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The Answers Keep Coming In: Why We Love Sports Part 4 of 4

Why We Love Sports Part 4

It was going to be a 3 part series on why we love sports. The responses kept coming into Sports Talk Line. So now it will be a 4 part series on Why We Love Sports. In case you missed the last installment, you can get caught up right here.

Why We Love Sports part 4
Photo By Joshua Griffith Sports Talk Line

I was able to get so many different perspectives on how people got into sports and why they love them. I was happy to be able to make why we love sports part 4.

A Whitecaps Perspective On Why We Love Sports Part 4

Ranko Veselinovic Newest Serbian Center Back

In why we love sports part 4 the newest addition to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC also shared his start into sports. I interviewed Ranko and you can check it out in Episode 2 of the Unnamed Sports Show. We started with how he got into sports and more specifically Football, in Serbia.

"Well I started to play football when I was a kid, about 6 years old, I really liked it from my beginnings. I really felt this is something special for me and I really loved this game. In the beginning, it was just [a] game, it was just fun to hang out with my friends to enjoy, I didn't know what would be from that."

He would go on to talk about his move to club football and when he thought he might be able to make something more of his Football career.

"But later when I went to my club Vojvodina, then when I was growing up, and then when I was closer to the first team to play [professionally]. I started to think yeah maybe this is my profession, I am really good at it and I can live from Football you know."

"I started to be more professional and more willing to do what I do. When I signed my first contract I started to play with the first team, and one thing lead to another and I'm here."

Why We love Sports Part 4

It was obvious that Ranko Veselinovic loved sports and you could hear it in the way he talked about them. We would keep going into why we love sports part 4. I commented on how it was nice to see he got started into sports for the right reasons for having fun.

"That's the most important, everyone starts for the fun. But it's still important to play for fun now, you need to enjoy it in the things you do." Ranko would go on to say.

A Whitecaps Perspective From Stadium Announcer Don Andrews

Goal scored by number 68 Alphonso... DAVIES! Alphonso...DAVIES! ALPHONSO... DAVIES! Thank You! You're Welcome! Any Vancouver Whitecaps fan is familiar with the call and the voice. With that for why we love sports part 4 we had to touch on his favorite Whitecaps moment. Of course Alphonso Davies from Bayern Munich topped his list.

"For me, the number one favorite Whitecaps moment, and there have been a few. But July 16th, 2016, the day I got to introduce Alphonso for the very first time on the pitch. When he didn't start, he came off the bench, but when he came in for the very first time. everyone knew what we were looking at.'

Don Andrews would go on to encapsulate the feeling so many Vancouver Whitecaps FC fans felt that day. Bayern Munich fans are getting a look at what we loved so much in Vancouver and will for a long time to come.

Me And Alphonso Davies

"But to really get a sense of the electricity in that building and the way that crowd welcomed him. And knew what they were in for and could see what they were in for. When he started to warm up on the sidelines I could hear people in the crowd starting to talk."

"Davies, Davies, this is it! this superstar is going to go in!" He remembered hearing the fans saying. If only they would have known! "I remember saying his name for the first time and fans losing their minds."

I needed to find out how Don Andrews got into sports and how it led him into an announcer career for why we love sports part 4.

"Funny enough I wasn't that kid that was really obsessed with sports when I was a kid. My dad loved lots of hockey, we watched lots of hockey on CBC, Hockey Night In Canada and all that stuff. But it wasn't until the later stages of elementary school." Don would go on to talk about how Rugby had a huge part in his sports upbringing.

"My elementary school in grade 7 in New Westminster offered a Rugby program. Our gym teacher was a big rugby fan so he offered the grade 7 class to learn and play some Rugby. And I realized right away this is a tremendous sport... I really like this I should try Football."

"So 10-15 years go by and I have always been a big Canucks, Lions Whitecaps fan. I started to realize there were jobs that I could do in sports. And for a while, I thought I would like to work in sports and I'de also like to work in radio."

I spoke with Don Andrews for over 20 minutes about a number of things check out his interview here for Sports Talk Line. From his experiences announcing Canucks and Rugby sevens to how we both love sports in general. It worked perfectly for why we love sports part 4.

Sideline Photographer And Writer On The Whitecaps FC For B&G Media Beau Chevalier

One of the first media members I was lucky enough to meet as a fan, before I got into the media side of things, was Photographer Beau from B & G Media. He was there to capture some great moments for me as a fan and help when I got the "call up to the big league" with actual credentials to show me how things worked.

I asked Beau how he got into sports and of course into the sports photography side of things? Not only was he kind enough to answer my questions but he was happy to let me showcase some of his amazing work in why we love sports part 4.

Why we love sports part 4
Photo by Beau Chevalier of B and G Media

"I had been involved in grassroots soccer growing up since the age of five. I think most people have the ultimate goal of becoming a pro athlete growing up, and I was certainly no different. But at the age of 13-14 I realized that was never going to happen, but I knew I wanted to be involved in the sport one way or another."

"It progressed from playing to refereeing, and from there to coaching, and although I was quite good in each of those two positions it wasn’t the same as being on the pitch. After graduating high school I moved on to begin my degree in Communications at Simon Fraser University."

A whitecaps perspective
Beau Chevalier Photographer covering the Vancouver Whitecaps

"During my first semester I started writing for a local radio station that covered the SFU men and women’s soccer teams and really enjoyed my time covering the team."

