Part 3: Why We Love Sports

Now let's focus on why we love sports! You have read about how I got into sports in Part One: for the love of sports. Part two went into why I love sports and how I got back into the sports industry. It also touched on Sports Talk Line and how it got its start. It ended with me getting media credentials to cover the Vancouver Whitecaps. If you missed part 2 check it out here.

Why We Love Sports
Photo By Joshua Griffith Why We Love Sports

Let's Find Out About Why We Love Sports

I reached out to different athletes, members of the media, independent writers, former scouts, my fellow writers, and general fans to get their thoughts. The questions were simple as I asked everyone how they got into sports and what they love about them. The amount of feedback I received was amazing. I got a wonderful perspective on why we love sports from all different views.

J.J. Adams Writer For The Vancouver Province On Why We Love Sports

I have so many people that helped me break into the sports media industry. J.J. Adams's writer for the Province was one of them. He covers the Vancouver Whitecaps among other things and was quick with tips and helpful websites. He was also one of the ones to show me the ropes in the media booth on my first game covering the Caps. Of course, he was happy to answer my question and it was cool to learn about all J.J. had done in his career.

"I was always active. Played soccer, baseball, lacrosse and basketball growing up. My parents felt I needed an outlet for an active, attention-challenged boy growing up in two households. And I did - loved playing sports. But never took it or the training too seriously."

"I was always good, but my senior year in high school, I got great. Swept every award we had for sports. I went overseas for a gap year, head inflated, suddenly thinking -“hey, I could be a pro!” I played pro ball and soccer in England - had a cup of tea, as they say - but was quickly disabused of my ambition, the gap between being a pro and an amateur can only be bridged by a select few, and all the years of nonserious training definitely were apparent."

"But I still loved sports, the competition, the personalities, the smell even. I fell into a career of journalism because it allowed me to make a career out of sports without being an athlete. That was about 25 years ago now. Since then, I’ve come to see that sports are a microcosm of greater life’s stories. It has all the intrigue and betrayal of politics, the depth of personalities that comes with feature of athletes lives, a universal constant and translator for those from different worlds and cultures. I’ve been blessed to be in this business and close to something that has become a core tenet of my identity."

Blake Price TSN 1040 PM Drive Co-Host And Insider Rick Dhaliwal on Why They Love Sports

I wanted to find out why we love sports from as many perspectives as possible. Two other people who helped me out when I was started were Rick Dhaliwal and Blake Price. I was able to interact with Blake on social media and on the radio show in the past but had the pleasure of meeting him down in San Deigo. He and Matt Sekeres were down covering the Whitecaps training camp and were gracious hosts when I stopped by their mobile studio.

I have not met Rick yet but I hope to in the future. The wealth of knowledge that he has passed on to me through his wisdom on TSN 1040. He was kind enough in answering some personal questions I had for him about certain aspects of the industry. Here is insider Rick Dhaliwal's response.

"I always say sports and music are the 2 great equalizers in life, they help with the everyday stresses life throws our way. The love for Sports started for me with road hockey at a young age - we played every day of the year. Grew up watching Canucks Lions and Whitecaps, from there sports became a staple in my life"

Blake Price was hooked early and he got bonus points for his Harry Potter reference!

"So why I love sports? Well, the seed was planted early on.. and I think I liked the stats as much as the sports. I could pour over old stats for hours... we didn’t have 24/7 sports in the ’80s so reading sports was the next best thing. And so it was a theatre of the mind. Sports was my Harry Potter.. and I filled in the action by looking at stats. Obviously, since then, we’ve come to see sports as the ultimate reality show.. the cliches are real. Sincere human emotion mixed with speed and skill. What’s not to love??"

Vancouver Whitecaps Talk Why They Love Sports

While the season is on hold for Major League Soccer. That doesn't stop the teams from training and having media availability. I was able to ask several players why we love sports and how they got into them. First to respond was Jake Nerwinski who had this to say,

"Sports have and will always be a major part of my life. For the competitor in me, sports have given me the ability to bring out the innate desire to compete and to win. As a fan, my love for sports is built through the sense of togetherness and passion it creates for a community of people."

Why We Love Sports
Photo By Joshua Griffith

Jake went on to talk about how he got his start in sports and what drew him towards them as a child.

"I have loved sports since I was a little kid. For me, sports have always meant family time. During my childhood, I remember sitting down after nearly every dinner to watch the New York Yankees play with my dad, mom, and sister. No matter how bad our days we’re going, when the first pitch was thrown, every amount of stress left our bodies. We were solely focused on the game for those 3-4 hours."

"I also remember waking up at 3 am, on a school day, with my dad to watch the USA soccer team play in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Sports have always brought my family and I together. It has given us something to bond over, and nothing can beat that."

