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Canucks Ownership Gives The Nod Of Confidence Despite Arsonist Media

On the eve of Saturday nights, Hockey Day In Canada clash Canucks ownership gives the nod of confidence to the management and coach. In what was Heart-shaping up to be a messy Valentine's Day break-up for General Manager Jim Benning and maybe even head coach Travis Green. It seems Francesco Aquilini decided to Choo-Choo-Choose them after all.

at 4:22 pm Canucks owner Francesco took to twitter to deliver a thread about the season so far. It was more or less what you would expect from an owner in the midst of a 6 game losing streak.

Yes, the team is off to a slow start and that can be attributed somewhat to the things Aquilini mentions. But didn't almost every other team in the Scotia North Division go through the same stuff? He would go on to say how disappointing the slow start was but it wasn't time to panic. The team has looked better in the last two games but the results still haven't been there.

This is where things get interesting with his thread. I grabbed my jerry can of gasoline and headed to my computer!

Seems some of the rumblings that Canucks ownership was getting fed up with losing was wrong. I mean I'm sure they are fed up of losing. But not to the point of making any serious changes. Vancouver does have a very vocal fanbase, just ask 1040 Funny AM, and they haven't been happy about losing. The thing is though it's not just about this year's on ice performance.

Canucks Ownership Gives The Nod Of Confidence Despite Arsonist Media 1
Canucks ownership

Aquilini would continue on in his thread, "Contrary to what you may have read or heard, we’re sticking to the path we’re on: building on our core of young talent. Progression is not always a straight line. There is no easy fix, only patience, commitment, and hard work."

I could think of some things that help as well; better bottom 6 players, more depth, a better D core, cap flexibility, I digress. Canucks fans already know that Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes are amazing players. Nils Höglander has been amazing and probably surpassed anyone's expectations of what he could do this year in the NHL. We all follow Chris Faber so we also see how good Vasili Podkolzin will be.

Canucks ownership

Is The Canucks Ownership Oblivious To The Actual Problem? Or Are We Seeing A Smokescreen From Our Own Fires?

The last part of the thread by Aquilini gave a nod of confidence to the current coach and GM. I can guarantee a bigger nod of confidence would have been a contract extension at the beginning of the season. Also, who said anything about Green? Green is basically the carpenter going to work and he has an amazing tool belt of tools, but when he needs to get the work done he is trying to hammer a bent nail.

Canucks Ownership Gives The Nod Of Confidence

The main focus of concern is a GM who has been in charge for almost 7 years and keeps making costly mistakes. Yes, he has made some great picks and trades that people have liked. You just can't keep giving up so much of your cap space and term to "locker room guys". He's great in the locker room! How about on the ice where it matters?

Canucks ownership
Canucks ownership has given GM Jim Benning the nod of confidence but for how long?

Fan's are getting tired of players like Loui Eriksson, Brandon Sutter, Tyler Myers, Jay Beagle, and could add a few more in there. I would love Beagle at 1 mil for this year, but 3 mil for two more years no thanks.

Let's just hope the Canucks can turn it around on the ice this season. And then in the management and maybe even ownership come offseason.

The Sports Talk Line Network And Canucks Coverage

It seems as of Saturday afternoon the Canucks ownership has confidence in JB and Travis Green. How long that remains is yet to be seen. The Canucks will take on the Calgary Flames in their second of 4 straight.

Vancouver will look to respond after losing the first game 3-1. Thatcher Demko will get the start tonight while Jake Virtanen and Loui Eriksson may slot back in with the injury to Justin Bailey.

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