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Today on The Unnamed Sports Show your host Joshua Griffith goes over the #NBA Draft Lottery and who could land with what team after the lottery balls have settled. The Detriot Pistons landed the first overall pick in the 2021 Draft, Will they take Cade Cunningham? They better!

The Toronto Raptors jumped up to 4th in the draft, who will they take? Today on the show your host Joshua Griffith is going to break down his top 10 picks after the Lottery Balls have dropped. What do you think of the top 10? Where would you place all the draft prospects? Let us know in the comments!

The NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

Hello and welcome, this is the Unnamed Sports Show and I am your host, Joshua Griffith. Of course, this is a presentation of the Sports Talk Line Network where we talk sports 24/7/365. Today on the show let’s go over some NBA lottery balls and see who is picking where! Also going to break down my top 10 picks and where I think they will end up when the teams call out their picks on July 29th.

Before we get into things let’s take care of the housekeeping. Make sure you like the video down at the bottom, comment, and let me know what you think of the draft lottery or my top 10, do you disagree? let me know what you think the teams are going to do. Subscribe to the Sports Talk Line channel and of, course follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to the NBA draft Lottery!

The Balls have bounced pardon the pun and The Raptors moved up to 4th overall. The winner of the draft was the Detriot Pistons who will pick 1st overall in 2021. Cough Cunningham Cough. Houston will pick second and the Cleveland Cavaliers slot in at 3rd. Orlando will get their first of two picks in the top 8 starting at 5 followed by OKC and the GSW. After Orlando picks again Sacramento and New Orleans round out the top 10. Before we get to the top 10 lets give some honorable mentions for my top 10 NBA draft class.

Top 10 Draft Picks –

Honorable Mention –

Scottie Barnes (6’9 F Florida State) has flashes of a Draymond Green but there are better comparisons in this draft, Josh Giddey (6’8 PG Adelaide 36ers) played a limited amount in Australia this season and figured he showed off enough off his skill as a 6’8 PG that can handle the ball., Keon Johnson (6’3 SG Tennessee) Luka Garza (C Iowa)

New Orleans Pelicans – Number 10 – Davion Mitchell – 6’2 PG Baylor

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Will they even be the New Orleans Pelicans by the time the draft goes down? Okay yeah, they probably will and they should take Davion Mitchell out of Baylor if he is on the board. “Defensively I can make it hard for their best player,” he said during the draft lottery Tuesday night. What should entice the Pelicans is his ability to play the game properly at both ends. Last season the Junior put up 14 points a game and added 5.5 assists. When you see him play you think Daymond Green and that’s a good fit for a team that already has an offensive juggernaut in Zion Williams.

Sacramento Kings – Number 9 – Sharife Cooper – 6’0 G Auburn

If you are a Sacramento Kings fan sitting at number 9 I don’t know what to tell you. I imagine that GM Vlade Divac will make the right choice and select 6’0 Guard out of Auburn Sharife Cooper. But how will the organization screw things up? 20.2 points and 8 assists a game and you would think it might be the answer. There is no answer for the King’s organization. Sorry…

Orlando Magic – Number 8 – Corey Kispert – 6’7 F Gonzaga

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NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

Orlando sits nicely with the 8th and 5th pick in this year’s draft. With Guard depth available early I think they are going to go a bit off the board with Corey Kispert out of Gonzaga with the 8th pick and help solidify their frontcourt. We all remember Kispert from the NCAA tournament. What a Beauty! Orlando will hope that he can continue on his upward projections. One of the few players that slugged out his 4 years at university Kispert is a smart cookie. He also added 18.6 points and 5 rebounds last season for the Bulldawgs.

Golden State Warriors – Number 7 – James Bouknight – 6’5 SG Uconn

Golden State needs help in the backcourt and James Bouknight should fit in nicely with what Steve Kerr is trying to accomplish. The 6’5 SG from UConn has a very complete game whether it is pulling up from mid-range or driving it to the basket. The defensive game needs some work but where better to focus on that than Golden State. Bouknight was an all-big east first team last season with Uconn averaging 18.7 points a game.

