LA Chargers Rookie Minicamp

LA Chargers Weekly – Rookie Minicamp

Players in helmets and cleats while standing on grass holding footballs. What’s not to love? The LA Chargers Rookie Minicamp is here as we dive in and take a look back at the LA Chargers rooks and see what we can see. And don’t forget, when we are talking rookie minicamp we are including the head coach this time!

LA Chargers Rookie Minicamp

Unlike the last offseason, new head coaches won’t have their hands totally tied this offseason and new HC Brandon Staley has to feel pretty good about that. What he has to feel even better about is the stockpile of upgrades the Chargers front office left under the tree.

Chargers HC Brandon Staley Kicks off First Rookie Mini Camp

Fernando Ramirez via

It was the first day at work for the Chargers rookie players. The players spent the last few days taking their NFL headshots, trying on their jerseys, and getting ready for their first taste of action.

It also was the first day of coaching for Brandon Staley and his coaching staff. This was their first on-the-field coaching session. Right off the bat, Staley and his staff was to ease in the rookies and not overwhelm them.

“It was a big goal of ours to show that to these guys, to get them off to a good start,” said Staley after practice. “We felt like we wanted to create a safe environment today. As you saw, we had no helmets on. We really wanted a more workout environment, where there’s a great pace, where these guys can really concentrate and focus and not have that pressure on them with pads or helmets.”

The players started practice by stretching and warming up while a big crowd of coaches watched, including team owner Dean Spanos, President of Football Operations John Spanos, and general manager Tom Telesco.

All eyes and camera seemed to be on number 70, 26, and 5, which were the three players selected first by Telesco and Co. Second-round pick cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. practiced closer to the media, and right away, his quickness showed.

“Guys were flying around, coaches had good energy, and guys were communicating, trying to make sure we knew our assignments,” said Samuel. “I feel like we got better today.”

What is the rookie corners goal for this minicamp? – Click here to read the full story

Chargers Taking Rookies Back to School to Kick Off Minicamp

Chris Hayre

Since being introduced as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, Brandon Staley has had to wait 113 days to get on the grass with his new players.

“First time I’ve felt like a coach since January,” he said.

Staley and his coaching staff took the field in Costa Mesa on Friday morning with 24 players for the start of rookie minicamp. One of the main priorities of the weekend, Staley said, will be relationship building among players, coaches and staff at Hoag Performance Center.

Second, is teaching the newest Chargers how he and his staff plan to function.javascript:false

“There’s so much that goes into a rookie’s transition; from a routine standpoint, from a rhythm standpoint,” Staley said. “Just learning how we operate from a meeting standpoint, then going onto the field, ‘Hey, where do I line up? Where do we start stretch? Where’s my individual? Where’s my group period? Special teams?’ – Click here to read the full story

Highlights from Day 1 of Chargers’ rookie minicamp

Gavino Borquez USAToday

Friday marked the first day of the Chargers rookie minicamp. The event will run through the next two days and come to an end on May 16.

This feature will include a collection tweets from team beat reporters from the session.

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