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The NHL is back! Which means the Vancouver Canucks are back! Join host Joshua as he is joined by Canucks Game Host and Radio on Sportsnet 650 Satiar Shah. The NHL is back Jan.13th, and they will get you ready for the 2021 season. Will the Canucks make a progression? Can Thatcher Demko and Braeden Holtby replace Jacob Markstrom? How will Nate Schmidt fit into the team and much more.

0:10 – Introduce Guest Satiar Shah Sportsnet 650
0:42 – NHL is back and the return to play plan. Are we going to get hockey back on January 13th
2:11 – Expanded playoff format for the 2021 NHL season
2:50 – Could we get a play in series? Money, Money, Money and the CBA negotiations
5:07 – An All-Canadian Division – Leafs, Flames, Oilers, Jets, Senators, Toffoli and the Canadiens
7:20 – Leafs vs Canucks a year ago
7:45 – Cringe Worthy offseason signings: Calgary Canucks Jacob Markstrom and they could have had Tyler Toffoli for a decent contract
10:25 – It went beyond management with trying to get the cap space
12:45 – Nate Schmidt and the offseason. The importance of puck moving defencemen
16:32 – The new age defencemen and spending less time in your own end
17:57 – Canucks Prospects and the Audacity of Nils Höglander and his goal today
18:55 – What really makes Nils special is his drive and desire for the puck
20:45 – You had to show your work in Math class and Nils shows it on the ice
21:40 – Canadian Division and how things will end up, The Jets?
23:40 – The restructuring of Divisions in the NHL
24:45 – Brock Boeser an underrated player now? Or maybe becoming a great all-around player
27:15 – The NFL normal and The Cleveland Browns, are they the real deal?
29:35 – Solidifying the trenches in the NFL
31:00 – Rams and Patriots, Are the Rams the best in the NFC? Are the Patriots underrated?
33:20 – Close out interview with Satiar Shah

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