Chargers rookie report

LA Chargers Rookie Report – 3 Rook Update

The Chargers’ rookie minicamp has come and gone. OTAs are getting underway and as exciting as it’s going to be seeing the rooks and the vets line up together the focus here is on the group that has to get the club to the next level and that is the incoming class of NFL Draft selections. Let’s dive into the Chargers Rookie Report post-haste and see what we can see! Spoiler alert … it’s looking good.

Chargers Rookie Report

LT Rashwan Slater

Reportedly the rook is “looking foward” to matching up with Washington DE Chase Young later this season. Say what? Young is currently exploding on the league and one has to wonder why any rookie would be looking forward to facing him. False bravado? Not even a little bit! Slater opted out in 2020 and somehow slid to the Chargers. You want to watch College tape of your guy vs another really good guy, not chum on the water. Below is tape of Slater abslutly dominating in a game vs Chase Young. If I had done this to a guy earlier indeed I would want to face off against him again so I can get my rep in the NFL going. You have to love the cutzpa! Check out the video below and grin if you are a Chargers fan.

Head Coach Brandon Staley

Staley is a rookie as well and we will be following his developement all season long because as close as the undermaned Chargers came to making the playoffs last season that was a differnt head coach. Staley is an NFL rookie head coach, but so far the job doesn’t seem too big for him. He was all fired up for his first team huddle and not even a bit worried about it. By all accounts he is uber-prepared, focused, has a plan, and moves that plan forward every day. Sounds like the club may have found a keeper. Truth be told however, the same things were said about Anthony Lynn.

The talent is there. The club will win some games. How will they do in December when there are no more “chances” as the win or go home season gets an early start? That will determine if Brandon Staley is the answer or just another in a long list of “good guys.”

UDFA LS Ryan Langan

Rookies aren’t just draft picks, who knew? All kidding aside, this UDFA has a solid chance to make the club at a position that can see a ton of longevity. The Georgia Southern product was a four-year starter. He amassed a bevy of awards and was even a finalist for the Patrick Mannelly Long Snapper of the Year Award which is an actual award for the best collegiate kicker. I understand he also has a 4.0 GPA and over 500 clean snaps in his collegiate career after playing 6-man football in high school. Yes, you read that correctly. The first time he played 11-11 was against Auburn. No pressure. He nailed it. The guy is focused.

Ryan took all of these awards, his steller 4 year record and accepted an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl where he shined.

The current long snapper is in the final year of his contract, the Chargers coaches were handling said duties at the Senior Bowl and got to see this kid up close. You can see where I am going here. UDFAs are the Cinderella’s of the NFL. The Boltz may have just found their date to the ball.

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