Chris Faber From Canucks Convo

Chris Faber From Canucks Convo: The Interesting 2020 Season

Chris Faber From Canucks Convo Talks Vancouver Canucks, Prospects And The NHL

I was lucky enough to be joined by Chris Faber from Canucks Convo to talk hockey and more specifically the Vancouver Canucks. We started off with the Utica Comets and prospects Canucks fans might be seeing next year. I asked Chris about the current Canucks prospects.

You do a lot of work on the Utica Comets and Canucks Prospects on Canucks Convo. I wanted to know if Brogan Rafferty or Nils Höglander could make an impact on the team next year? Or are we all sleeping on someone else?

"Yeah, I definitely think that Brogan Rafferty is going to come right in and be on this Canucks team next year. I just talked with him this past weekend, put out an article on the Canucks Army which was a lot of fun. Very confident kid, which is great to see, the fact that guy was not drafted, comes in as a rookie and does what he does at the AHL level the confidence is skyrocketing through him and that's a guy who didn't go through the regular way of making it to the NHL."

Chris Faber

We would chat more Rafferty and where he could fit into the squad. Me and Chris Faber from Canucks Convo would into a Swedish prospect and what might happen to him next year. Chris Faber brought up a sleeper player that could possibly make an impact for the NHL team next season.

Then we would move onto more controversial things in the Canucks organization. I asked Chris, "Speaking of Canucks Management? Benning or Brackett? What do you make of the whole situation in the Canuck's front office?"

After some laughs, we would get right into all the impact that both people have done for the organization. I didn't force him to answer the question but of course, Chris is a professional so he did answer. You will have to tune into the interview to get this conversation though!

We Went Long Talking Canucks

I had Chris Faber from Canuck's Convo and contributor for Canucks Army on Thursday and we ended up chatting much longer than anticipated. We did talk about the season that is on hold for the Vancouver Canucks. I asked about what he was most excited about before things stopped. Was it Elias Pettersson in his second year? (Check out the top 10 Elias Pettersson goals for the 2019/2020 season from Sports Talk Line here), or was it Quinn Hughes? Or maybe the whole team and what could have been?

I know you are also a huge fan of the team. What were you most excited about with the Canucks on-ice product before things shut down?

Chris Faber From Canucks Convo

"I was most excited to see this young core get some playoff action, I think that was kind of the goal going into the season and you saw the direction that Jim Benning and the management decided to go was full outgoing for the Playoffs.  When you go out and sign Tyler Myers  and add these older players that you want to round out your team with that's when you are at the stage you want to push for the playoffs."

The Full Interview With Chris Faber From Canucks Convo

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to the Sports Talk Line Youtube Channel. It was great to talk Vancouver Canucks hockey even though we don't have any right now. To go straight to the Interview with Chris Faber skip ahead to the 40:35 mark. And make sure to follow @CanucksConvo on Twitter.

Make sure to check out Sports Talk Line for all the latest sports news as we actually have sports back on to talk about! Did you watch Bundesliga this weekend? Have a look at Rado's article and find yourself a Bundesliga team.

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