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Some mornings the sports world amazes me. Others it is utterly perplexing. This leads to me being in a snarky mood and the next edition of Oxymoron Sports hitting the presses. Hey, I get it. Sports journalists and fans alike can become rabid for news. But when there is not something that is competitive-centric occurring in a specific genre, why create something out of nothing? Welcome to Oxymoron Sports where we take a quick look at some of the more (oxy) moronic headlines we are subjected to.

The beauty we are going to look at today doesn’t even make it past the headline. Click-bait is real and lazy journalism a disease. Let’s see what the sports fates deliver us today, shall we?

Jon Gruden likes Raiders’ offseason moves some critics deem as ‘questionable’

Hmmm, how far do I need to read a post with a headline like that? Show me a coach that doesn’t like his latest offseason moves and then we have a story. Now that has to be rare. That would be interesting. But a coach that “likes” his moves and doesn’t really care/read/know what “critics” (an open-ended term to obfuscate any responsibility for a rumor) is as predictable as the sunrise. Really, that’s all you’ve got for me today?

If you actually read the post what immediatly jumps out is the author is not going to give you the names of anyone who he says deem the Raiders move “questionable.” Instead he goes with an opening paragraph that realeases him from any responsability to proved factual data:

Jon Gruden is fully aware of how his former media colleagues and critics judge the latest offseason moves of his Las Vegas Raiders.

Kevin Patra

“His former media colleagues?” No links, no attribution and “trust me” is (of course) implied. #ComeOnMan

No, I did not read any further instead deciding instead to immediately make the latest Oxymoron Sports entry. It was an easy choice. I hoped I saved you some time. Next. Click here to read the full article.

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