Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

A 2-0 Whitecaps Win Vs CF Montreal Thanks To A Dangerous Impact From Set Pieces

The Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal 2-0 thanks to a brace from Cristian Dajome. Maxime Crepeau was able to make all the saves he needed to for the clean sheet. The game started off slow in the first half as neither team wanted to make a mistake.

Vancouver was able to weather an early storm in the second half by CF Montreal. A penalty kick converted by Dajome in the 57 minutes and the Whitecaps were on their way to their second win of the year. Dajome would add a brace before a late flurry by Montreal was extinguished by VAR.

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Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

It was another game without a goal from open play for the Whitecaps. Head coach Marc Dos Santos was aware of it, “Of course we want to be better in open play and add to what we do on set plays but it’s going to take work and we have to keep pushing and looking at the video.” Set Piece Goals, open play goals, I don’t think it matters as long as the Whitecaps are scoring them.

News, Notes, And Lineups Whitecaps vs CF Montreal

The Vancouver Whitecaps made no changes to the lineup that lost 1-0 to the Colorado Rapids. Marc Dos Santos did switch back to a 4-4-2 moving Russell Teibert out wide left. Caio Alexandre made his second start for Vancouver in the midfield with Janio Bikel. The back 4 was also unchanged with Maxime Crepeau in Net.

Of Note for the Whitecaps was the absence of Michael Baldisimo from the bench. Theo Bair was once again an attacking option as Marc had plenty of substitutes that could change the game.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Head coach Wilfried Nancy would make 2 changes to the lineup that drew 0-0 against the Columbus Crew. CF Montreal would stick with a 3-4-1-2 formation, with Clement Diop in the net. Kamal Miller, Rudy Camacho, and Kiki Struna would start at the back. Mustafa Kizza, Victor Wanyama, and Amar Sejdic would be joined by Clement Bayiha who replaced the Canadian Zachary Brault-Guillard.

Djordje Mihailovic would start in his normal spot below the strikers Romell Quioto and Bjorn Johnsen. They would try and be a handful for the Whitecaps backline all match.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

A Slow Scoreless 1st Half For Whitecaps vs CF Montreal

The Whitecaps would kick things off in the 1st half and win an early corner kick. Some nice work by Ciao Alexandre would set up Cristian Gutierrez over the ball in the 2nd minute. The delivery wasn’t his best, and the ball was cleared back to the keeper by Montreal. Montreal was looking for long balls that were not working early. Both teams tried to get their legs as we rolled into the 5th minute of action.

Lucas Cavallini would get a chance in the 6th minute to drive the ball into the box. He would elect to go back to Gutierrez as Vancouver was timid to get into the final third. Montreal would once again waste possession with a poor attempt. The old shot/cross from Clement Bayiha went right into Maxime Crepeau for an easy save. Montreal would allow Vancouver to play it around at the back. Montreal would try and get on the end of a long run in the 9th minute. Jake Nerwinksi was able to muscle his man as the ball rolled out for a goal kick.

Montreal would continue to try and hold possession, but their touch was failing them. They were able to get a cross into the box, but Andy Rose was able to clear it away. After another failed attempt to get the ball into the box Vancouver tried to counterattack quickly. Dajome was reluctant to drive into the box and would play the ball back to Guti. After the Whitecaps would turn it back over, it was Montreal’s turn to string together some nice passes. Dajome was forced to foul and after a handshake by the referee, Rosendo Mendoza, the play was back on.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

After another long ball attempt by CF Montreal was wasted. Lucas Cavallini would win a free kick in the 15th minute in a dangerous spot. Deiber Caicedo would deliver the ball into the box for Vancouver. It would eventually fall to Ranko Veselinovic in an offside position. The danger wasn’t over for CF Montreal as Cavallini would move back in, He found Caicedo in the box but he wasn’t able to turn and had to play it back once again. Montreal would clear things and release the pressure as we moved into the 20th minute of the 1st half.

After some back and forth play from both teams. Montreal would get a chance thanks to Romell Quioto. He was given far too much space by Nerwinski and Veselinovic and was able to walk in a get a shot on Crepeau. The Canadian Keeper was able to punch it out for a corner kick. CF Montreal would try a training ground play to the top of the box for Mihailovic. His long shot was blocked and the Whitecaps looked to counter. Dajome was taken down hard by a frustrated Mihailovic, he was shown a yellow card in the 24th minute.

