The Unnamed Sports Show: JD Burke on NHL Hub Cities and JJ Adams on MLS and Whitecaps

Today's first guest is J.D. Burke of Elite Prospects, The Athletic, Rink Wide on TSN 1040 Radio to talk NHL Hub Cities, Canucks, Star Wars, and more.

The second guest is J.J. Adam's of The Province and Post Media to chat MLS is Back Tournament and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

NHL News –
It looks like the NHL has finally decided on their two Hub Cities: Edmonton and Toronto. After weeks of speculation and Vegas and Vancouver looking to be the hosts at one point it looks like now, we will have both Hub Cities in Canada. This was probably the best decision by the NHL in regard to the safety of the players, once Dr. Bonnie Henry shut them out of B.C., of course. It will also help that so much of the Broadcasting infrastructure is in Toronto, also Rogers. Bob McKenzie reporting this morning that along with being named as one of the Hub Cities Edmonton would be the location of the Conference and Stanley Cup Finals.
One of the reasons that things have taken this long was negotiations on the CBA that was set to expire next season. A-Cap for the next several seasons needed to be worked out in regards to escrow and the Players wanted to make sure that the Winter Olympics in 2022 was on the table as an option for them.
MLB News –
If you missed things last week the MLB is back! Not without casualties as the Minor League Baseball have canceled their seasons. I am still so confused at how baseball is even going to get back going. There return to play plan is apparently to just return to play. I understand how they will charter into cities and go from the plane to the hotel to the stadium etc. But you are already seeing issues with the Toronto Blue Jays even getting into a training camp. They were scheduled to start up in Dunedin Florida but thankfully decided to move on from that ridiculous idea.
NBA News –
Testing has been amped up with The NBA announcing that between June 24th and 29th 344 players were tested with 9 testings positive. That brings the NBA’s numbers up to 25 of 351 players and of the 884 Team Staff, 10 have tested positive. A 2.8% positive test rate out of 1235 people. This is a number that people are joining to be hearing a lot of if you haven’t already as we get back to play for the Major North American Sports. For reference when the Bundesliga in Germany resumed play, they had a 0.5% positive test rate.
The NBA did release their rest of the regular season schedule which will start on July 30th with a doubleheader featuring the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans at 6:30 pm eastern time followed by the Lakers vs Clippers at 9pm. Toronto will start their return to play on August 1st against the Lakers. Their other 7 games are against the Heat, the Magic, the Celtics, The Grizzlies, The Bucks, the 76ers, and finally against the Denver Nuggets. They will have one set of back to back games as will every team and finish things up on August 14th before the Playoffs are scheduled to start.
But before we get NBA in Orlando, we first need MLS,
MLS News –
6 days… that’s it 6 days until the MLS is Back tournament is supposed to get underway. Supposed to get underway being the key phrase. As of Thursday Morning, Dallas FC had nine players test positive according to Sam Stejskal and Paul Tenorio of The Athletic Soccer. That’s supposed to be Vancouver’s first opponent!! Columbus also arrived and had one player test positive after coming down to Orlando and training and eating with the rest of his squad. I can only imagine the numbers will get worse closer to the day.
NFL News –
Bill Belichick you crafty cheater you! Cam Newton has signed on with the New England Patriots to compete for the starting Quarterback Job. This is an intriguing signing as the health of Newton has been in question for years, imagine what Belichick is going to be able to do with him if he is Healthy. Staying on the New England Patriots they were fined 1.1 million and lost a 3rd round pick in the 2021 draft for Video gate last year. Now get this, if Newton has a strong year and doesn’t stay with the Patriots next year, they would receive a compensatory pick… the 3rd round in 2021… This is why people dislike the New England Patriots!
Some more news from the NFL as it seems they have had their first real set back from COVID 19 as they will only be playing 2 Preseason games and honestly the number could be closer to 0 by the time we actually get to things. Training camps are set to start on July 25th – 29th depending on teams with things moving along after. I don’t care about preseason games anyways as they are usually horrible games with players you won’t be seeing during the regular season.

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