Find Out What Are The Effects of MJF Turning on Cody

Find Out What Are 3 Effects of MJF Turning on Cody

Why Would MJF Turn on Cody Rhodes?

At All Elite Wrestlings Full Gear card, one of the shocking events that occurred was MJF turning on Cody Rhodes. While in the last few months MJF’s profile has started to rise there will be numerous effects of the heinous acts committed by MJF.

In the recent months on the Youtube show Being the Elite MJF appeared to be the biggest fan/best friend of Cody Rhodes. There were also other times when Cody Rhodes was in peril against the Chris Jericho lead Inner Circle and MJF helped Cody during Cody’s time of need. 


On the October 9th edition of AEW’s Dynamite Cody Rhodes was outnumbered and vulnerable against the Inner Circle. MJF ran down to the aisle with a steel chair and when MJF entered the ring Chris Jericho held Cody for a free shot for MJF. There was a slight pause and in that moment of truth, MJF responded to the situation by attacking all members of the Inner Circle. It appeared if MJF was going to attack Cody that would be the moment. Many believed that MJF showed his loyalty to Cody by helping Cody in Cody’s time of need. 


Then on the October 23rd edition of Dynamite Cody went to MJF, along with Diamond Dallas Page and Dustin Rhodes to help with the clash against the Inner Circle. While the Inner Circle was mocking Cody from a luxury box Cody and company climbed the stairs and when the Inner Circle has threatened the Inner Circle locked themselves in the luxury box.


At this time MJF handed off his iconic scarf to Cody as Cody wrapped his hand in the scarf and punched through the glass doorIt seems like MJF turning on Cody was far fetch and would never happen as MJF seemed like a loyal soldier in Cody’s army.


Then Full Gear occurred. Cody was going against AEW champion Chris Jericho and MJF was in the corner of Cody as Cody stated that if he loses Cody will never go for the AEW World Title. During the course of the match Jericho eventually got Cody in the Walls of Jericho and while Cody did not surrender MJF threw in the towel so that Cody lost the match. 


After the match with what appeared to be tears in his eyes, MJF looked like he apologized to Cody for throwing in the towel as Cody seemed to understand MJF’s actions. Then MJF turning on Cody became a reality as MJF kicked Cody in the groin. With that one action, there could be tremendous fallout from this one incident. 


One effect of MJF turning on Cody Rhodes is now MJF and Cody will be engaged in a feud. Anticipate several matches between the salt of the earth and Cody that could range from the traditional singles match to more dynamic matches such as no DQ matches and falls count anywhere matches. 


The second effect of MJF turning on Cody is anticipating an intense promo coming on Cody. On the November 6 episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody gave an impassioned interview where Cody discredited all the comments Chris Jericho made about Cody. Anticipate Cody to deliver a similar type of interview this time directed towards MJF.


The third effect of MJF stabbing Cody in the back is now MJF can now have matches against other members of the elite. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega could each demand a match with MJF due to the treachery of MJF. The one interesting factor in this situation would be if MJF is challenged to a tag-team match and MJF needs a tag team partner who will aid MJF?    


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