Real Madrid vs Manchester City: The Good, The Bad and What's Next

Real Madrid vs Manchester City 1-2: The Good, The Bad and What’s Next?

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Long expected Champions League playoff round one is finally over and there were more than a few surprising results. Today, I will break down Real Madrid vs Manchester City game and point out a few critical moments that changed the course of the game and possibly course of the season for both teams.

Real Madrid vs Manchester City 1-2: The Good, The Bad and What's Next?

Despite Manchester City not being the favors, they managed to snatch important W in San Bernabeu.

The Good: Real Madrid vs Manchester City Kept Fans On Their Toes Till The End

Real Madrid started strong and didn’t allow Man City too much ball time early on but Real Madrid is not what it used to be. A draw with Celta Vigo and loss in Levante and now another big loss vs Man City will not be something Real fans will digest well and it’s all only a few days before the faceoff with Barcelona.

Manchester City was slowly but surely finding their footing and Mahrez, Jesus and De Bruyne found themselves in great scoring positions, if it wasn’t for Courtois the game could have been easily decided in the first half. That being said Real Madrid players found themselves in multiple great positions but neither of the team was clinical enough to take the lead.

Insco opened the score in the 60th minute after an unselfish play from Vicinius Jr. forcing Pep Guardiola to show Man City fans that his team means business. Arguably, Manchester City needs to win Champions League more then anybody else this year, since their Champions League Ban was issued earlier this year it is likely we will have to wait for several years before we get to see Manchester City in European action again.

Gabriel Jesus scored the equalizer in 78th minute and Raheem Sterling’s fresh legs were too much to deal with for Carvajal who foolishly tackled the sub and gave away a penalty. De Bruyne chose the side right and sent Courtois flying the other way 1-2 for the visitors.

The Bad: Too Many Tactical Fouls By Both Sides

Both teams decided to use all the arrows in their quiver no matter if they were defending or attacking. At times the game was very attractive to watch but sadly there were many instances filled with tactical and poorly timed fouls that slowed down the tempo of the game and prevented fans to properly enjoy the game.

The game was filled with fouls and we saw all types of cards. Real Madrid won this matchup with 13 fouls, 2 yellow and 1 red card. Manchester City ended the game with “only” 10 fouls and 1 yellow card. There should not be so many fouls in a game of Real Madrid vs Manchester City caliber.

I understand the importance of the game but it’s always sad to see top-level teams not being able to play at their best and fouling to regain possession.

What’s Next?

Well… The answer couldn’t be more simple! We will see a rematch Manchester City vs Real Madrid.

Expect a more dynamic approach from Zizu’s team with emphasis on giving offensive players more room to operate and press even higher than they did in Real Madrid vs Manchester City Leg 1 game, if that’s even possible…

It’s likely that Manchester City will want to add a goal or Two to secure their advancement throughout the competition, so expect more action, more fouls and more goals on March 17th in Etihad Stadium!

Real Madrid vs Manchester City Highlights

Let me know what are your thoughts on the rematch will Real Madrid turn their fortune around without Ramos, or are they out of the competition?

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