Sports Are Coming Back Slowly But Surely

Sports Are Coming Back Slowly But Surely

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Borussia Dortmund back to face Schalke . Is Bundesliga ready for restart?

UFC is the first major sport that came back after almost two months of forced halt resulting from Covid restrictions. Now more sports are coming back!

UFC Vanguard The Path For Others

UFC 249 was the first major even that restarted in very controlled conditions and provided many hints to how things should be done.

UFC tested each fighter upon arrival to Jacksonville, FL facility several days before the fight, each fighter, and one’s coaching staff were tested for Covid and 23 out of 24 fighters featuring at UFC 249 passed the test. Sadly Brazilian Fighter Ronaldo Souza tested positive for Covid-19 despite having any prior symptoms Souza was set for quarantine.

The fight between Hall and Souza was canceled.

Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza Tests Positive For Coronavirus But UFC 249 ...

No fans were allowed to watch the fights in the stadium or bars but those that got the chance to watch UFC 249 at home will surely be happy nonetheless! It was spectacular we saw under 20 sec KO, retirement declaration of a champion, and an interim title fight that didn’t go as planned

The fact that UFC was able to test and take precautions and effectively detect infected fighter is a huge positive for the world of sports showing that being reasonable can help sports to come back sooner than later.

Similar guidelines that are now in place for UFC fights are going to be tested this coming week in Germany’s soccer leagues Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.

Is Bundesliga Ready For Restart?

Bundesliga is the first major European sports association that decided to give it a go!

First games are schedule for Saturday May 16th and the leagues will pick up where they left off in March.

Bundesliga has 9 more rounds to play before the season is “officially over” with Bayern Munich leading the title race by 4 points over Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig followed by 1 point margin.

Sports Are Coming Back Slowly But Surely - Bayern Munich getting ready for  league restart
Sports Are Coming Back Slowly But Surely

A lot can happen in 9 rounds considering that there will be no setbacks because many player contracts are about to expire on June 30th the official.

At this moment Bundesliga teams are prepping for the restart and with minor rules adjustment, such as no spitting and perhaps 1 extra sub per game we may see Bundesliga thrive.

However, Bundesliga 2 restart is already in question since 2 players were tested positive for Covid just a few days before the league restart, and the whole Dynamo Dresden is quarantined for the next 2 weeks.

Players must stay disciplined and follow strict social distancing guidelines for soccer to come back in the nearest future.

Belgium, Dutch, and French League 1 took a different approach to Germany and decided to terminate the season with French and Belgium declaring a Champion.

Premier League, La Liga and Serie A are still 3 major leagues that may come back.

Premier League Back Early June

Great news for Premier League Boris Johnson gave UK sports good to go last week so now it’s up to the teams to decide if and when the League shall restart.

Premier League getting ready for restart - Sports Are Coming Back Slowly But Surely

Many smaller clubs threatened by relegation try to bend the new rules in their favor and stop relegation, however, this is proposal is not viewed favorably by Championship teams nor Premier League elite and fans.

Smaller clubs are also against games being played on neutral stadiums rather than home/away basis necessary restrictions to assure maximum security for the players and staff.

In my opinion it shouldn’t really matter because these games are played without fans and these lads are pros and not look for excuses.

That being said… Is it worth to restart Premier League? Shouldn’t Premier League follow the same steps to League 1. Liverpool needs only 2 more wins to be crowned the Champions with 9 more games to go and 25 points advantage it’s more likely to find Alien life than Liverpool not being crowned Premier League Champions after 30 yeas drought.

At this point it seems more like £750mil TV deal that EPL would have to refund to Broadcasters is the reason why the league will resume.

Don’t get me wrong I want to see Premier League back but not like this.

La Liga Bak Mid June

La Liga is another soccer league that does not want to fold the league with relatively open title race with Barcelona ahead of Real Madrid by only 2 points with 11 more games to wrap up the season.

At this moment Spain has the most Covid cases in Europe and with most rounds to play it is rather unrealistic to see the league restart and finish by June 30th.

La Liga players training with masks | Sports Talk Line

I wouldn’t be surprised if La Liga followed the Dutch and voided this season without declaring a Champion because a lot can happen in 11 rounds…

Serie A Probably Not Coming Back

This is not official news but the fact that Serie A representatives do not seem to be eager to restart the league after horrible pandemic covid outbreak that swooped out to the rest of Europe after Atalanta-Valencia match.

Serie A will probably fold and not come back to finish the season and nobody can really blame them… Italy is still one of the worst affected European countries and restarting Serie A is no brainer…

MLS 1st US Sport To Return

According to Reuters MLS may be the first US sport to return trumping MLB, NHL, and NBA.

The Graphic Design of Major League Soccer - Alfalfa Studio

The USA is by far the most affected country with over 1.3 mil Covid cases, so any talk about restarting sports may some very much out of this world…

That being said US sports leagues came up with the idea of sports islands that should facilitate the return of each respective sport.

It kinda makes sense for Soccer to be the 1st sport that will be back afterall if Bundesliga concept proves efficient MLS can just replicate it right?


MLS needs to wait for Premier League to come back and see how their concept of playing on neutral grounds works and figure out how to blend the two concepts together.

MLS will not be the only US sports league to follow development in England and Germany.

NBA and NHL both want to come back and finish the season and ideally playoffs in fast pace format.

MLB is arguably one sport that doesn’t have to worry much about social distancing with players dispersed on the field and rarely getting close to opposite team players.

MLB plans to start its season in July, so does MLS the question remains which league will start first?

Sports Are Coming Back

Yes, sports are coming back but sports fans will not be able to get a taste of the action on stadiums likely until 2021, sources report.

This would be devastating for the atmosphere of the games but luckily for you Sports Talk Line will cover as many games and sports possible and bring you individual game highlights.

What’s your opinion on Sports coming back, which leagues and sports do you want to come first?

Is Bundesliga Ready for Restart or will it fail miserably after their first week back?

What about Premier League, should it even restart at this point or should Liverpool be crowned Champions after 30 years or should the season be void?

Will MLS be the 1st US Sport to Return (not considering UFC that is rather an international sport)?

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