Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back

Extremely Costly Derby Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back 3-0 Loss

The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back Pre-Game Notes

The Whitecaps vs Sounder was a clash of two desperate teams. Trying to each rebound off loses Vancouver 4-3 against the San Jose Earthquakes. While the Sounders lost 1-0 to Chicago Fire.

The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back going with the same lineup as their 3-4 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes. This is good news after Leonard Owusu left the last match with a Hamstring cramp but was able to participate in training in the last two sessions before Sunday night game. Vancouver will also switch back to a 4-4-2 which they had been using before the stoppage in play.

They needed to generate much more pressure if they want to achieve the desired effect. Head Coach Marc Dos Santos was hoping the player's fitness levels were there or we would be seeing some young subs. Here is what the Whitecaps started the game with.

Seattle made 3 changes to their starting lineup from the last game. Jordan Morris comes in for Miguel Ibara, Handwalla Bwana for Shandon Hopeau, and Shane O'Neill for Yeimar Gomez Andrade who is out with a hamstring strain. Joevin Jones is also out for the Seattle Sounders so both teams were rather thin at the Center Back position.

The game disapointed more than my post game questions...We will get to both mine and the Caps learning curves shortly.

First Half Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back And So Was Seattle

Vancouver started things off giving up a goal to Seattle in the 3rd minute that was called offside. It was a sign of things to come for the Whitecaps vs Sounds MLS is Back. Seattle needed all 3 points in this game and they decided to go out and do it rather comfortably.

Vancouver looked to mount a bit of possession and won a free kick in the 12th minute. A nice ball in by Ali Adnan and Leonard Owusu sent the free header wide of the target. Seattle seemed happy to play off the ball and send long passes wide. It leads to a great chance by Jordan Morris who took the touch beautifully and tested Maxime Crepeau with a good shot. He parried it away and Jake Nerwinski was able to deflect out the next shot for a corner.

Shortly after Yordy Reyna would draw a foul and another free-kick would be sent it and bounce off Jasser Khmiri at the back post. The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back would give up a counter that leads to the first goal. Seattle worked it long and then down into the box. Morris turned and fired one on target that deflected off Jasser Khmiri's hand. After a quick check by VAR, it was confirmed.

Raúl Ruidíaz stepped up to the spot and had Maxime Crepeau guessing the wrong way. He calmly made it 1-0 for the Sounders. The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back would continue on in the first half with Vancouver having the majority of the ball. They just didn't know what to do with it once they entered the final third.

Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back
Photo Major League Soccer Matthew Stith

The Sounders seemed very content to not have the ball but hold the lead. Vancouver was able to manage almost 66% possession in the first half. Both teams would continue on this trend until the hydration break at the 30-minute mark. Just as Yordy Reyna was given a yellow card for some high studs. The play would go back and forth for both teams until a Seattle Counter.

The Whitecaps were left standing to chase when Leonard Owusu was displaced in the midfield. Nicolás Lodeiro lobbed in a beautiful ball to a full-speed Jordan Morris. Jake Nerwinski and Crepeau had no chance it was 2-0 in the 34th minute. There looked to be life in the tournament for the Sounders after all.

The Whitecaps vs Sounds MLS is Back held the ball but again no one wanted to make any dangerous runs or shot it. The half would end 2-0 for the Seattle Sounders having directed 11 shots towards Crepeau with 4 being on target. Vancouver managed just 4 shots with a weak one by David Milinkovic on target despite the possession advantage.

Second Half Whitecaps vs Sounders: From Bad To Worse to Worser

The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back second half was worse than the first. And they only gave up 1 more goal!

Neither team made any subs to start the half and Vancouver again tried to hold the ball but an early turnover and Morris tested Crepeau again. Minutes later the Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back were on the defensive again this time giving up a corner. Bwana cross was headed ever so nicely by Jordan Morris and fell at the feet of Raúl Ruidíaz.

it was 3-0 in the 51st minute and then things went from bad to worse for the Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back second half. Ryan Raposo and Theo Bair would come on to replace Leonard Owusu and David Milinkovic. The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back would be forced into another sub.

Keeper Maxime Crepeau made a save on a ball in by Jordan Morris and was collided with coming out to get the rebound. He was forced off and Thomas Hasal got his MLS debut. It probably wasn't how he wanted but he was able to come out with an impressive start to his Whitecaps vs Sounds MLS is Back Debut.

