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Post-Covid Canucks Season Set To Get Back Under Way April 16th

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The Post-Covid Canucks season set to get back underway according to the National Hockey League. On Saturday, April 10th the league announced a return to play plan for Vancouver which includes opening facilities Sunday. The team is scheduled to get back to game action on Friday, April 16th at home vs the Edmonton Oilers.

NHL Announces Post-Covid Canucks Season

The Canucks will get back to action with a home back to back against the Edmonton Oilers and The Toronto Maple Leafs. A quicker return to action than most people anticipated, but the league wants to get the full 56 game schedule in. The North Division will see play extended to May 16th to finish the season.

With the updated schedule, the Canucks will play 19 games in 31 days. After battling Covid and having 23 days off between games, Friday against the Oilers seems like a loss. But by how much is the question.

Here is the updated Vancouver Canucks schedule to finish the regular season with all 56 games.

Post-Covid Canucks Season | Sports Talk Line
Post-Covid Canucks Season

Vancouver will play the next 6 games at home. One against Edmonton before 2 against the Leafs, one against the Flames, and two against the Senators. The Canucks season will end with 11 of 13 games on the road. A 6 game road trip with little rest starting in Ottawa before the Leafs twice and the Oilers 3 times home and away.

That’s 19 games in 31 nights for the Vancouver Canucks with 6 back-to-backs. For a team coming off little rest, this will be a tough task. Members of the Taxi Squad and Utica Comets call-ups will be available. The Canucks did not add any new players to the Covid list for April 10th. They didn’t remove anyone from the list, so the active roster remains at 3 players. This will be updated later in the day as the player’s filer onto the ice.

Sports Talk Line And The Post-Covid Canucks Season

The Vancouver Canucks are scheduled to get back to action on Friday, April 16th. Against the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Arena. Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line Website for the latest news about the Vancouver Canucks. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest news and updates from the NHL and the Canucks.

The trade deadline happens this week, so make sure to check out The Unnamed Sports Show Thursday at 3 pm PST with Sean Warren from Area 51 Network. Will the Canucks make any moves? Or has it been a tough enough season for the players?

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