nfl trade rumors

NFL Trade Rumors - Cam Newton Trade

NFL Network shill Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting via NFL Total Access about the spin being put out about Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton's trade value.

Let me clarify, he wasn't reporting on the spin, rather he was helping propagate the spin by working with the Panters in the "look over here, not over there" spin tactic.

NFL Trade Rumors - Cam Newton

It's well known that Newton's health is the overriding factor in any trade possibility (which the Panthers desperately want) and Cam's foot injury is no joke. However, it's not a career-ending injury. It's fixable. Team owner David Tepper acknowledged Newton's health was the key component of any trade possibility and then he, and other team officials have focused on the foot surgery which by all accounts went well and could see Cam doing football-related activities my March. This is great news! The narrative of the spin then goes onto say Cam will be completely healthy for the first time in years, and therefore a valued trade target.

Say what? At this point, I'm waiting for the close on the swampland next because I am aware of the injury history here.

The man has bone on bone issues. He is in pain. His foot should heal just fine. Bone on bone is bone on bone. I've talked with several medical professionals. They all agree it's about management at that point. There is no possibility of improvement at this time. Newton had at least one surgery during the season on his shoulder that he didn't even report.

I watched Newton's throwing motion change over the last few years. Sure, he can still sling it, but it's different. Watch. YouTube up some early then late games and make your own call. It' doesn't take a Ph.D. to see something is going on and he and the team worked hard to hide this fact for seasons.

New owner, not his history, not his problem. The team is moving on from Cam Newton and would love to get as much trade value, if any, that they can.

The beat spin goes on.

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