Interview With Maxime Crepeau

Episode 5 An Exciting Interview With Maxime Crepeau

Interview With Maxime Crepeau Of The Vancouver Whitecaps

On Episode 5 of The Unnamed Sports Show, I had an Interview with Maxime Crepeau Goalkeeper for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. He was kind enough to join me to talk training protocol, Getting back on the pitch in a competitive fashion, If he minds being sequestered for play, the focus on footwork in training, and if he is going to join the Whitecaps FC band.

Interview With Maxime Crepeau
Photo By Joshua Griffith Sports Talk Line From Training in San Deigo

He was able to join me right as I started the Unnamed Sports Show episode 5. We would dive right into things in my interview with Maxime Crepeau. As I always do I asked my guests how they and their families are doing during these difficult times. Things were doing well with Max and the family so we would move along to precautions the team was taking in training.

I asked Max how he has been finding all the precautions in coming back especially being a keeper and having to worry about so many more things, like gloves and handling the ball.

"Yeah everything is pretty strict, and it has to be. There [are] rules and you have to respect them there not just here for fun, they're there for the safety of everyone." He would go on to say, "Yes there has been a few adjustments because we are not used to that usually in training... But it will be the new normal."

Back To Action In My Interview With Maxime Crepeau

How much are you looking forward to getting back on the pitch in a competitive fashion even if it does mean being sequestered for a period of time?

"Yeah, Honestly Orlando is the only real possible solution... it's not playing games [that is} the problem, it's more the travel and between the cities and stuff like that. Especially because there is two countries and we are in a Canadian market."

Photo By Joshua Griffith

In my interview with Maxime Crepeau, I asked about how the team would be able to get back up to speed after an impressive 1-0 win in L.A. before things got stopped?

"Yeah, today everyone felt like a kid again, the first day of school. it's that feeling that everyone wanted to come back ASAP. It's the same spirit, same attitude, same motivation to keep on going where we left [off]." He would continue talking about the team in training on the Unnamed Sports Show episode 5.

Make sure to check out down below for all of the Interview with Maxime Crepeau. Things wouldn't be complete in our interview without me mentioning the training camp in San Diego!

I asked Max about his time training down there...

I like to bring up training camp down in San Diego, yourself and the rest of the keepers were working a lot with Youssef Dahha just on footwork and it seemed to pay off in the first two games. Is that something you are comfortable with?

"No, it's important for a goalkeeper. The footwork's a lot of work for not much recognition in the game. It's not every single game we have to use footwork where people say oh look at his footwork." He would go on more about the technical side of footwork.

"Sometimes if you have good feet it will save you from diving or getting caught up in a 50/50. If your feet are quick and your light on your toes it actually really helps you."

I really enjoyed talking about the technical aspects of goalkeeping with Max on the Unnamed Sports Show episode 5. One thing I can tell you from my Interview with Maxime Crepeau he would not be joining a Whitecaps FC band.

Full Interview With Maxime Crepeau On The Unnamed Sports Show

I was only able to speak with Vancouver Whitecaps Keeper Maxime Crepeau for a limited time but it was an interview I enjoyed very much. Make sure to check out the full Interview with Maxime Crepeau right here on the Sports Talk Line YouTube Channel.

You don't have to scroll far to get to the interview as Maxime Crepeau joins me at the 4:00 minute mark. Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line website for the latest sports news and updates. And be sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0.

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