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NFL Week 15 Review – via the Sports Van

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One to go in the 2019 season and NFL Week 15 was chock full of compelling football. Did we learn anything this week we didn’t already know? What did we know that was reinforced? What did we think we know that got turned on its head? Let’s take a ride in the Sports Van and find out!

NFL Week 15 Review

NFL Week 15 was a potpourri of information. Let’s zip through some quick takes on Sundays’ results below.

Quick Takes

Jets vs Ravens 21-42

The Ravens have a tough defense and the Jets were able to move the ball on them in chunks. Darnold still has a long road but the kid certainly has the raw tools. On the other side of the line, the NY defense is coming together having playmakers showing up at every level. Don’t look now Jet’s fans, but expectations may be warranted for next season.

Patriots vs Bengals 34-13

Twitter goes ablaze anytime the Pats, or more specifically Brady struggle or have a negative result. This past Sunday the Pats were behind for a few minutes of the game and social media exploded. The game ended up as one would expect and that is the way the season will end as well, with New England poised for a playoff run. The lack of talent at WR is going to get them bounced early, however.

Eagles vs Redskins 37-27

Wentz had to bring Philly from behind in the 4th quarter again and he did gain them a 3 point lead late in the 4th. But with the Redskins driving the ball again it took a fumble recovery for a TD on the games last play to secure the W. The Eagles are finding ways to win and in the NFC East that could be enough.

Browns vs Cardinals 24-38

The Browns lost to the Cardinals but reportedly are “all-in” on Kitchens for next season. Let’s digest that. Kitchens has never been a head coach at any level of the game before now. He was the “interim” offensive coordinator last season for a whole 8 games before landing his new gig where he has led a team with high-expectations talent-wise to a 6-8 record. Cleveland will (obviously) be Cleveland which is sadly reliable.

Bears vs Packers 13-21

The real score was 3-21 with Chicago getting an extra 10 points in garbage time. The Packers methodically broke down the Bears and look primed for the playoffs. Rodgers went 16/33, 203 yds and 1 TD. Aaron Jones got 2 TD’s and 51 yards on 13 carries. Davante Adams had an excellent game with 7 receptions, 103 yards and a TD on 13 targets. The D created a ton of pressure and stopped the running game  holding rookie David Montgomery to 39 yards on 14 carries. Trubisky was 29/53, 334 yards and 1 TD but he had 2 picks and got the majority of his yards in the 4th when the game was already decided. Nagy and Trubisky were great last season but have entered troubled waters in the follow up wasting the paring with a powerful defense. There are going to be a ton of questions to answer this offseason. Next week’s game will be watched closely.

Check out the highlights!

Bills vs Steelers 17-10

AFC football in December is a tough, hard-nosed, old-school affair and this game was in character. No sugar coating what went down on the field. Steelers QB Delvin Hodges proved he is not the answer going 23/38, 202 yards, 1 TD and 4 picks. Pittsburg is a mess and until they get their QB situation worked out they will continue to be a mess. The D is solid. For the Bills, you have to like the tenacity they show in close games. Josh Allen was 13/25 for 139 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Devin Singletary had 21 carries for 87 yards but did lose a fumble. They kept it close pushing the running game and let their D win it for them ending the last two Steeler drives with interceptions. That is winning football when the winds blow cold and weather can lock down fields. Keep an eye on these Bills.

Check out the highlights!

Rams vs Cowboys 21-44

Two teams with the same problem, underachieving. One team decided to fight while the other wasn’t able to find the chemistry that has been so sorely lacking. The Cowboys Antuawn Woods returned to the 1-Tech and the MIA run defense held Gurley to 1 yard in the 1st half finally giving up some garbage time stats to a whopping total of 20 yards for the game. Goff threw for 284 yards but again that is mostly garbage time stats other than the 1st drive of the game in which they scored. Dallas dominated after that. Stopping the run allowed the ‘Boys to get plenty of chances with the ball and they went on a roll. Prescott was “ok” going 15/23, 212 yards and 2 TD

s but it was the running game that ignited! The OLine dominated. Elliott ran HARD with 24 carries, 117 yards, and 2 scores. Backfield mate Tony Pollard only needed 12 carries to deliver 131 yards and a TD as big plays happened all over the field. The Tavon Austin 59 yard bomb was a thing of beauty.

The Rams season is over. The offense has no energy. Gurley today is not the Gurley of old and Goff looks solid one play and mind-numbingly pedestrian the next. The magic is gone in LA and head coach Sean McVay has a ton of questions he needs to find answers to this offseason.

Insane highlights for this game!

Vikings vs Chargers 39-10

Philip Rivers 28/39, 307 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT. It’s over. He’s done. Stick a fork in him. Melvin Gordon, 7 carries, 28 yards, 0 TD and 1 RedZone fumble. This guy held out because he viewed himself as “the man?” The game was never in doubt and the Vikings never took their foot off the gas. Cousins went 19/25, 207 yards 1 TD and 1 pick. RB Dalvin Cook was injured in the 3rd quarter with what looked to be a shoulder injury. The team is mums-the-word on his status and this is HUGE for the Vikes as he could easily be considered the team MVP for the season. The Vikings key off their opportunistic defense converting short fields into touchdowns. The club is well built from top to bottom and it would be a total shame to see their season run off the rails due to a December injury.

No idea what the Chargers are going to look like next season from head coach to QB to RB to fan base. It’s a sad state of affairs for a club with a proud history.

Check out the highlights. Be amazed!

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