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LA Rams Offense – Showtime Reborn

Sean McVay is a certified NFL offensive genius. He put the LA Rams Offensive Showtime back in the news. The man put in the work and he has the production history to prove it. That being said, the LA Rams offense the past few season has vastly underperformed the expectations of the fans, the media, and the vision of its coach. After taking the league by storm before losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl the team has been on a downward spiral offensively with no seeming end in sight. Then came the 2021 offseason, the trade for Mathew Stafford and the image of a coach who has standards and isn’t afraid to make a move to achieve them is now clear for this club.

Exactly what has McVay done and what are now the expectations for the LA Rams offense for the coming season?

LA Rams Offense – Showtime 2021

For a truly dynamic offense, McVay wants a big arm, long-ball QB who isn’t afraid to let it loose and has seen enough defense in the NFL to not get rattled on game day. Enter Mathew Stafford who checks all of the boxes. But let’s be frank here, Goff wasn’t the only problem the Rams offense had. Gurly fell off a cliff, the offense line had become a shambles and there wasn’t any WR on the roster who could really stretch a defense. Guess what? Somehow McVay has addressed each one of these issues.

RB Cam Akers

Akers took hold of the mantle last season and isn’t letting go anytime soon. The explosive back took a while to find his NFL legs but he has them now. As his offensive line improves, so will this young man’s productivity. He’s a keeper and a key cog for this defense to work as McVay absolutely loves play action.

Rams Offensive Line

Whitworth is back and he brings his nasty attitude with him. David Edwards, Brian Allen, Austin Corbett, and Rob Havenstein are an excellent mix of youthful potential, prime productivity, and sage veteran play. In the ultimate team sport, the offensive line is the ultimate team unit. No matter how good they are (or are not) unless they develop chemistry it’s all for naught. Reportedly, this crew has it by the boatload. They work well together, they challenge each other, and they have some nice youth pushing them while supplying needed reserves. This offense will go as far as this unit can take them. I have a good feeling about this crew.

Rams Receiving Corps

Cooper Kupp is exciting. Rober Woods is as reliable as sunrise. Neither is a true blazer. Not slow, but not the guy to stretch the field, keeping the defenders on their heels ready to turn and burn knowing if that one guy gets behind them it’s over. Enter DeSean Jackson who throughout his career has consistently delivered a deep threat for his team. This guy has a feel for how to get open deep. He still has his wheels but more importantly, he knows how to adjust his gears to lull the defenders into bad positions at which point he takes off and they realize he had two more gears to let loose and it’s too late. Touchdown. Jackson’s presence on the field gives the other Rams’ receivers more room to operate in the medium zones. That’s more room for Kupp and Woods. Oh, yea.

Long-ball QB, long-ball WR, RB to keep the D honest and an offensive line that can give the QB time to deliver the rock. The LA Rams Offense Showtime is BACK! It’s going to be a heck of a season.

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