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It's the first of the week. Time for the early cup of joe and take a moment to look into the Monday Morning Mirror on what just happened in the world of sports.

Monday Morning Mirror

Novak Djokovic's US Open Disqualification

Stunning? Absolutely. Shocking? Ditto. Fair? 100% and that is the rub. The talk many a pundit is dancing around is they are looking for, and wanted, a way to keep the world's number one player in the match. The reasoning? "He is the world's best player." Well, the world's best player just hit a US Open official in the throat with a petulant tantrum shot/reaction. The rules were explicitly and Djokovic has only himself to blame though you would think he was a victim listening to his supporters.

This thinking makes me want to throw up in my mouth. It's the same puke the baseball purist regurgitate when they go on about how great the Yankees are with all of their pennants. Bullshit is bullshit and that's a pile of it. The Yankees are America's biggest cheaters "competing" (yes - use air quotes here) in an almost Harlem Globetrotters vs the Generals lopsided affair they call Major League Baseball. It's a sham. After giving a team the opportunity to out-spend every other team and basically buy championship after championship on the backs of talent stolen from other clubs "purist" want us to laud the cheating team for it's accomplishments. Like I said earlier, that's bullshit.

Pete Rozelle saw this con for what it was and predicated his NFL vision on "parity" (again, use the air quotes) which tries to give every team, regardless of their venue or the depth of the owners pockets, a shot at the golden ring. Years later MLB is a sport that is gaining less viewers by the (yawning) season and the NFL is breaking TV contract records.

It's the same thing here in tennis. If you want to make it a real sports you treat everyone with the same rules. If you want it to denigrate into "royalty" (which is what most tennis purist want) versus giving every player a shot then take your current stance. We know you resent the Williams sister and anyone not English who wins at Wimbledon.

Djokovic boned it. The tragedy is all his. I having nothing but compliments for the US Open officials. Way to make the right call.

Rockets vs Lakers

Are you kidding me?!?! After the Rockets handed the Lakers a 1st game loss and (in the process) shutting down every Lakers attempt at getting a solid run going leaving Lakers Nation VERY worried (click here for highlights) the series does a 180 in game 2 with the Lakers handing the Rockets a 109-117 loss (click here for the highlights). I already do not want this series to end. Can we reset to 0-0 and start over? This is Lakers vs Celtics good. Must-See-TV at it's best! Can't catch the game? Be sure and catch the highlights on the Sports Talk Line YouTube Channel!

Nuggets vs Clippers

2nd most compelling matchup and it's more of the same. The Clippers handed the Nuggets their breakfast, lunch, and dinner in game one (click here for highlights) only to turn around and suffer a 101-110 loss in game 2 (click here for highlights). The Clippers are the favorites. Somebody forgot to inform the Nuggets. Yea baby, it's on!

Raptors vs Celtics

3rd most compelling and to be frank, all three are just freaking excellent. We are talking the Raptors vs Celtics matchup which is all tied up at 2 and 2. Celtics took Game 1 and 2 while the Raptors said uh-uh!! and snatched the next two games (game 4 highlights here). Game 5 is today. Be there.

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