UFC 257 In The Rear-View

With An Exciting UFC 257 In The Rear-View What’s Next For MMA

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With UFC 257 in the rear-view, the performance put on display in the Octagon on January 23 filled viewers with shock and awe. Knockouts, submissions, and decisive wins throughout the night were a fan’s delight. A fight card with excitement and hints of what’s to come could be the future of MMA.

Julianna Peña, Ultimate Fighter alumni, was victorious in the third round with a submission by way of a rear-naked choke over Sara McMann. It was a fight that was going back and forth between them, but Julianna came out the victor and is now calling for a title fight for her next outing to the Octagon.

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ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – JANUARY 23: (R-L) Julianna Pena punches Sara McMann in a bantamweight fight during the UFC 257 event inside Etihad Arena on UFC Fight Island on January 23, 2021, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

With Michael Chandler’s TKO by way of punches over Dan Hooker, we saw a surprise win and sensational debut to the UFC. During his post-fight interview, he called out everybody and repeated his attitude that he is here for a good time, not a long time. He may end up fighting Justin Gaethji, Connor McGregor, or Tony Furguson. His options are to be counted for sure.

UFC 257 Main Event Connor McGregor And Dustin Poirer

The main card of the night, Connor “The Notorious” McGregor against Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier, was a chess match between an inactive former champion who has made more money from business outside of the octagon than in, and the other is a top tier tested contender and a former Interim Lightweight Champion. A hungry lion against the highest accolades achieved and the king of MMA, it ended with the hungrier lion victorious in the second round.

UFC 257 in the rear-view | Sports Talk Line
UFC 257 In The Rear-View Mirror

The styles the fighters have are different but both can finish opponents with strikes. This match was an easy promise for fireworks. The wide stance and blitzing attacks from Connor McGregor were up against the forward pressure and rapid mixing of strikes from Dustin Poirier. The early leg kicks and takedown from Dustin Poirier were his keys to victory. Connor started with full intention to knockout and through power lefts, he landed one significant left early in round one.

There was a TKO victory over Connor McGregor by way of punches for Dustin Poirier in the middle of the second round. Dustin took a hard left from Connor in the first round and weathered the storm and got Connor tied up and taken down for some top control. Dustin threw numerous calf kicks on Connor throughout the fight. Dustin recovered from round one and entered the second round with more purpose.

They both traded strikes and counters while Dustin feigned retreat in the Octagon. Dustin circled away from the cage and threw bomb hooks and crosses at Connor and many landed. Connor clipped and hit solid while circling to face Dustin, but he fell from the barrage of strikes. Connor fell to the canvas and the position that he lay in became a meme that might never see an end. Connor did want highlight reels to be remembered. He may have gotten what he wished for.

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UFC 257 In The Rear-View As Poirier Takes Down McGregor

The walk-away opinion Dustin Poirier shared was if he doesn’t get a fight that makes sense then he will just sell hot sauce and do charity work with The Good Fight Group. The Good Fight Group has joined up with Justin Wren’s fighting for the forgotten charity.

Justin has been devoting his time and career to fund his charity where he helps fund the digging of freshwater wells for people who have poor water sources or none at all, where the people have to travel by foot long and dangerous distances for water. They dig wells and bring basic supplies and help build up these communities. His earnings from his MMA career help this cause and for water sources to help people live a better life.

What’s Next For MMA With UFC 257 In The Rear-View Mirror

The landscape of the future for the Lightweight Belt might be a short four-person tournament. Charles Oliveira, Michael Chandler, Justin Gaethje, and Tony Furguson all must fight to gain top contender status to fight Justin Poirier for the Lightweight Belt. Connor McGregor, after rest and training, should return and Fight Dan Hooker in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island. The winner could be an alternate in the tournament if any fighter got injured or had weight cut issues. The hard work and skills of those four fighters should earn them a chance to a clear path to company gold.

What about Khabib Nurmagomedov and his retirement from MMA? Dana White at a local ABU Dhabi MMA event sat beside Khabib and showed him the pay-per-view buys and shared his views that the numbers would be less if Khabib took the winner of either Chandler or Poirier.

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UFC 257 In The Rear-View, What’s Next For MMA

Khabib’s response was that he is many levels above these men. That he has already beaten most of these men already. They have not inspired him to want to come back. But whispers have it that a catchweight fight with George St Pierre might be in the realm of possibilities. This super-fight would topple any fight with Connor McGregor 3 or Dustin Poirier 2. And this holds more of an interest to Khabib than these lesser opponents in the Lightweight Division.

The Future Lightweight Champion will be that of one of those five fighters in the next year who will find an opponent and get that much closer wearing the champion’s belt around their waist. The speculations of Charles Oliveria’s fight against Dustin for the belt could just as likely. Michael could then fight Justin Gaethje or Toney Furguson for a title fight. Either way would make for amazing viewing as a fan for the year to come and 2022. The UFC has entered into a new era and the fireworks are yet to come.

Sports Talk Lines Newest Contributor And MMA

Happy to announce the latest contributor to the Sports Talk Line Network who will be covering the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Joshua Joseph. If you are a fight fan then make sure to stay tuned for more of Joshua’s coverage and knowledge of the UFC.

Until we can get him integrated onto the website, hopefully shortly, I will publish his wisdom from the Sports Talk Line Website. Of course full writing credit to Joshua Joseph.

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