Sports Talk Line Podcast March 17th: WWE, NFL, Tom Brady And Andy Dalton Vibrates Van

It might be a bit hard to talk about Sports Talk Line Podcast as there isn't much happening right now. That didn't stop us from diving into a bunch of different topics. And it ended up being over an hour of us all going back and forth from Wrestling to Curling and everything in between.

WWE Kicked Off The Sports Talk Line Podcast

Tonight I joined Tom McAlister and No Remorse Nate Doughty hard into an old school wrestling conversation. When it finally got around to my era I chimed in a bit, Shoutout Degeneration X. The big boss Steven Van Over would join us shortly after when the conversation turned to football and the NFL free agency. Suprise, Suprise!

Sports Talk Line Podcast March 17th: WWE, NFL, Tom Brady And Andy Dalton Vibrates Van 1

We talked about the quarterback carousel that's happening in the NFL. Tom Brady and his apparent move to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Van and Nate had to talk about the Cowboys of course in Sports Talk Line Podcast it seems like they have to every week. We talked about the QB situation in Vegas with the Raiders and who might replace Brady in New England.

Sports Talk Line Podcast talked about what's going wrong behind the scenes in Houston. Have Bob McNair's comments made Houston an undesirable location for African American athletes? "We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Did it lead to the DeAndre Hopkins trade?

Sports Talk line Podcast

We of course bash on the Giants and Redskins a bit before moving on to a more NFL free agent news. And then it went back to if Jerry jones would ever leave the Cowboys... Van was so excited he wanted to send him to the "Winnipeg Whitecaps" and end the show. I had to mediate a bit when people didn't have their phones on silent. Dammit, I am trying to produce a podcast here gentlemen! More Brady conversation and NFL as the Sports Talk Line Podcast looked toward what next year might look like.

Sports Talk Line Podcast March 17th: WWE, NFL, Tom Brady And Andy Dalton Vibrates Van 2

Things took a turn for the worse when the next New England QB was brought up on the Sports Talk Line Podcast. Andy Dalton perhaps? Well, Van made it very clear he would not take Dalton if he was a vibrator... Things started really buzzing in our conversation.

We switched over into if the NBA season will actually finish and if the Lakers would have won everything this year. Van claiming the Lakers would have, then trying to double back on it. He forgot I was recording today and not him and he gave a good argument for the Lake Show. I still have the Raptors taking it back to back #WeTheNorth. Nate was giving love to the other LA team, The Clippers, that could challenge the Lakers in the west when and if the season resumes.

Sports Talk Line Podcast

We finish things off lightly by yelling a bit back and forth at each other more about Basketball and the NBA. We finished by talking about what sports we thought would be back the quickest. MMA and combat sports were at the top of the list as was Curling which everyone would welcome back as soon as possible.

The Sports Talk Line Podcast was full of people excited to talk sports Tuesday night. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as the sports content is going to keep coming at you through these tough times.

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