Wilder vs Fury 2

Wilder vs Fury 2 Review

This was the fight we all have been waiting for! Wilder vs Fury 2 delivered on the expectations!

Wilder vs Fury 1 was a peculiar one and a very controversial fight. This time around we knew what to expect and we got the hell of a show. Wilder vs Fury 2 was full of tactical and bar brawl punches. At times, refs had a hard time to make the right call but was the fight entertaining?

Hell yes!

Both fighters entered the ring in a very eccentric manner.

Tyson Fury rolled in on the thrown and Wilder walked in with his Mortal combat suit.

It’s gonna be an amazing fight! People in the audience are excited and people around the world are enjoying the electric atmosphere of the fight!

Wilder vs Fury 2 Round 1

Tyson Fury started the fight with an adrenalin rush and landing the great hit!

Wilder took a rather defending approach and gives away points to Fury in the first round!

The last minute of the first round was very tactical with both fighters waiting for an opening. It seems that Fury is able to penetrate Wilder’s guard!

Wilder’s legs got a bit wobbly but not wobbly enough to get the count.

Wilder vs Fury 2 Round 2

Wilder realized that he lost the first ground and wanted to step it out in the second, however, Fury’s formidable defense didn’t allow Wilder to cause any major damage.

Gypsy King was taking advantage of his superior reach and stoke late in the 2nd round surprising Wilder, who clearly struggles.

Wilder vs Fury Round 3

Fury started in style in round 3 landing multiple well-struck shots to Wilder’s face. Fury was close to land several deadly shots but missed...

Wilder’s face does not seem to loo like the man of the world contender anymore...

Wilder seeking clinch as much as he could but Fury knocked Wilder down about 30 sec before the end of the round. Fury took advantage of Fury being disoriented and send him to the ground for the 2nd time late in the 3rd round.

Round 4

Fury feeling it and Wilder clearly suffering and seeking as many clinches as he can.

Wilder’s legs are getting wobbly in the 4th round and Wilder fell down without getting any heat from Fury..

Wilder is clearly stunned and feeling the pacing from the previous round.

Fury is causing more paint to Wilder not letting him get away with anything. Wilder seems to have an issue with his right arm, clearly seeking protection for his right arm and not seeking excessive contact.

Wilder lost 4th round in the row. Not what we expected the Champ is getting hammered!

Round 5 Wilder Fury

Fury started strong in 5th round clearly aiming KO his opponent.

Wilder seems very tired and not being able to keep up with Fury’s offense.

Wilder is Knocked down AGAIN but the clock didn’t run out he is ready to continue.

He is wobbly and he clearly wishes for this fight to finish. THe champ is the champ no more. Fury is destroying Wilder.

Ref is getting extra time to Wilder to rest in the middle of the round 5. Wilder clearly struggles and is getting his ass kicked!

Round 6

The Gypsy King keeps on attacking WIlder in round 6. Relentless pounding. At this time it seems that the ref is stopping the clinch and helping Wilder to rest. It seems useless though.

Fury seems to feel the exhaustion too but still is the better man and keeps hammering his opponent from all sides!

For a fan 3 minute round may feel like a ages but for a fighter 3 minutes feel like ages!

Wilder is clearly out and is not able to keep up with Fury!

Wilder Fury Round 7

This fight is turning to one-man show and it seems rather petty to keep the fight going.

At this point, it’s a danger to Wilder to actually continue this fight. Fury won all rounds and if this wasn’t a belt fight this fight would have been over in round 3-4.

It’s OVER!

The ref finally called it and Tyson Fury is the new Heavy Weight Champion of the World!

The KO didn’t come in the 2nd round as Fury predicted but it did come and probs to the Englishman.

It’s been a while since a European Boxer dominated and won the heavyweight boxing belt!

Congratulations to Tyson Fury who was clearly a better fighter tonight and silenced all the pundits that questioned his ability to take the heavyweight boxing belt away from Wilder!

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