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Cowboys Issues Start at the Top, Not the Bottom

The Dallas Cowboys have issues. A 6-7 record with 10-3 talent qualifies as a big one and when you consider this is not the first time this team has wallowed in underachievement-ville solving the riddle is high on the list for Cowboys Nation.

Cowboys Issues

We are not here to bandy about what people believe or think the problem is. No matter if you've heard the solution around a water-cooler, pundits or from the mouth of Jerry Jones himself both sources are rife with exaggeration and opinion viewed throw a kool-aid haze. As HOF Coach Bill Parcells was fond of stating "you are what your record says you are." So let's look at the numbers, shall we?

Jerry Jones Record

There are those that want to split Jone's record to include only the post-Jimmy Johnson era. That's horse-hockey. You are either the owner or you're not. There is no doubting exactly when Mr. Jerry Jones became the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and that is when his historical record begins. Over 31 years Jones has presided as an owner over 493 games. He won 268 and lost 225 giving him a 54% winning percentage. That's .500 ball.

Jerry Jones GM

Next, you have to assess Jerry Jones the GM. Jones gave himself the title after the Jimmy Johnson exit. Much like Gruden who won a Super Bowl coaching a team built by Tony Dungy Jones did get a Lombardi Trophy two years after Johnson left but it was not his team. It was the team Jimmy Johnson built and the HOF QB detested the coaching hire Jones forced upon the team in the process. Moving on from that debacle, Jones the GM went through a quick succession of coaches that did not work out before hiring, then driving away HOF coach Bill Parcell through his penchant of undermining a coach's authority by being a player-first owner. Jones himself has admitted he would have fired anyone else that had performed as he did as a GM.

Head Coaches

After Dallas having just one head coach for 29 years, Jones had Johnson for 5 years, Switzer for 4, Chan Gailey for 2. Dave Campo for 3, Bill Parcells for 4, Wade Phillips for 4 and then finally realizing the revolving door wasn't working Jason Garrett for the past 9 years. High turnover equates to poor choices. Put another way, between Switzer and Garrett Jones could not find a coach he could co-exist with. Switzer was NOT a good NFL coach. Garrett has a .500 record and very few playoff victories. There is no other way to look at it than to admit that Jones the GM has NOT been able to find/keep an elite head coach.

Talent Acquisition

After years and years of bad free-agent decisions and worse drafting Jones has finally taken his hands off the decision-making wheel and is listening to his football people. The Dallas Cowboys have a ton of talent and after 20 years of bad GMing Jones is now solid in this department.

Final Grade

It is what it is. The Cowboys have the talent to win out the season and make the playoffs. In reality, it would not change a thing. More likely the team gets beat today by the Rams and the spiral will continue. Getting a new head coach isn't going to fix the problem, Jones as the Owner/GM who undermines the authority of his head coaches to a degree the team is doomed to remain at .500 while he is in these roles. Cowboys Nation is aware (see Tweet below) and the final verdict is in. Replace Garrett or not. The problem is at the top. Troy Aikman said as much in recent statements. If you are a Cowboys faithful fan go home, dress up in your best team gear then paint it burnt orange and brown because Dallas is the Cleveland-Browns-West.

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