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Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Cavallini would win a corner for Vancouver off the string of play. The 25th-minute corner would run out the opposite side for a second chance for the Whitecaps. Gutierrez would send it over the net and out for a goal kick. CF Montreal would start to force some turnovers by Vancouver midway through the first half. A bad pass leads to a chance for Quioto to turn and have a go from distance. His shot was well wide but Montreal would continue to press. Jake Nerwinski was displaced of the ball and it came right to Quioto on the attack.

Quioto would square it perfectly to Bjorn Johnsen in a great position. Maxime Crepeau was able to dive across and keep it out. It was a great save by Crepeau and one we are very used to seeing. The score would remain scoreless as we went into the 30th minute. The physicality would pick up from both teams as the game went on. A turnover by Vancouver Quioto would get another shot but was again off target. Deiber Caicedo would be shown a yellow in the 32nd minute for not retreating from a free-kick.

The Whitecaps were trying to get the ball out of their own half and a foul on Dajome would allow Vancouver to regroup. They would play it back and Andy Rose would send a long ball forward. Kizza got his wires crossed and would head it out for another Whitecaps corner. Caicedo would send it into the back of the box and Cavallini would head it back into danger. Ranko’s shot was blocked before CF Montreal was able to clear.

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Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Ranko was forced to make a great defensive play on Quioto in the 37th minute. It was followed up moments later with a foul and a yellow card on Mihailovic. Montreal would get a 39th-minute free-kick from a dangerous spot. The ball was sent into the back post and Johnsen was able to get a head-on it. He ran out of space and his effort was off the outside netting. Montreal would get another chance after Janio Bikel slipped. Quioto would find Johnsen with some room on the left side but his shot was 6 feet wide of the net.

The Whitecaps would get a corner late in the first half. Caicedo did some good work in the 41st minute for the 5th corner of the half. Caicedo would send it through the box to Russel Teibert. He would chip it back across before Caicedo’s shot would be well wide of the target. Cavallini would be shown a yellow card in the 45th minute for getting his arms upon Struna. Quioto would get one more shot before the half would run out. The half would end 0-0 thanks to some timely saves from Maxime Crepeau.

Fast-Paced 2nd Half And The Whitecaps Continue Their Form From Set Pieces

No changes to either side for the start of the second half. Montreal seemed to come out of the dressing room with a purpose. An early scramble in the box and Kissa was able to cross it in dangerously. Crepeau had to be alert and fisted the ball away from danger. Montreal would continue to attack in the 48th minute. Mahailovic would have lots of room to find Kissa again on the left side. The ball was cut low and Crepeau had to use his keet to kick it out this time.

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Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Trying to clear the pressure Cavallini took a hard foul from Camacho. The game would slow down in pace after the early chances for CF Montreal. Russel Teibert was almost alone but was a step offside for the Whitecaps. Then Dajome would look to find Cavallini on the run in the 53rd minute but it was too long and right to Clement Diop. The Whitecaps seemed just a step behind trying to link up. Vancouver would try and keep on the front foot and get rewarded with chances.

Montreal would turn the ball over and Vancouver would counter quickly from the back. Andy Rose would find Dajome who would turn and run with it. Montreal got mixed up at the back and Caicedo was left way too open. He was hesitant and dribbled back instead of shooting. He took a tumble but nothing was called and Vancouver would press on. The Whitecaps were getting much better at playing it from the back and the next break was a perfect example.

Teibert was able to touch it over to Cavallini and “El Tanque” Would charge down the field. He was barrelled over and the referee would play the advantage. The ball would run into the box and Cristian Dajome was first on it. Kamal Miller was second to the ball and went right over Dajome. Mendoza pointed to the spot and not even VAR would overturn this one for the Whitecaps. Dajome would step up and deliver his second perfect penalty kick of the season. Vancouver had a 1-0 lead at the 57th-minute mark.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal On A Brace From Dajome

Head coach Wilfried Nancy would make wholesale changes after the goal for Montreal. Mathieu Choiniere would replace Clement Bayiha, Lassi Lappalainen would replace Johnsen, and former Whitecap Erik Hurtado would come on for Quioto in the 58th Minute. The changes would spark CF Montreal as they would instantly get pressure. Mihailovic would get the ball in midfield and find Lappalainen down the left side. Ranko was playing him to lose and he was able to walk into the box and get a shot right at Crepeau. After Vancouver was able to clear Montreal was right back in looking for the equalizing goal.

