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An Invasion Of The Market As Area 51 Network Expands

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You are probably familiar with Area 51 Network. They started off as the Area 51 Podcast back in July of 2019 but the cast was a bit different. The Area 51 that most people know features the voices of Sean, Malcolm, Sam, and Brad. They provided a great voice on Vancouver hockey and hockey in general.

It wasn’t long before a rebrand to “Point Shot Hockey” on November 21st, 2020. They would add Carter and Joshua into the cast. Little did we know that it was just the beginning of the Area 51 Network expanding.

Area 51 Network Expands To Point Shot Hockey

The growth would continue to start in 2021 as Avid Discussers Podcast would come on board. Hosted by Joshua Rey he brought a mix of Canucks talk, great guests, Chelsea English Premier League complaining, and Seahawks banter every week. The takeover would continue for the Area 51 Network.

A move to bring in both Hawks Nest Podcast, a Seahawks-based show. And Caps Space Wins Cups, another diverse hockey podcast focusing on the Canucks that runs one take and has some fun. It was a big 3 months and I wanted to know everything about the expansion so I reached out to Sean and the new additions of Area 51 to find out more of what it was all about.

Area 51 Network Expands With Multiple Podcasts And Platforms

Sean, you changed the Podcast to Point Shot Hockey and then developed the Area 51 Network. What sparked you to go for an expanded social media base?

“I’ve had the dream of expanding into a network for some time now but really wanted to make sure that everything aligned right to make the move logical and the timing to be right. When we rebranded the Area 51 Hockey Podcast into Point Shot Hockey, we felt that it helped better represent what that podcast in particular was and what our goals as a show were. That move opened things up for returning the A51 brand back but in [the] network, form to serve as an umbrella for multiple content mediums that bring “out of this world” coverage to Vancouver sports.”

Sean has made his dream a reality so far but don’t expect him to stop anytime soon. I asked about his first addition with Avid Discussers Podcast,

“When Joshua Rey joined our Point Shot team, we explored various options for what he would feel best for his podcast going forward. We liked what he had built and saw that there was a lot of potential there so having him already acclimated to our existing group, it felt natural to start the network with the addition of his show, Avid Discussers. Joshua has a wide range of skills from his schooling at Langara and I wanted to see if we could expand his coverage from Canucks hockey into the Warriors and NLL as well. Joshua, being a pro, was up for the challenge and has met it head-on as we broaden our coverage for the Vancouver market.”

Avid Discussers Podcast joined the Area 51 Network at the end of January

Avid Discussers Podcast and Joshua Rey

Joshua Rey has been doing the Avid Discussers Pod for a while now and after joining on with Point Shot Hockey it seemed inevitable.

“Brad messaged me asking if I could edit the Point Shot episodes. I agreed and then Sean had the idea of joining our podcasts together to form the network. Point Shot was a fun podcast to listen to full of great people and the fact that I will work with great people for the network and giving me a voice in this market is what made it appealing”

Area 51 Network | Sports Talk Line
Avid Discussers with Joshua Rey on the Area 51 Network

I wanted to know what the benefits were for him already doing such a quality podcast? Joshua would go on to say,

“Firstly, I have someone to lean on for ideas. It can be exhausting doing a solo podcast. I also get the benefits of learning from Sean on podcasting. Also got the benefits of a better logo, merchandise, and of course more exposure for my brand.”

As someone who is a huge fan of multiple sports did their jump into things beyond hockey help things? Or was it the chance to work with great people? The quick response back “Both” would end our chat and let me know how excited he was for things going forward.

Seahawks Coverage With The Hawks Nest

February continued to bring on expansion for the Area 51 Network. They would move into NFL beyond their “Operation Boat” with Seahawks coverage. If you are a fan of any other team in this market you know how annoying those Seahawks fans can be! I expect nothing less from this podcast!

area 51 network | Sports Talk Line
Area 51 Network continued with the invasion February

“Hawks Nest [is] a brand new show, we released [it] immediately and got the jump on everything Seahawks and NFL. A natural fit here, as you said with the interest and fanbase here in nearby Vancouver. The potentials for crossovers with Point Shot’s sports betting segments as well went well into the opportunities that lay ahead for crossovers and collaborations amongst the network partners. We want to continue to capitalize on the Pacific Northwest market and bring coverage that matters to people here. Seahawks, although not in Vancouver, are very much local to the region.”

Riley and Matt were unavailable to comment at the time for Hawks Nest but seemed excited to get back to me. Considering they have chirped me a couple of times already I think they will fit in well! (Please check back for an edited section with their response.) *** Here it is as they were able to respond to my questions.

Area 51 Network brought Hawks Nest Podcast on board late February

“I actually started HawksNest to be a twitter only kind of interaction with fans, so our first followers just knew us off Twitter posts. Then I was approached by Brad who asked if we could whip up a proposal and I jotted some things down, sent them to Brad, didn’t even speak to Matt about it yet. Then we talked to Sean via Zoom who basically interviewed us.” Everything moved quickly for Hawks Nest.

“It all happened really fast with Brad and Sean. I think it took maybe 7-8 days from the time I put pen to paper and had a “podcast proposal” drawn up of what we wanted to be, to the time we had started recording our first episode. So to answer the question fast, exciting, and with a lot of enthusiasm”

“I got Matty on board in like 12 seconds of a facetime call, just asking him to co-host a podcast. Now Matt and I are both WAY out of our element in the “acting” part of the podcasts and we feel awkward but we know the content is there and that’s why we’re excited about the future. We spend so much time talking about football and coming up with [a] great conversation that sounds intelligent and well thought out, we figured it made sense to share it with people and get their opinions on it. More so a way of interacting with other NFL and Seattle Seahawks fans.”

