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Welcome to the latest episode of Unnamed Sports on the Sports Talk Line Network! I am your host, Joshua Griffith. Today marks my 5th episode, I don’t exactly know what that means but I just wanted to tell you. Have a great show lined up for you today as Manuel Veth from TransferMarkt and Contributor on Forbes will join me to talk Bundesliga and Football.

Today we will break down these topics:
- NHL News –
We have some more news from the NHL today as Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet reported just before lunch that the Qualifying round will be best of 5 and the rest of the series will be best of 7! Keeping it 16 wins for the Stanley Cup and I like that. Something I also like is the fact the NHL will be re-seeding teams after every round. It appears though that NHL training Camps could be pushed back into August. I can deal with Hockey on my Birthday.
The Canucks made headlines in Vancouver as it was announced that the team would not able to reach an agreement with the head of amateur scouting Judd Brackett and they would be parting ways at the conclusion of his current contract. I am positive that Canucks Twitter will find something else to argue about.

- Bundesliga News –
The Bundesliga continues to move to along and Bayern Munich continued their solid play with a 5-0 win against Dusseldorf. Guess who scored again! Whoo! Alphonso Davies! Okay, it was a bit of a ticky Tac goal but I’ll take it. Jadon Sancho scored a hat trick in Borussia Dortmund's 6-1 over SC Paderborn. The race for the top of the table seems all but wrapped up. Stay tuned later as I will have on Manuel Veth from TarnsferMarkt and Forbes to talk a tonne more Bundesliga and Football in general.

- EPL, La Liga, Primeira Liga, Seria A
The Premier joins the Bundesliga as being back up and running, with games this week and even today, Sporting vs Vitoria SC is wrapping up as I’m speaking right now with;
The English Premier League will follow along a week later on June 17th with a pair of matches to conclude matchday 29. Teams like in the Bundesliga will be allowed 5 subs a game.

- MLS News –
After a nervous couple of days between the League and the MLS Players Association where many players were not attending Voluntary training sessions. Wednesday brought some good news for North American Soccer fans. The MLS will start up again at the beginning of July. As previously thought, they will head down to sunny Orlando and play in a World cup style tournament with all 26 teams.
Commissioner Don Garber said the tournament would last no longer than 35 days. The MLS has also given players who have pre-existing conditions the ability to opt-out of the tournament for obvious reasons. We have already seen some big names like Carlos Vela and Chicharito Hernandez opt-out and we are likely to see more.

- NBA News –
Guess who is also heading to DisneyWorld! The NBA unveiled their plan for a 22-team resumption after the board of governors voted 29-1 in favor according to a Woj Bomb earlier today.
That’s the easy stuff, you thought the NHL rollout was complicated. Get ready for this; There will be 22 teams invited the top 8 teams in the Western and Eastern Conference at the time of the stop and then any team that was within 6 games of 8th place. Which gives us 5 more teams in the west playoff hunt and only Washington in the east.
Still with me? Now they will play 8 regular-season games and if the 9th place team finishes within 4 points of 8th, they would play a tournament. Single elimination for the 9th place seeds and double for the 8th. This would start on July 9th with training camps and the season getting back underway on the 31st ending no later than October 12th.
The NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver must have felt a bit weird not announcing their plan before the NHL did so they just rolled out everything going into next year. The Draft lottery will be held on August 25th, The NBA Draft will happen right after the season on October 15th and then Free Agency on the 18th. That will be a busy week! Training camps for the 20-21 season will start on November 10th and the season will get underway on the first day of December.
Let’s Go Raptors!

- UFC 250 News –
The big card this weekend from Vegas in UFC 250 especially for us up here in Canada. Felicia Spencer will be an underdog against Amanda Nunes for sure and my Colleague Rado made sure to make note of that in his article previewing this main event.
I for one think it will be a bit more evenly matched but what do I know about UFC.

- Links

- Manuel Veth On Twitter @ManuelVeth

- Forbes Bundesliga Writer -

- TransferMarkt – Area Manager U.S.A. -

- Owner at Futbol Grad Live

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