Could Coronavirus Stop Liverpool From Winning Premier League

Could Coronavirus Stop Liverpool From Winning Premier League?

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According to recent reports from the Telegraph it’s possible that Premier League can be stopped before the season is over. Could Coronavirus Stop Liverpool from Winning Premier League as the result of competition stopping prematurely?

Coronavirus Stop Liverpool From Winning

I say no, but it’s not up to me to make the decision. It’s been suggested that the Olympic games in Japan will be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak so why not stop other sports events. After all, stadiums are an ideal environment to spread the virus.

Champions League already took precautionary measures for the recent Juventus vs Lyon game, which was played without fans attending the stadium. La Liga officials are considering the same precaution which may lead to Juventus vs Inter Milan game being played with no fans.

What If Coronavirus Stop Liverpool From Winning Premier League In Regular Season?

This could easily happen despite Liverpool needing only 4 more wins till they can officially be crowned the Premier League Champions.

It may sound too difficult for LFC to get 4 more wins (considering that Manchester City keeps winning all their games including away game vs Man United on March 8 and Chelsea March 14.) with 11 more games to go it’s unlikely that Liverpool can lose the title race without force major.

Should Premier League Continue If Liverpool Wins The Title In Record Time?

Liverpool is on a trajectory that could rewrite all the football history books, which raises the question. If Liverpool actually wins EPL Title in record time is there any point in risking a virus outbreak with 10 games being played for next month and a half.

“The rapid spread of the virus has raised the prospect of the Government ordering the cancellation of all sporting events in the UK for more than two months, something that could mean some fixtures never being played,” the Telegraph’s Ben Rumsby reports.

If you are a football fan you sure want to see your team compete even when you know it’s over but consider how many people can potentially get infected with 60-70 more games being played – all the folks going to the stadiums and bars that can easily get sick… and why? Because of their passion for sport?

Some may argue that the rest of the season matches must be finished because of relegation and Champions and Europa League rankings those are clearly not decided yet…

“Any final ruling could depend on how many fixtures had been played, similar to the results of abandoned matches in some sporting competitions being allowed to stand if a certain percentage of them have been completed.”

There is no guarantee that the bottom three clubs – currently West Ham, Watford, and Norwich – would be relegated, either. There is ‘no specific regulation in place governing such a scenario’…

What’s your opinion on Coronavirus threatening Liverpool’s EPL Title and should the Premiere League continue once Liverpool officially wins the title and risk serious virus outbreak?

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