UFC 258 Preview

A UFC 258 Preview Usman Vs Burns

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UFC 258 Preview Usman vs Burns

The main event of the evening will be a Welterweight Champion bout for Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns. Formerly teammates and close friends while in training fight camps together will prove to be yet another obstacle to overcome. Their time in the gym together training has yielded mixed results in all aspects of MMA. Their strengths are overlapped on paper. This is something that the viewer is the last to know what both fighters have already known from all those years of training. Who will win?

UFC 258 Preview | Sports Talk Line
UFC 258 Preview

The two fighters going into the octagon already know who will win. From the walk-in to the announcements of fighters will be the last moments we viewers will have before we find out what Gilbert and Kamaru already know. The dominance of the first round will be the answer to that question of who will win. To walk away with the win and the belt both men will have to overcome the friendship as well as the strengths possessed by their opponent.

There is always a chance for an upset win. Overconfidence and not taking serious their opponent can result in getting dealt a loss instead. The old coaches from the gym they both trained in have spoken to the high potential chance of winning against the current champ. They believe he has what it takes to win.

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UFC 258 Preview

Kamaru Usman born in Auchi Nigeria his father served in the Nigerian Army while his mother had a career as a teacher in Nigeria. Kamaru’s rise in the MMA community through the reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ as the winner of the show and had a meteoric rise to a champion title shot against the former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodly.

The firefight and the wrestling chess match between Kamaru and Tyron for all five rounds and to the last second of the last round. The result was a unanimous decision for Kamaru and his ninth unanimous decision win in the UFC. The key to the majority of his victories on paper maybe of those kinds of decisions but in the octagon is another story.

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UFC 258 Preview

The strengths are in his striking but mostly his held in his wrestling for Kamaru Usman. With his long reach, Kamaru uses his power for combination style striking which allows him to set up his takedowns and control the pace of the fight. His high pressure is hard to adapt to and his key to victory over Gilbert. Kamaru will strike then takedown and then hold down till exhaustion for Gilbert, Kamaru will rinse and repeat till victory is in sight.

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UFC 258 Preview

Were as to Gilbert Burns has keys to victory lays in his striking in the scramble. The chaos of trading strikes is in Gilbert’s favor. And if Gilbert is brought down to the canvas he is a black belt in jujitsu. Whether he brings down Kamaru or Kamaru takes Gilbert down the result may lead to a submission win for Gilbert. His well-rounded fight record is 6 KO/TKO wins, 8 Submission wins, 5 by decision wins. His versatility gives Gilbert the various opportunities to win were ever he finds himself.

UFC 258 Preview And Sports Talk Line

The fireworks and excitement are scheduled for 7:00 pm PST and I hope you watch and enjoy the events. Make sure and check out the Sports Talk Line website and stay tuned to the rearview review next week, thank and have a wonderful weekend.

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