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How Does “No College Football” Effect On The 2021 NFL Draft?

If I could snap my fingers and make this virus disappear so we can have all sports return to normal, we would already be heading into training camps. Instead, College sports season are being canceled, and “No College Football” Effect On The 2021 NFL Draft will affect the NFL for years to come. It’s in everybody’s best interest to ride this thing out. Mask up, stay inside, and let it run its course, and hopefully, sooner than later we get our sports back!

Here are the latest 2020 College Football Season Updates!

No one is silly enough to think we will have a full College Football season as we have had in the previous 150 years. This year will be shorter if we have one at all.

Whether we have a College Football season or not, here is my plan for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Contingency Plan For a Shortened College Football Season

Most of the kids who would enter the 2021 Draft would have a year or two under the belts at least. Some coaches have been looking at them their entire College careers, if not longer.

So a shortened season is only a small blemish on their chances of being drafted like they usually would.

It is those players who shine in the year before they are eligible that miss out the most. Players like LSU RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

He shone so brightly in 2019 he was drafted in the 1st round by the Superbowl Champs, Kansas City Chiefs.

The best way to alleviate this issue is for all players, freshman through to seniors, to be allowed to enter the draft. Those who are not picked up can return to their respective College teams for another year, before trying again.

This would be a one time offer and couldn’t be done again.

The draft would need to be extended to maybe 10 rounds to accommodate this and give NFL teams extra rosters spot to make this happen.

In turn, College teams would be forwarded to the same roster spots to ease the pain of many players returning or not.

Contingency Plan For No College Football Season At All

If no College Football season goes ahead but the NFL does, then the draft can continue as above and give extra roster spots to both leagues.

If no season goes ahead in either league, which might happen, we are in a unique situation, where we can just close our eyes and pretend we didn’t just miss a year.

It’s not that simple but it sort of is.

If no games are played, everyone still ages a year but would keep the same status, ie Juniors, Sophomores, and so on. The problem would lie with kids leaving High School and entering College.

Roster sizes would need to increase to allow for more players but this is a good option to keep the talent in place. All players on contract in the NFL retain that year if they want and we continue like we didn’t miss anything at all.

At this stage, everything is so clouded, anything can happen.

For all the latest news on College Football, tune in to The College Football Show on Youtube at 3 pm PT on Saturday. Don’t miss it.

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