Whitecaps Jon Rees

Whitecaps Jon Rees: 2020 Charity Iniatives

Whitecaps Jon Rees Talks About the New Charity Initiatives

Vancouver Whitecaps Jon Rees who is the Director of Events and Entertainment for the team spoke with me about the two Charity Initaives the organization has been apart of. The Vancouver Whitecaps FC were quick to come to the aid of the Vancouver Aquarium with a charity initiative for masks. That didn't stop them from partnering with local award-winning artist Carson Ting and the Greater Vancouver Foodbank at the same time.

Vancouver Aquarium And The Whitecaps 2020 Charity Initiative

The Ocean Wise Conservation Association which operates the Vancouver Aquarium reached out to the public for help in mid-April. How was the Vancouver Whitecaps able to mobilize a campaign so quickly and what was the motivation behind it?

"It happened really organically as you said. The aquarium made the news headlines for a couple of days straight a while back, I think about a month or two ago. It really happened quite organically in a sense as one of our colleagues saw that piece on the news. And then during our daily leadership calls at the Whitecaps brought up the fact that the Vancouver Aquarium could possibly be non-existent in the foreseeable future and I think we were all just taken back by that statement."

"A couple of ideas just got tossed around and that night our CEO Mark Pannes was able to connect with the CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise through Linked In. And they spoke later that evening and the next thing you knew the next day they had already mobilized on this initiative to formalize and formulate the selling of these beautiful creative masks that kind of bring our two brands together with the intention of the funds being in support of the Vancouver Aquarium and saving that amazing institution." Said Whitecaps Jon Rees.

It is such a great cause as it provides an added level of safety to people who buy and use them and all the net proceeds go to the Aquarium. I know you were up over the 100, 000 mark at the beginning of the month. How much has been raised to date and what can people do it they can to purchase some and get involved?

The Vancouver Whitecaps Jon Rees talked about how the masks and the charity initiative ticked off so many boxes for so many things. Providing support to the Aquarium, providing jobs for people making them, and the need for a protective layer in the new world we live in.

7 pm Salute To Front Line Workers, Carson Ting, And The Greater Vancouver Foodbank

Whitecaps Jon Rees

The Whitecaps partnered with award-winning artist Carson Ting for another charity initiative. This was inspired by the 7:00 pm nightly salute to essential workers and goes to benefit the Greater Vancouver Foodbank. Could you talk a bit about why this was so important to the organization, and how you started working with Carson?

You could see the passion that Whitecaps Jon Rees had about this charity initiative as he talked about being able to provide something essential like food for people. He went on to talk about trying to find local companies and artists and how quick Carson Ting was to jump on board to create amazing artwork.

It's an amazing piece of artwork and there is so much hidden detail in it. Everyone really worked hard to encapture so much of the city. what was so important about this message?

"It was a really fluid conversation (making the piece). I can't say enough nice things about Carson Ting, who operates Chairman Ting Industries... From the initial outset and conversation, I pitched the general idea to Carson and really wanted to let him as the artist, and the creative in the relationship to really take with it and run, but he is such an easy-going gentleman and it was seriously a collaborative effort about throwing ideas back and forth." said Whitecaps Jon Rees.

If people want to support the Greater Vancouver Foodbank and purchase one where can they find them?

Anyone looking to purchase one of the award-winning artist Carson Ting prints in either color or blue and white can do so here at the Village Shop.

Interview With Whitecaps Jon Rees

I spoke in-depth with Whitecaps Jon Rees. He is the director of Events and Entertainment for the Vancouver Whitecaps and had lots of great insight into the Charity Initiatives. Make sure to check out the full interview on the Sports Talk Line YouTube Channel right here. Scroll to the 9:15 mark to get right to the interview with Whitecaps Jon Rees. And as always like and subscribe.

Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line site for all the latest sports news and updates.

Check out both the Whitecaps 2020 Charity Initiatives on the Vancouver Whitecaps FC website.

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