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“Jon Rahm COVID” is the general verbiage on headlines coast-2-coast. And let’s be frank here, there has to be someone to blame, right? This is America. When something bad happens there are attorneys to call, suits to file, insurance companies to sue, people to point the finger at, organizations to cancel. In the USA bad luck is not allowed to occur without someone paying for it and after Rahm had to step away from some of the best golf he has ever played in his life due to testing positive for COVID-19 everything from the disease itself to the USPGA and everything in between was somehow at fault because Mr. Rahm was not allowed to complete a round of golf. Let’s unpack this a bit shall we?

Jon Rahm COVID 19 – As It Happened

This past Saturday at the Memorial PGA Tournament Jon Rahm was 6 strokes in the lead (that’s a lot for those wondering) and at the end of what many would describe as a “brilliant” third round of golf (to be fair I read many descriptors, all effusive) it seems PGA officials informed the worlds #3 rated golfer he had tested positive for COVID and would have to withdraw from the match, on live TV. There was no enlightenment from the commentators, no scrawling tidbit of information on the screen informing viewers, there was only the image of Jon Rahm sinking to his knees as the news descended on him. It was brutal. It was captivating television. The absolute raw pathos on display was egregious in its effect. As the details trickled in so did the shock, which is understandable. The man was being forced to walk away from a dream competition. The fans were being robbed of a fantastic display of golf. This was a tragedy. Soon thereafter, however, the blame game begins in earnest and that part is just sad.

Jon Rahm COVID 19 – The Setup

Rahm was tested because he had not been vaccinated in time to sidestep that process. He was informed before the event he had been in close contact with someone that had tested positive. Ergo he would either have to follow special rules (no clubhouse visits, regular testing, etc.) and play or would have to pull out. He chose to play.

The Jon Rahm COVID test was negative for the first two days. The day 3 Jon Rahm COVID test came back positive. He was already on the course and (to be sure) was tested again as he played on. The second test also came back positive and he was given the hard news at the end of the round. He was not “surprised.”

Jon Rahm COVID 19 – The Blame

  • Why was he even tested?
  • Why couldn’t he just play “by himself” and finish?
  • He was asymptomatic, so why not keep playing?
  • Why did they show him being informed on TV
  • Why not change the rules?

The above are just the highlights. Specific officials were called out as well. Not a pretty sight. The answers (of course) are easy to fathom if you shelve your sports passion, your COVID-anger, AND realize that it isn’t about Jon Rahm, it isn’t about golf, it’s about the safety of the general public.

Why was he tested? Safety. #ComeOnMan what is the problem here.

Why could he just play “by himself” and finish? Because he is not “by himself.” A score of people would be required to be with and around him in order for that to occur. Some would be “shamed” to accept the task if so asked. That isn’t right.

He was asymptomatic. And ….. and what? He could give the disese to anyone and they probably would not be asymptomatci. Really, is this really a question?

Why did they show him being infomred on live TV? Because it’s live TV. They had all day to think about it and they did. They sat it up and delivered. Cold? Ruthless? Shameless? Yes. Welcome to 2021.

Why not change the rules? Seriously? Sure, why not. Why not change the rules anytime your favorite doesn’t win. I guess the presidential election really did change things.

It’s sport vs the good of the general public. In this case, on social media, sports was robbed, the general public was screwed and everyone is to blame.

How do you feel about the current state of affairs in Sports?

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