Fan-Dumb, Not Fandom

Whatever happened to the good old times when fans just fought one another on some selfless drunk night? Harmless fun sometimes is worth the penalty, and the perfect example of this would be the fan who decided to have some fun at a rain delay at the Washington Nationals Park a week ago.

What has taken place the last week, and especially during NBA Playoff games, has been ridiculous & utterly disgusting. For any real true fan of sports, it puts in jeopardy their chance to be close to the game and action. Let's go over the most recent occurrences which have NBA players on edge and the whole sports world talking.

At a recent NBA playoff game between the Washington Wizards & Philadelphia 76ers, a fan was caught throwing concession popcorn, the worst of all the popcorns, onto Russell Westbrook as he was leaving the court after an injury. You NEVER throw anything at any players no matter the circumstance & especially at a player who's leaving the court due to injury. According to the league and sources that fans have been banned from future events. This is a good example of fan-DUMB.

Out next Fan-DUMB designation goes to the nasty New York patron who decided it was super cool to spit on Trae Young during the recent series at Madison Square Garden. Just when you thought fans would be keeping their saliva and spit to themselves, this all-star loser had to make sure his DNA is sprayed all over the row in front of him & Trae Young. I shouldn't even have to say why this action is even the slightest bit wrong as you've learned as a child either by parental rearing or a common ass-beating; spitting on anyone is NEVER acceptable and actually is a punishable offense in the eyes of the law. Not only has this fan labeled New York Knicks fans as disgusting, but also has given Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks fans, and the city of Atlanta extra ammo for an already predicted close series. According to league sources, these patrons have been banned from future events at Madison Square Garden & Trae Young decided not to press charges.

Shoot, I wish this was the only insane fan/player interaction that took place, but there's more. During the same span of NBA playoff games Ja Morant, of the Memphis Grizzlies, had his family racially taunted while playing the Utah Jazz. This is not only NEVER acceptable, but after all, everyone has been through over the past year and it is 2021, this something that needs to be of the past. Not only is it an example of fan-Dumb, but it's also great example of bigotry.

The Memorial Day weekend didn't disappoint either in providing some fan-DUMB moments. First up we have the idiot in Boston who decided it would be super cool to try and hit Kyrie Irving in the head with a water bottle & missed like a real loser. Not only was he caught, but he was also arrested and charged. Like we talked about earlier, throwing anything at players is NEVER acceptable & I'm glad this fan was prosecuted to the fullest extent. 

It didn't stop there in the NBA either. In a minor league affiliate baseball game, a fan decided to come onto the baseball field and confront/approach the pitcher who had hit the batter currently up to hit. The interaction was caught on video and even the play-by-play announcer detailed the interaction. Unless you're just streaking like Will Farrell in Old School, it's NEVER okay to run onto any field of play during a professional game/match. Doing this will get you labeled 100% of the time as a big fan-DUMB contender.

The story above leads us to the most recent incident where a fan during the Wizards/76ers game decided it would be cool to run onto the court and try to touch the backboard. As stated earlier, this is NEVER a great idea and most likely will get you fined and/or arrested. According to the NBA & team officials, this disruptive fan was arrested & banned from future events. 

Player Reactions to Recent Fan Incidents

Players had plenty to say regarding the matter too as NBA stars alike spoke up about player/fan interactions. Here's the response that Russell Westbrook had regarding the popcorn throwing incident;

Kevin Durant even had some comments for reporters describing fans and their most recent unfavorable interactions. Durant went on to compare athletes to animals in a circus when it came to fan behavior & Kyrie Irving echoed the same thoughts as well. Bradley Beal didn't hold emotions back as he described to the media what would happen between him and a fan if approached, and it wasn't pleasant.

Fans Back to Unruly Behavior in General!

To be honest, it's not just NBA games & players that are experiencing bad fans. They're popping up in ballparks and parking garages all over where games are being played. There could be contributing factors to this behavior, and that is lots of alcohol consumption by the looks of some of these brawls & the other is everyone being cooped up due to the pandemic. One thing is for sure & that's sports are back to full fighting troublesome capacity.

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