Moments After Thomas Hasal Comes On

Unfortunately, this was one of the lone bright spots for the Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back. Another was the Debut of another young Vancouver Player, Cristián Gutiérrez, who came on for Jasser Khmiri in the 73rd minute. The Whitecaps would also bring on Derek Corneilius for Ali Adnan.

Brian Schmetzer would also bring on a plethora of substitutions in the 2nd half. Alex Roldan came on for Kelvin Leerdam while Jordy Delem replaced Xavier Arreaga in the 67th and 68th minutes. Then he used the rest of his subs in the 79th and 90th minutes bringing on Danny Leyva for Jordan Morris, Shandon Hopeau for Handwalla Bwana, and finally Joshua Atencio late to spell Gustav Svensson.

The Whitecaps had a couple of chances to claw back a goal but weren't able to convert in the final third. It was another disappointing match for the Whitecaps vs Sounds MLS is Back. Things ended 3-0 for Seattle and now have Vancouver wondering when they get to head home.

Post-Game Comments From VWFC Following Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back

Head coach Marc Dos Santos, CB Ranko Veselinovic, and midfield and newly signed long term whitecaps Russell Teibert were at the podium Sunday after the match. Note to self smarted up on my questions and close my roommate's door!

Marc Dos Santos on The Whitecaps vs Sounds MLS is Back 3-0 loss.

"It was a very weird game for us. The first part of the game, I thought we came in well. Defensively, right now, we’re making major mistakes. We need to sort out our backline. Talking about guys that are missing is not important right now but I feel that we feel it."

"The runs of Jordan Morris created a lot of problems, that’s how they got the penalty and the second goal. Overall there were parts of the game that we did really well, we have possession in their third but we weren’t able to get in, we weren’t able to find a player that could make the difference. The most important for us right now is to move on. Try to get points against Chicago to go back home."

Photo Major League Soccer Matthew Stith

When I asked about the "second" Sounders goal. It was the third... check your notes Josh!

“They were well set up. The player from Seattle gets in front of Inbeom. Then Inbeom has to create a 2v2 with Cristian. But then he leaves that position and goes to the edge of the six. There, Inbeom has to track back and he didn’t do it. That’s how they scored the goal. As soon as one of the players doesn’t do his role, the team suffers. For sure, we’re going to address that.”

Ranko Veselinovic and Russell Teibert on Thomas Hasal and his communication from the backline,

"I think he was really good for his first game. It isn’t easy to go in, [not] warming up, he didn't have anything, but he came really good. He defends a few good balls and I think he was pretty good."

"That's what you want you, want a guy a young guy who's going come in, he's going to take charge of the game, and be vocal in his position."

Russell on the Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back match Sunday night,

Photo Major League Soccer Matthew Stith

"It’s a match of a few mistakes. I thought we played well in the first half and we were unfortunate to go down two goals going into the half and we kept fighting to get one before the half, unfortunately, we didn't. We talked at halftime to make sure we come out strong and, again, unfortunately, we need to be sharper and we concede early on in the half and we go down by three."

3 Points And Experience Up For Grabs

The Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is back left so much up to the imagination. Like what if we had all the squad available? But we won't be worrying about that come Thursday morning against Chicago Fire. Head coach Marc Dos Santos didn't speak on the Crepeau injury but I imagine we will hear more in the upcoming days. Let's hope for good news after that Whitecaps vs Sounders MLS is Back Match.

Photo Major League Soccer Matthew Stith

A player that needs to be better for Vancouver going forward is Inbeom. He has been less than invisible so far this tournament. He was on the ball more tonight but it still wasn't enough for someone the Caps expected to build dangerous play from the midfield.

Stay Tuned To Sports Talk Line

Make sure to check out Sports Talk Line for all your Vancouver Whitecaps news for the remainder of the tournament and more. Vancouver Whitecaps play the Chicago Fire Thursday morning at 6 am Pacific Time.

I will have you covered with lots of post-game on the Unnamed Sports Show at 3 pm Pacific time Thursday, July 23rd. Make sure to check it out if you have missed any of the episodes here on the Sports Talk Line YouTube Channel.

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