s position so inaccurately. It’s the NFL, if you want to call them out trust me, there are plenty of factual items you can rake them through the coals on. Why make things up? The answer of course is anger, frustration, and a little bit of ego. Heck, Beasley accomplished what some would call the impossible. He made the corporate behemoth look good in the publics’ eye.

Grow up, Mr. Beasley. You are an adult. Own your decisions. I can respect that. But throwing fits like a 13-year-old? You are getting the public reaction you deserve.

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