Jake Nerwinksi, who didn’t have his best match, was caught upfield and Lappalainen once again drove down the left side. He was able to play it into the box to Mihailovic. Vancouver was able to close on the danger and Montreal sent a weak chip in on Crepeau. The Whitecaps would get their legs and try to turn the game back in their favor. A nice switch of play by Teibert in the 61st minute to find Caicedo. He was able to overlap and allow Jake Nerwinski to walk in and get a left-footed shot on Diop. It wasn’t the best effort we had seen from jake but it wasn’t the worst.

Janio Bikel would be fouled hard in the 63rd minute before Vancouver would try and add to the score. After some nice switches of play, the ball would come out wide to Alexandre on the right side. He would cross it into the box but Cavallini would hold up his run and it would go out for a goal kick. As we moved into the 65th Minute Janio Bikel would make a nice defensive play. As Montreal was trying again to penetrate the box, Janio was able to poke it out of danger. The Whitecaps were trying to keep their back line up as Montreal continued to press.

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Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

CF Montreal would bring on another sub in the 67th minute. Ahmed Hamdi would replace Kiki Struna, but it was the Whitecaps that got the spark. Shortly after the change, Caicedo would pick out Cava in the box. He was a step offside as he would head it down to Dajome. Vancouver wasn’t able to make it 2-0 and Montreal would get their second corner of the match on the break. The inswinger would fall to the feet or Hurtado but his volley was well over the target. Vancouver would try and put the game out of reach after Caio Alexandre would win another corner.

Caicedo would deliver in a perfect ball to an unmarked Dajome. The Colombian would score his second of the night and give Vancouver a 2-0 lead. It was another set-piece goal for the Whitecaps but they would gladly take it. It was Vancouver’s 3rd goal from a set-piece in 4 matches this season.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Montreal would make their final sub of the match after the goal. Joaquin Torres would replace Mihailovic at the 73-minute mark. Marc Dos Santos would make his first change at the same time bringing on Ryan Raposo for Caicedo. Raposo had been good in his limited minutes for Vancouver. He would almost score the 3rd goal for the Whitecaps. Cavallini was once again strong in the midfield to find Dajome on a run. he cut it back to Raposo in the box but a big block by Camacho was able to keep it a two-goal game.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Montreal would hold the ball and try and regain their composure. A cross into the box in the 75th minute, and Crepeau was quick off his line to stop the attack. After Montreal would win it back they had space to work with and numbers. Hamdi took the cross and missed a chance to play the ball to his left and instead went for the shot. It was blocked twice before Wanyama would cut a ball across the box. Crepeau had to steer it away from danger as Montreal looked for a foul call. Hurtado was quick to jump down to the ground before jumping right back up.

Vancouver was trying to keep their backline high while Montreal held possession. It was nice to see from Vancouver after so many times parking the backline deep with the lead. Montreal would swarm the box again and force the Caps defense into more work. Hurtado would get the ball on the break and chip it to the top of the box. Torres would have a great chance on the net but send it over the sprawling Alexandre. Marc Dos Santos would make his second substitution right after the whistle. Leonard Owusu would replace Caio Alexandre in the 80th minute.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

The Whitecaps were slow off the throw-in to get back and defend. Hurtado would cut it back into the box but Veselinovic was able to clear it to Cava at the halfway line. He was able to use his body and turn to get a great chance for the Whitecaps. Showing a bit of confidence Cava tried to do it himself and struck a hardball at Diop. It might not have been the best option as he had Raposo set in a great spot. Cavallini did force a save and wasted valuable time. It wasn’t late enough as Montreal would look to respond.

Wilfried Nancy’s side would counter quickly and Leonard Owusu was shown a yellow card. He came back with a hard foul on Torres. It was a great free-kick location for CF Montreal and Wanyama would stand alone over the ball. It was a nice strike on target but Crepeau was in a perfect position. It was a save that was made to look easy but the footwork of Crepeau was the reason. The result was far from over for the Whitecaps vs CF Montreal with just 6 minutes of regular time left.

CF Montreal looked to get one back in the game after a Nerwinski turnover. Hamdi would get a chance to cross it into the box but it was headed out to the touchline. Montreal would keep the ball in play and get a second chance. An 87th-minute corner was cleared away by the Whitecaps. Montreal was right back on the attack and a cross in off Hurtado fell to Lappalainen. It rattled around before he was able to put it past Crepeau. But hold on a second as VAR wanted to have a look…

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

It looked like Vancouver would finally benefit from a review for once. Alan Kelly would call for a review and it was a clear and obvious handball from Hurtado. After the goal was called off the 4th official would signal 4 added minutes. Marc Dos Santos would make his final sub of the match, bringing on Derek Cornelius for Cristian Dajome in the 1st minute of added time.