Area 51 Network adds Hawks Nest Podcast

 You seem to be coming at it from all angles for the Market. Why should Seahawks fans tune into your podcast and Area 51 Network?

“Seahawks fans should tune into HawksNest because Matt and I make you feel like you’re right alongside us just having a casual conversation. Some of our takes are awesome, and might even make you laugh. Our goal is to make it feel welcoming, but also informative because we both have had experience in this game and have been coached by some really great football minds. We know our stuff, and we will make you laugh to keep it short and simple haha.”

 Some great stuff already what’s coming next for Hawks Nest now they are with Area 51 Network?

“More guests coming onto “Choppin’ it Up”; we are reaching out to some of my (Riley’s) former teammates and coaches to come on the air and talk about topics from all around the NFL. As we get closer to the draft, we are going to talk QB’s with a couple of former D1 starting QB’s. Matty and I love this quote: “We [aren’t] complaining about how much food is on our plate because we hungry..” – Jason Brown. We got a lot going on, and we are just going to keep grinding to get as much content out there as we can. We are fired up about the opportunity and are excited about continuing to grow.”

I said they chirped me a bit which I loved. I had to make sure to return the favor! I’m not going to ask about Russell Wilson but… what’s going on with Wilson?

Area 51 network | Sports Talk Line
Area 51 Network and Hawks Nest on Wilson

“Damn dude, gotta do us like that?” Yes 100% I will!

” No, it’s all good man, Matty and I talked about it during episode #2. We think this is a play by Russell Wilson and his management team about how serious he is for the upcoming season regarding…”

” 1) having a say in the organization and 2) getting protection for him ASAP. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, the Seahawks aren’t going to make the same mistake the Texans are going to have to make with DeShawn Watson. The collective of John Schnieder, Russell Wilson, and Pete Carroll needs to stop this media circus and be men and have a conversation. Egos need to be set aside, and reality needs to hit these 3 right in the side of the head; these 3 NEED each other to be successful. Capitalize on the remainder of Russ’s contract, that’s the window… 3 years, grow up, and get it done !!!”

I very much look forward to chatting with Riley and Matt again in the future as the Rams and Seahawks rivalry continue. Did they have any last words on joining the Area 51 Network or to me?

“Thanks again, oh, hey, last thing… Go Hawks ;)”

Cap Space Wins Cups And More Hockey And Canucks Coverage

“The CSWC team has worked very hard on their product and brand for a year now. Many in the podcasting market here consider them to be an underrated show that brings passion and knowledge to each and every show. Much like Point Shot and Avid Discussers, I wanted to gauge whether they were versatile enough to expand their coverage beyond just the Canucks to help fill even more gaps for other sports. The CSWC team is incredibly well versed in Formula 1 racing and have been wanting to expand into that market more and more as well.”

Caps Space Wins Cups joined to end February for Area 51 Network

Area 51 seems to be taking over right now with Cap Space Wins Cups podcast as the latest victim! What are you most looking forward to about the partnership and how did it come about?

“I don’t know if I’d say victims ahaha, we’re really excited to join the team all of us, we think the cross podcast promotion can really take our podcast to new heights. As for how the partnership came about We’ve all interacted on social media before, I (Hassan) and my twin brother (Ahsan) decided to reach out to Sean to see if we could be a fit for the network and what exactly what we were looking for. A bunch of Twitter DMs and a zoom call later were decided to join we’ve actually been sitting on the news for a week so it would coincide with our 1 year anniversary”

“What are you going to be bringing for Sports fans to the Area 51 network as it seems you have everything now! – As the name suggests we’re still gonna focus on the Canucks people in this market crave Canucks content I think that’s pretty obvious, we try not to take ourselves too seriously we wanna be funny and laid back show our personalities we have a great chemistry, we don’t edit our episodes we tape it once live and layer effects as we go along so it creates an awesome dynamic.”

area 51 network | Sports Talk Line
Caps Space Wins Cups with a sharp new logo thanks to @NuckDownUnder for Area 51 Network

“Besides Canucks were gonna focus a lot more on Formula 1 racing it’s something not too popular here but it’s gaining traction and we’re all big fans especially the 3 of us (Hassan, Ahsan, Hussain). Andy our newest member not so much but he’ll get there soon”

The Future Of Area 51 Network

Sounds like we have lots to look forward to from every aspect of the Area 51 Network. Something I know Sean was eager to convey in our chat.

“I’m very excited about the future and rapid expansion of the Area 51 Sports Network. There are a lot of plans already in the works to expand content into various other mediums and reach into more sports as well including Whitecaps and Canadians. The amateur blog will continue to run as we want to open the door to anyone that wants to share their voice. Ultimately, we want to be interactive, fun, comprehensive, and accessible to everyone interested in Vancouver sports.”

Area 51 Network taking over

They are all taking it to the next level. when I asked CSWC podcast about the future and merch, they were already ahead of me, “CSWC merch is already available on the Area 51 website make sure to check it out all the proceeds go to Canucks autism network make sure you check it out and help out a great cause!”

Sports Talk Line Network

One of the things I have loved about getting into the media landscape is showcasing amazing content for people. The Area 51 Network is creating just that and I was happy to reach out and learn more about this invasion!

Sports Talk Line will have you covered for sports but will also have you covered for other perspectives on sports. If it is a crazy national take to an amazing local take Sports Talk Line wants to have you covered across the globe 24/7/365. Make sure to check out all the content on our fully interactive website where you can create a profile and post about sports.

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