Next was MLS SuperDraft pick, Ryan Raposo. His answer was too good to give you all of it in this one article. I asked him if I could write an exclusive article about just him and he was happy to oblige. Stay tuned for my interview with Ryan Raposo for Sports Talk Line. He did respond to why we love sports and I will share a bit of that with you now.

Why we Love Sports
Photo By Joshua Griffith

"I feel like at a young age you simply need to love the game, you need to go out and have fun with your friends and score goals and build relationships. All of those other things will come naturally if you truly have the passion for the game"

Why We Love Sports
Photo By Joshua Griffith

If you read part 2 of my series then you know I have Media Credentials for the Vancouver Whitecaps. I was able to get back up goalkeeper Thomas Hasal's thoughts on why we love sports and how he got into them as a kid.

Why we Love Sports
Photo By Joshua Griffith

"As long as I can remember, sports have been a massive part of my life. They’ve actually influenced and continue to influence most of my decisions to this day."

"I got into sports from a young age, like I said since I can remember I’ve been playing. Football has been the game I fell in love with from the start. My parents got me into it and my earliest memories come from playing the game. My late grandfather was also a massive fan and he instilled his passion into me. I owe him a lot. I was an extremely active kid and since then I participated in numerous amount of different sports such as track and field, basketball, volleyball and many other until I gave them up to dedicate everything to football."

Photo By Joshua Griffith

"What I love about sports was that it gave me the opportunity to compete doing something I love to do. I loved the competitive edge, setting goals, the hard work, the highs, the lows, the team aspect and most importantly the overall enjoyment of it all.

Now I get to experience those emotions at an even higher level doing my favorite thing in the world. Nothing can possibly beat it."

It was great talking to several of the Vancouver Whitecaps players. It was even better to learn about what they had to do coming into the sport to succeed. Take note of why we love sports from a Whitecaps perspective. The season may be on hold but it doesn't stop them from training and being hungry for when the action does resume.

Canadian Olympic Race Walker Evan Dunfee

Bronze medalist in the 50 km Race Walking for Canada at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar. Evan was kind enough to chat with me about how he got started in sports. We also chatted at length about many other things so stay tuned for my interview with Evan. Besides why we love sports we talked about everything from his involvement in Kid Sport Canada to represent Canada as a Team Captain to the postponed 2020 Olympic Games.

Why We Love Sports

Here is what Evan Dunfee said about why we love sports and how he got into them.

"I've played sport my entire life. I love sport because it is a safe space for people to learn and grow and develop all these skills that are valuable in life. As a kid, it teaches you amazing lessons that continue well into adulthood. It is a social opportunity for people to find community, and be healthy and happy. Sport at the top also has the power to bring people together, provide entertainment and the athletes have a platform to be role models and pass on their lessons."

Here is also a sneak preview from our interview... I asked how he felt about the IOC handling things and canceling events. He was quick to point out my mistake,

"First off the IOC hasn’t canceled anything. That is important to note. In regards to their decision to postpone the games until 2021, it was absolutely the right decision but it came way too late."

Bryan Oringher Former NBA Advanced Scout

Some of you may or may not be familiar with Bryans's hot takes on everything NBA. He is a former advanced scout and video analyst who worked in the NBA for seven years. Bryan has worked with the Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards. He now runs the ScoutWithBryan media platform. Make sure to give him a follow on twitter if you are a basketball fan. His mix of advanced analytics, eye test, and personal opinion gives basketball fans a bit of everything. Here is why we love sports from Bryan.

"I always loved sports but the book Moneyball in particular REALLY made me want to work in baseball. I actually interned for an MLB team in high school & was the assistant GM of a college summer league baseball team. When I got to college though I realized my real passion was basketball."

"I kept my aggressive mindset and contacted the UMD staff - an assistant coach & video Coordinator - and was able to get involved helping the Maryland team during Gary Williams’ last couple years coaching. After my sophomore year I happened to email current Wizards’ GM Tommy Sheppard honestly just trying to pick his brain and learn. I’d mentioned what I’d done for Maryland and the Wizards happened to be looking for help in their very understaffed video room. I was fortunate enough to intern for the Wizards my last couple years of school and become full time with them right out of college."

Stay Tuned For Part 4 Of Why We Love Sports

It was originally supposed to be a 3 part series. Luckily for everyone people keep wanting to respond to my question how did you get started in sports? And why they love sports? Which means it will now be a 4 part series instead.

During these slow times, Sports Talk Line hopes everyone remains safe and healthy and follows whatever regulations are set upon your country by your health organizations. We will continue to try and bring you videos, podcasts, and entertainment to help fill your sports void.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and the Sports Talk Line Tik Tok (Yeah we have a Tik Tok). Check out our weekly Round table Podcast that we record every Tuesday night. This week we did a mock NFL 1st round draft. We are planning on doing a roundtable soon which will be included in the 4th part about why we love sports.

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