The Whitecaps would do a great job in the late part of the match to solidify the 3 points. They would keep everything to the outside and waste as much time as they could. Mendoza would let an additional 2 minutes tick by but it wouldn’t matter as the Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal 2-0. It wasn’t the best win for Vancouver but it was 3 points. Vancouver only had 39% possession but that was enough on the afternoon.

Post Game Thoughts And Media After The Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Another Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal meant another happy Marc Dos Santos for media. He spoke about the match and the play of his team, “Look we knew coming in that every ball lost, every mistake in the midfield would lead to dangerous transitions. In the first half, we were able to contain them, we were able to take care of the things we needed to do.”

“In the second half, we were able to contain some more transition moments where we were able to be more dangerous on the transition. Dájo drew the penalty on the transition and then in the second goal, Caio switched the ball and we pressed and got the corner from there. It was far from the perfect game but we did lots of things right to get the three points. At the end of the day, I think we were the team that deserved the three points.”

Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps Win Vs CF Montreal

Marc spoke about the play of his goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau after another strong performance by the Canadian. “I speak so much about his performances. Max is ready, he’s not a surprise to me. Max made one important save that really kept us in the game when it was still 0-0, the save on Johnsen was really important. He’s doing a really good job because of the competition he has. Thomas and Evan are really good in training too, which pushes Max to be even better. That’s why Max is here and that’s why we signed him.”

On looking ahead to the match-up this week against Minnesota United FC and if that had something to do with using a limited amount of substitutions? “What I think is important in this league is to go game by game and we managed the sub thinking how can we get the three points against Montreal, that’s what we focused on – winning this game and not getting too far ahead. We have two important games coming up, of course, so the depth of the squad will be very important this week.”

Keeper Maxime Crepeau spoke about the match after his clean sheet and what it meant to do it against Montreal his former team. “I won’t lie to you, it feels really good, feels really good because all my friends, all my family, I’m born and raised in Montreal, I’ve been through this system since I was 15 to 23 years old. I’ve been in this organization and so I know a lot of people, and it feels good just because at some point, this is my roots, and I haven’t gotten the three points against them the last time we were in Montreal, and so now it’s definitely a good feeling to have the three points.”

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake Preview | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Cristian Dajome was last to talk with the media after his two-goal performance and the Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal. Thanks to Seabass as usual for the translations. He talked about his mentality during the penalty kick. “I was just thinking about being calm. Sometimes you’re thinking about a million things in your head about the game, but you just have to become focused on the task at hand and put the ball away calmly.”

Something also special for Dajome was having his family in the stands for the match, He touched on that after the game. ” I’m very, very happy, super thankful to God for having my family close to me, and for them to be able to enjoy the game. And especially when we get to three points.” It was a big game for Dajome as he has matched his output from last season in just 4 games.

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

After a slow first half, the Vancouver Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal picked up in the second half. It gave for lots of excitement and more importantly for Vancouver a 2-0 Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal. Let’s get to some of The Unnamed Moments of The Match.

The Unnamed Goal Of The Match

Last week, Cristian Dajome had a free header to tie the match for the Whitecaps. He sent it well over the crossbar and Vancouver fell 1-0. With CF Montreal starting to pick up the pressure in the second half, Dajome made no mistake this time. The brace for the Columbian in the 71st minute is The Unnamed Goal Of The Match.

The Unnamed Goal Of The Match As The Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal 2-0

The Unnamed Tweet Of The Match

Where were you when my parents got divorced, Max? This was an interesting tweet by the Caps social media account, but I will take personality over bland any day of the week

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal 2-0

The Unnamed Media Moment Of The Match

Whenever a player gives the answer, “Good Question” you know you had an interesting question. Maxime had no answer for AFTN when asked about getting better starts to the match.

Whitecaps Win vs CF Montreal

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Vancouver Whitecaps win vs CF Montreal 2-0, thanks to a brace from Cristian Dajome. The Whitecaps now head out on the road for a midweek match against Minnesota United FC on Wednesday. Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line website for the latest about the Vancouver Whitecaps. Don’t forget to create a profile so you can post and interact and let everyone know what you think about the season so far.

Of course, follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the latest news and information about the Vancouver Whitecaps as the season continues. For the latest shows and interviews with the Vancouver Whitecaps. Make sure to tune into The Unnamed Sports Show on the Sports Talk Line Network YouTube Channel. This week my guest was Tom Bogert to chat Whitecaps and all things MLS.

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