Top 8 Candidates To Replace Jason Garrett As Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Top 8 Candidates To Replace Jason Garrett As Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Lets take a look at the best candidates for the Cowboys coaching job.

Find out who I believe are the most likely and the best candidates to replace Jason Garrett as Dallas Cowboys Head Coach and why.

Jason “The Clapper” Garrett has been through a lot in 2019

He has bored the brunt of the abuse hurled towards the Cowboys for having an average record this season.

The team had one of the best offensive rosters in the league but cannot put teams away. Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb, Zeke Elliott, Tony Pollard, Michael Gallup, even Jason Witten all have the potential to be superstars in the league. None are producing the numbers they should be in 2019.

Dak Prescott was framed as a $40m per year QB in the offseason, now you wouldn’t pay him to clean your boots.

Dallas Cowboys - Dak Prescott, Michael Gallup

The defense is continuing along with it merry way but isn’t as solid as it was in previous years due to injury.

New OC Kellan Moore, Veteran DC Rod Marinelli, and second-year Cowboys DB Coach Kris Richard and all carrying their weight and showing their worth.

The Cowboys are yet to beat a team with a winning record in 2019. Having said that, the teams they have lost to are standouts this year.

The Saints (10-2), Packers (9-3), Vikings (8-4), Patriots (10-2), Bills (9-3). Only the loss to the Jets (4-8) in week six is the issue in this group.

The Cowboys should’ve won a couple of these games and were in most of them until the death. The problem lies with not showing enough on offense. You have one of the best rosters in the league and cannot compete with the best of them.

We wouldn’t be talking about The Clapper at all if the ‘Boys were 8-4 or 9-3. The fact Jerry Jones didn’t extend Garrett's contract in the off-season instead saying he needed to see more from the ninth year Head Coach.

The Cowboys made it to the Divisional Round last season and accordingly to Jones, need to go at least one game better for Garett to be extended beyond this season.

The way the team is traveling in 2019, they can still win the division, but Garrett's tenure is surely coming to an end.

Firstly, a new HC will need to be able to put up with the Jones family being very hands-on with what you do. You need to look at a college coach, the NFL coaching availabilities are mostly trash.

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Available Candidates To Replace Jason Garrett As Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Mike McCarthy

Image result for mike mccarthy

McCarthy was fired by the Packers at the end of last season. Some say it was due to his relationship with Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the franchise. Others say he was an old head who wouldn’t adapt to the new style of football. Either way, he won’t fit into the Cowboys scheme and is an outside chance of coaching Americas Team in 2020.

Cowboys HC Chances – 3/10

Ron Rivera

Image result for Ron Rivera

Sacked by the Panthers this week, Ron Rivera is a solid coach who has spent many years in the NFL and produced some quality results. He is on the same trajectory as Garrett and is unlikely to be on the coaching shortlist in Dallas this off-season. It's like replacing one problem with another.

Cowboys HC Chances – 5/10

Chris Pederson

Image result for chris pederson coach

Pederson has just stepped down as the Washington Huskies HC to take up an advisory role. A strange move from a guy who had taken his team to within a shot of a College Football Playoff.

Is this a move away from coaching or is he opening the door for offers from other franchises? Only time will tell.

Cowboys HC Chances – 5/10

Greg Roman

Image result for Greg Roman

The Current Ravens OC, Roman will be in hot demand this off-season. Should the Ravens not come to the party and offer him an increased deal, every NFL team will be chasing him in some respect. He has worked wonders with Lamar Jackson, RG# and Colin Kaepernick over the years and will surely bring a new style of play the Cowboys fans aren't used to.

Cowboys HC Chances – 4/10

Urban Myer

Image result for Urban Meyer

Currently working in the media, the former Ohio State coach had more than 30 years in the game before leaving in 2018 due to health reasons and other misdemeanors he allegedly covered up from some of his players.

Meyer is happy working in the media and would need a significant paycheque to come out of retirement to coach the Cowboys.

Cowboys HC Chances – 2/10

Joe Brady

Image result for joe brady coach

Brady is the OC for the Tigers after spending the last few seasons with the New Orleans Saints. He has turned the Tigers into a national champion favourite in 2019 and will attract plenty of interest from other teams. It looks as though he will stay with the tigers on an inflated deal. He is certainly one to watch in the future.

Cowboys HC Chances – 2/10

Matt Rule – Baylor

Image result for Matt Rhule – Baylor

Has done incredible things to turn the program around at Baylor and made them a threat for the playoffs with an average at best roster. The way he bonded this team together over the last two seasons with all the sanctions that were placed on them is a credit to this man and his coaching staff. They are still within shot of a College Football Playoff and will look to secure Rule on a long term deal.

Cowboys HC Chances – 5/10

Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma

Dallas Cowboys - Jerry Jones, Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley is the hottest product in the game right now. The way he has turned Oklahoma around has everyone knocking on his door. Quite frankly, he could have any coaching job he wants. Lucky for the Cowboys he already has a connection with the Jones family, and he is a Texas boy through and through.

He is one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the game and works wonders with QBs. He would be an asset to the Cowboys franchise going forward. What’s not to like.

This is the guy we want.

Cowboys HC Chances – 9/10

If you ask me these are the best available candidates to replace Jason Garrett as Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

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