OKC Thunder – Number 6 – Moses Moody – 6’6 Wing Arkansas

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NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

OKC and GM Sam Presti have accumulated a plethora of Draft Picks that extend sometime into 2030. like it’s ridiculous! So if they don’t hit at number 6 this year they get unlimited re-try’s. I don’t think they will need to worry if they take Moses Moody with the number 6 overall pick. Yes, it is a bit of a stretch but I just told you they can re-try next year.

The 6’6 wing out of Arkansas turned heads this March and added 16 points a game over 32 games. If you want to set up an offense and run a pick and roll game this is a must-pick. Again I will stress the fact they have so many chances to re-do things. who even needs that many picks!

Orlando Magic – Number 5 – Jonathan Kuminga – 6’8 G League Ignite

The marquee big man will be gone by the time the Magic make their first pick. Why not take the second-best big man in the draft? Maybe the big man is a bit much but Jonathan Kuminga is a 6’8 wing that has been doing good things in the G-League. Averaging 15 plus points last year he could add to the young core for the Magic. Chances are the best 4 players are gone by this point so it could really be what management wants to do in Orlando.

Toronto Raptors – Number 4 – Jalen Suggs – 6’5 PG Gonzaga

Where are we the north at? The Raptors jump up to number 4 in this year’s draft and that leaves them with a lot of options. Jalen Suggs should fall to them at 4th overall and it will be too hard to pass up. The 6’5 PG from Gonzaga put up 14.4 points a game and added 4.5 assists and 1.9 steals in 30 games. Is this the replacement for Kyle Lowry?

Only time will tell but with a crowded backcourt of Fred VanVleet and Malachi Flynn, the cards may be falling into place. One of the downsides of Suggs could be his 3 pt shooting as it was just 33.7% but if that’s the only problem and if Suggs falls to the Raptors at 4, Masai Ujiri or whoever is in charge will get another draft steal.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Number 3 – Jalen Green – 6’6 G League Ignite

Both the Cavs and Rockets need a strong presence in the frontcourt. Unfortunately for Cleveland, he will probably not be there at number 3. Which means they will need to address their issues at wing depth. Jalen Green the 6’6 guard from League Ignite is my pick for the Cavaliers.

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NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

With Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, I feel they will pass on Suggs. Green Averaging 17.9 pts a game in 15 games last season in the G-League. Jalen is going to be someone that will constantly drive to the basket and make you pay from the line. He can improve as a playmaker but still chipped in a modest 2.8 assists a game. For a team in Cleveland that needs a lot of help, this is a start.

Houston Rockets – Number 2 – Evan Mobley – 6’11 Center USC

The Rockets need help everywhere but Evan Mobley will give the most help. The 6’11 Center took USC on a nice run in the NCAA tournament. He showed his ability on the boards at both ends of the court. Length, size, the ability to run the floor as a big man will make his way too hard to pass up for the Rockets. There are questions about his drive off the court but hey James Harden isn’t there anymore so he won’t have bad influences.

He averaged 16.4 points a game and 8.7 rebounds in 33 games with the Trojans last season. The knock-on Mobley is his size, is he going to be physical enough to compete in the NBA? Now yes, 20 years ago maybe not. A solid pick for the Rockets,

Detroit Pistons – Number 1 – Cade Cunningham – 6’8 PG Oklahoma State

The overall consensus #1 pick of course is Cade Cunningham. The 6 foot 8 Point Guard out of Oklahoma State is going to make an impact on whatever team he joins. In this case, it will most likely be… What makes Cade so good? Well if you didn’t see what he has done for Oklahoma State in the last two seasons maybe you caught his performance in the NCAA March Madness tournament this year.

NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10 | Sports Talk Line
NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

The kid has vision and passing ability that is going to showcase nicely in an NBA where people don’t like to defend. He can make passes with both hands and add in scoring when he needs to. Despite not being a prolific scorer and lacking that finish in the tough area’s Cade will live up to his number one overall pick status. His size will allow him to guard multiple positions on defense. he lacks a bit of explosiveness but he won’t be the kind of player who is on the receiving end of an alley-op. (Comp: A good Ben Simmons) To soon?

The Sports Talk Line Network And The NBA Draft

Make sure to check out the NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10 on The Unnamed Sports Show. Stay tuned for more NBA Draft coverage as we get closer to the draft on The Sports Talk Line Network.

NBA Draft Lottery Mock Top 10

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