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Rams vs Ravens NFL Week 12 Jackson Loves The Bright Lights

Monday Night Football Rams vs Ravens

In what will have playoff implications for both teams. Rams vs Ravens NFL Week 12 should be a great show. The LA Coliseum will host its very last Monday Night Football game. The Rams will move into their new stadium next year. Expect them to show up for this big game.

It will not be an easy task for LA. They face the 8-2 Baltimore Ravens. Atop the AFC with a 2 game lead over the Pittsburg Steelers. They will look to continue after their last week beat down of the Houston Texans. Baltimore blew them out 41-7. MVP front runner Lamar Jackson threw for 222 yards and 4 TD's on 17/24 passes. He will be a key in Monday Nights game Rams vs Ravens.

Baltimore will also look to Mark Ingram. He has been a huge part of the Ravens having the top-rated Rush Offense.  203 yards a game and more than 45 yards above the next best team. John Harbaugh should have a solid game plan. Even if it is the 4th best rush defense. With reigning defensive player of the year Aaron Donald.  Expect to see the ball on the ground a lot Monday Night Football Rams vs Ravens.

LA is coming off a narrow 17-7 victory against the Chicago Bears. It was Todd Gurley's coming out party with 28 touches. 25 rushes for 97 yards and a touchdown and 3 catches for 36 yards. Maybe, Gurley was all the Rams needed to make their late-season playoff push. The Rams vs Ravens got a big player back for tonight's game. Brandin Cooks was fresh off concussion protocol and looking to do some damage.


The Ravens would win the toss and defer to the second half. It was a perfect chance for the Rams to come out in the first quarter and make a statement. One that would set up their playoff push. Monday Night Football in the Coliseum and we were sure to see some great Football!

A First Quarter Rams vs Ravens To Set The Tone

Jared Goff and the Rams offense got the ball to start the game. And what a big game it was. So much to get up for with the playoff picture as it was. Behind the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, You knew they would show up. 2 quick run plays to Todd Gurley and Cooks for 2 yards and it was a long 3rd and 8 to start the game. Goff threw it incomplete to Cooper Kupp and the Rams were forced to Punt.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens turn on offense. Mark Ingram started off with a big 10 yard carry on 1st down to set the tempo. The Rams vs Ravens weren't able to stop the run game as Baltimore drove down the field. Jackson, Ingram and Gus Edwards carved up the defense. On a 3rd and 4 from in the Red Zone Jackson decided to Pass. He found Marquise Brown for the 6 yard TD wide open over the middle.


Okay, here we go again Rams! Down 7 points in a big game. time to go to work. 3 and out and Rams vs Ravens were punting the ball right back. Harbaugh did what he's done all season on the drive. Played the Analytics. Instead of kicking a field goal on 4th down. Jackson marched back onto the field and ahead 5 yards for a first done. On the next play, Brown got his second touchdown catch on an 18-yard catch. 14-0 with a 1:31 to go, oh it was not looking good.

Rams vs Ravens More Of The Same

Los Angeles was down 14-0 to start the second quarter. The good thing was they had the ball and were driving into Baltimore territory. Some good runs by Gurley and then catches by Cooks and Josh Reynolds. The Rams looked to be in business. The field got short and Goff couldn't find any open receivers. Greg Zuerlein would come on for a 32-yard field goal attempt. It was up and through and the Rams were on the board down 14-3.

Baltimore came right back at it and LA had no answer. Driving right down again. Adding to Lamar Jacksons highlight real and MVP consideration. The Rams Defense had no answer. We are seeing the next Michael Vick in the NFL. Fans watching Rams vs Ravens could only be in shock.


This pretty much sums it up...

And well after they picked it up, dusted it off, and ran it into the endzone for a Touchdown we got the Ball back again. Another field goal after a stalled drive. 2-minute warning and the Ravens would get the ball back with all 3 timeouts already up 21-6. 7 plays 60 yards and a Wes Snead touchdown later it was 28-6...

Second Half Rams vs Ravens







4th Quarter Lots To Play For Rams vs Ravens







Oh For F%$& Sakes! 45-6 Final. Rams vs Ravens are dominated!

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What Can We Take Away From Tonights Monday Night Football Game?

If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan then you can be happy you have a dominate 9-2 team. You also have Lamar Jackson who is cruising his way to an MVP title. The Ravens season isn't an easy one to end the year. But it could be just what Harbaugh's team needs to get ready for the playoffs. They will travel home and prepare for the 10-1 San Fransico 49ers. Nick Bosa and the Niners defense will surely be a test.

The Rams will wonder what is happening to their season. After a trip to the Superbowl last year. They are crumbling at 6-5 and on the outside looking way up at the playoffs. Things don't get easier for them either. LA travels to take on a better Arizona Cardinals team. And the hosts the Seahawks in what could be a pivotal game in determining standings.

Ravens have outscored opponents 86-13 in their last two games. LA and Houston aren't terrible teams either. There may be a new top team to watch out for in the AFC.

Check out the Highlights.

For all your sports check out my Articles for Sport Talk-Line. And if you are like me a Rams Fan then you may be checking out our NFL Draft Big Board for next year.



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