"After wrapping up my first semester in the fall of 2017 I came across an internship opportunity at the Vancouver Whitecaps in their Communications Department."

I had to get into why Beau loves sports so much being so closely involved around the game. His answer did not disappoint for why we love sports part 4.

"I think what draws me most to sports is the unpredictability factor. Regardless of the sport or who is playing there is always a chance that every competitor has a chance for glory. I also love the competitive nature of sports, nothing beats to human beings pushing their physical abilities to the max in order to defeat their opponent."

why we love sports part 4
Photo By Beau Chevalier

"When it comes to live sports, I find it incredible the energy that athletes can generate in the stands from the spectators, especially at Whitecaps games of the past. I think of the 5-0 win against San Jose in the 2017 playoffs, Kendall Watson’s header to send us to the playoffs abasing Colorado in 2015."

Beau Chevalier was a perfect person to talk to for why we love sports part 4. Make sure you check out all his work right here and on Instagram!

Eric Smith Raptors Analysis And Sideline Reporter

Toronto Raptors sideline reporter and a contributor all around for SportsNet talked about his reasons for loving sports so much and what draws him to it.

"I could give many reasons. Sports Parallels life, or life lessons. Courage, hard work, determination, commitment, teamwork, winning and losing, building on strengths and improving on weaknesses, and so much more. Sports... The ultimate 'reality TV'."

Pacific FC Marcel De Jong Got In On Why We Love Sports Part 4

If you missed my interview with Pacific FC's Marcel De Jong you can check it out here on the Sports Talk Line Youtube Channel. We spoke in length about his time in the Bundesliga, joining Pacific FC, and more. Before I got him on my show he answered a couple of simple questions for me about how he got into sports for why we love sports part 4?

"As you may know, I grew up in Holland (the Netherlands) and it’s a small country where pretty much everyone played soccer growing up. And for me, it wasn’t any different. When I was playing soccer I knew I was pretty good at it and I just love it so much that I knew from a very young age that I wanted to become a professional soccer player."

"So every time I was at home or had some free time I was kicking the ball either at home in the yard or on playgrounds or even at school." Marcel De Jong went on to say, "I believe when I was 9/10 years old I got [approached] by the academy from PSV Eindhoven and I was selected to play for them."

"There everything changed for the better, I was at one of the best teams in the country getting trained by former professionals. And they pushed me even more so that was just exactly what I needed."

I asked Marcel De Jong from Pacific FC why we love sports, and more specifically why he loves them so much.

Why we love sports part 4

"That’s an easy question for me simply because from a very young age I had that competitiveness in me and I wanted to win in everything I did, and in sports, it was no different."

"Like I said before when I got trained by the professionals and seeing them play week in week out I fell in love and wanted to be just like them. Sports (soccer) in Holland is like a religion and it was just something everyone loved. And I was no different sports (soccer) was just something that fit me like a glove and I was hooked from the get-go."

For more from Marcel De Jong check out my interview with him on Sports Talk Line and my show the 3rd episode of the Unnamed Sports Show.

Canada Athletics Sprinter Jerome Blake

In the first episode of The Unnamed Sports Show I spoke with Canadian Track and Field Athlete Jerome Blake. We talked about how he got started at a young age in Buff Bay, Jamaica, and then his move to Canada with sports. He also added his thoughts on why we love sports part 4.

"The crazy thing is Jamaica is set up in a way where there is 3 sports that everybody does; it's either Cricket, Soccer, or Track, and Field. And if you're not really doing any one of those three your not really doing sports. That's pretty much the top 3 that everybody does."

"Every single kid grows up like I want to be Usain Bolt, or I want to be one of the world's most famous cricket players from Jamaica, his name is Brian Lara, everybody wants to be like him, Or Chris Gayle. With soccer, everyone wants to be a Leon Bailey or you know a [Raheem] Sterling someone like that of Jamaican descent."

Jerome Blake would talk a bit about his experiences in Cricket and getting into track and field in his teenage years for why we love sports part 4.

Why we love sports part 4

"When I was growing up I was heavily involved in Cricket, even to this day I still love [it]. I played Cricket from when I was really young because that was the sport my dad loved and me and my brother played so we have always been big fans of Cricket."

"When I turned 14 I started doing Track and Field and started off as a High Jumper and Long Jumper so that was kind of what I liked at first... I loved the sport so I kept working hard. It was never really something, I never really looked at I was going to go to the Olympics."

It wasn't until Jerome Blake Came to Canada and met his coach Pat in Kelowna that things clicked for him. Maybe he would represent Canada Athletics in the Olympics one day. We would talk about his transition into sprinting more in why we love sports part 4.

"When I moved to Canada I met my first coach, her names Pat, shes in Kelowna, and we met at the track the second week I was in Canada. And we started talking Track and Field, I was at [There] because on Sundays my brother plays Soccer. And she said oh you're from Jamaica you must be fast..."

I spoke to Jerome Blake on my First Episode of the Unnamed Sports Show, which at the time was called something different. But you can check out the full 30 plus minute interview about why we love sports part 4 and all you need to know about Canadian Athletics Jerome Blake here.

Sports Talk Line And My Unnamed Sports Show

I hope you enjoyed everyone's responses to why we love sports part 4. Make sure to check out the Sport Talk Lines website for all the latest sports news and articles. And for the most up to date content check out my live show Thursday at 6 pm Est 3 pm Pacific on our YouTube Channel.


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