LA Chargers offensive line

LA Chargers Offensive Line Outlook – 2021

The LA Chargers Offensive Line has been an issue for several seasons now. Not ignored, just not successfully addressed. Recently, each offseason the team’s plan to address the shortcomings has fallen apart. Injury, retirement, and just plain bad luck have conspired to cause the LA Chargers to fail.

Things are looking up.

LA Chargers Offensive Line

The Bolts have a franchise QB coming off his rookie campaign. He got hammered last season getting sacked 32 times and hit/hurried a darn sight more. The Chargers knocked it out of the park drafting Justin Herbert and they did the right thing focusing on the offensive line in free agency and the NFL Draft so the kid can survive. The arrow is pointing up for this crew.

Let’s take a quick look at some key players.

LT Rashawn Slater

22 years old, 6’4″, 315 lbs and the Bolts have a winner here for years to come. The Northwestern product can do it all and should be ready to man the LT position from day one with the club not worrying about the position for the next decade or more. A total package this move solves a lot of problems all by itself.

LG Oday Aboushi

6’5″, 315 lbs the 29 year old UVA OG is an 8 year vet and fits what the team is trying to do perfectly.

OC Corey LInsley

6’3″, 301 lbs the Ohio State product is 29 years old solidly in his prime. The 7 year vet has the perfect NFL ratios to play the position and makes solid calls at the line.

RG Matt Feller

6’6″, 330 lbs, 28 years old. YES! The 5-year veteran is in his prime and should hold down the position quite well. He played OT in college but slots in at OG in the NFL.

RT Bryan Bulaga

6’5″, 315 lbs mauler. At 32 years old Bulaga should have plenty of gas left in the tank and is an absolute beast. You want as many of these kinds of guys on your line as you can get. He’s nasty. He has to stay healthy and that has been an issue over his career. But when in the game and feeling it? Lookout.

OL Brenden Jaimes

6’6″, 300 lbs the Nebraska rookie is a project as he will need to increase his functional strength and that takes time. At 21 years old he has time to add that strength and let his techniques grow. He has all the tools and once developed the club could look to plug him in just about anywhere along the line except center. An exciting future investment.

LA Chargers Offensive Line Outlook

The club solidified and upgraded. Last season they had 3 guys playing out of position. Not a good situation and it showed. Herbert got hammered and the club’s biggest weakness was glaringly simple to identify. Upgrading this unit was critical to protect their QB and it looks on paper at least as if they got the job done. A nice mix of youth and wisdom, this crew can pass protect and they have the feet to make it to the 2nd level getting their running game going as well as having talent to groom for the near future.

Injuries tell the tale in the NFL each season. But the future looks bright.

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