Canucks Prospect Report: Joni Jurmo Loaned To Kiekko-Espoo In Finnish 2nd League

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After a slow start with JYP, Canucks prospect Joni Jurmo loaned to Kiekko-Espoo in a move down but forward for the 18-year-old Fin. Vancouver’s 1st pick in the 2021 NHL Draft, 3rd round 82nd overall, was optimistic about the move. It was an opportunity to get more playing time and be back home.

joni Jurmo loaned to Kiekko-espoo
Joni Jurmo Loaned to Kiekko-Espoo

After 20 games with the big club and 0 points, Joni was already producing with Espoo when we chatted. Before we got into his move. I wanted to know what he thought of making the jump to the Finnish Liiga and the differences from his time with Jokerit,

“Of course jumping to the men’s league its a big step and a new organization and city so almost everything changes. But I still think Jokerit had very good quality in coaching on and off ice. But the biggest thing is you have to earn everything with hard work and you can’t have that many bad practice days.”

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Joni Jurmo Loaned To Kiekko-Espoo

Joni Jurmo Loaned To Kiekko-Espoo

Loaned to your hometown club Kiekko-Espoo in the second division. How did the decision come?

“I didn’t get to play that much in JYP and I wanted to play more because of my development and felt like Kiekko-Espoo was the best option for me because I would get to live at home and get to play a lot [of powerplay and penalty kill] and all situations.”

As much as I know that Joni wants to be playing in the top leagues. He is mature for his age and understands how this would be beneficial for his development,

“I feel like this isn’t a step back on my career more like forwards because ill develop much more and be much stronger in the top league next season.”

Joni Jurmo Loaned to Kiekko-espoo | Sports Talk Line
Joni Jurmo Loaned To Kiekko-Espoo

What are some of the things that Joni wants to improve upon this season with Keikko-Espoo? “My defensive game like positioning and defending [guys without the puck]” He should get lots of time on the ice to work on things.

I always have some fun with Joni so I had to ask him. Have you started to become more of an adult giraffe? You said you were “pretty lanky and needed to gain some strength” Your words not mine!

“Yeah, I’ve gained some muscles and weight in a good way and developed physically, Thank You, Joshua!”

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Back to more serious things the Canucks prospect. He was looking forward to more time on the ice with Kiekko-Espoo. Joni was also happy to be back home in Espoo with his family.

I am always thankful when Joni takes some time for me. I let him know that Canucks fans are as well as they get to know one of their newer prospects better. With his 19th birthday coming up in April, Joni will be one to watch! I asked him if he had a message for Canucks fans?

“Can’t wait to play in front of them one day and very proud to have such great fans!”

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The Canucks aren’t doing well on the ice but that didn’t stop me from writing, oops sorry for not deleting my post-game! so check that out if you enjoy pain. Canucks 4-3 Collapse to the Oilers. Vancouver has an uphill battle to make the playoffs but I will be there to keep you covered. Will also try to provide some more prospect and draft coverage this season as I start to navigate the hockey world a bit more.

Make sure to check back on the Sports Talk Line website for more Canucks coverage. Might be a lot more prospect and draft talk if things continue how they are currently going for Vancouver. For the latest news and updates on the Canucks follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0.

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