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A British Invasion Bengals vs Rams - Cooper Kupp at Wembley

Bengals vs Rams An Exciting Game With Kupp Leading the Way

The Bengals Vs Rams kicked off in the NFL International Series. From London England at Wembley Stadium. Over 83,700 excited NFL fans were there to take in Bengals Vs Rams and anyone cheering for Los Angeles went home happy.

A 24-10 Final saw the Rams improving to 5-3 and the Bengals remaining winless on the year.  It was a great game for the first half with a lot of big plays and offense. The second half calmed down and saw the defenses coming to play.

Cooper Kupp was the story of the day having a career-high in receiving yards with 220 on 7 catches and a Touchdown. Jared Goff looked poised from the pocket going 17/31 for 372 yards and 2 TDs.

A British Invasion Bengals vs Rams - Cooper Kupp at Wembley 1

On the other side of the ball, Andy Dalton had a solid game going 32/51 for 329 yards and a touchdown but it wasn't enough. Nothing seems to be going right this year for the Bengals this should have been a closer game but they couldn't get a big play from anyone.

An Exciting First Quarter Bengals Vs Rams

The Rams won the toss and differed to the second half. Meaning Cincinnati started on offense. After a first down Dalton and company sputtered and were forced to punt on 4th down.

A British Invasion Bengals vs Rams - Cooper Kupp at Wembley 2

The Rams were in no mood to go slow. Goff and Kupp hooked up on 2 big plays. A pass over the middle, which the Bengals seemed to not want to cover, to Tyler Higbee and it was 1st and goal. The drive stopped here as they were not able to punch it into the endzone. A Greg Zuerlein FG made it 3-0 early. Lost on the drive was Brandin Cooks who left the game and did not return with a concussion.

Cincinnati came right back with a drive of their own. Led by Running back Joe Mixon who ended the day with 66 yards on 17 carries. A big play to Tyler Boyd over the middle set up the Bengals Vs Rams. A False start and then a sack by Dante Fowler Stalled the drive and they were forced to settle for an FG. Randy Bullock made it 3-3 just after the 1st quarter ended.

Cooper Kupp Took Over Bengals Vs Rams Second Quarter

The Rams got the ball back with at 14:57 of the second quarter and went to work. Trying to use a balance of Darrell Henderson and Gurley throughout the game. Sean McVay was running it just enough to make the play-action effective. Some silly penalties on the Rams forced them to convert several big 3rd downs.

Goff to Kupp for 2 more big passes on the drive. Both 3rd down and both to stop the Rams from punting. Just like that Kupp was having a big day with 4 catches for 100 yards. The drive was capped off by a Josh Reynolds 31 yard touchdown catch from Goff. 10-3 and for Bengals Vs Rams it was just getting started.

A British Invasion Bengals vs Rams - Cooper Kupp at Wembley 3

Cincinnati came out with their own answer. More Mixon and more Ram Penalties. They marched down the field converting on a nice play-action pass from Dalton to a wide Open Mixon. 11 plays 75 yards in 5:25 and Bengals Vs Rams was all tied up at 10.

Los Angelos came back with their own 75-yard drive. They only needed 1:21 to get down the field for a score. After a failed run on an end-around and a 1st down to Gerald Everett Sean McVay and the Rams dug deep in the playbook.

And Just like that, the Rams were up 17-10. After failed drives by both teams, the half came to an end. If things continued we were in for an exciting 2nd half in Bengals Vs Rams week 8 from London.

A Second Half That Saw Defenses Take Over

The Second half of football Bengals Vs Rams at Wembley was completely different than the first. The two teams defenses took over the game. it almost seemed like the Rams were watching the clock tick down.

A British Invasion Bengals vs Rams - Cooper Kupp at Wembley 4

LA started off with the ball and a couple of plays that went nowhere. Jared Goff once again returned to his favorite target for a 40-yard conversion on 3rd down to Kupp.  Then it was Gurley time a 9-yard run set the Rams up. A toss to the left and Gurley rushed it just in the pylon to make it 24-10.

After that like I said Defenses took over. Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler,  and Obo Okoronkwo had sacks. The Bengals Vs Rams couldn't get anything going in the second half.

4th Quarter Bengals Vs Rams Couldn't End Soon Enough

What seemed to be an effective run game in the first half for the Bengals disappeared and the Rams ramped up the pressure. Punt, Punt, Punt were the first 3 drives of the second half for Cincinnati. The Rams were very happy to run a couple of minutes off the clock each drive and punt it right back.

Getting later in the 4th quarter Bengals head coach Zac Taylor made the call to go for it on 4th down. A bunch of times. the rams would hold them for the first 3 plays and then Cincinnati would convert on long 4th downs to stay on the field. It didn't lead to anything but more time off the clock.

The Rams didn't need to do anything on offense as the Bengals weren't either. They couldn't score and even a late drive was ended in a turnover on downs. they thought they had a touchdown to Tate but was overturned on review.

Final score 24-10 LA in Bengals Vs Rams week 8. Weblembly field and the London fans got a nice first half but a boring second half. Unless you are a Rams fan. Then it was a perfect second half. both teams have a bye next week as the Rams move to 5-3 and the Bengals move to 0-8.

This is an exciting time in sports whether you are an NFL fan or follow something else. Check out the Article about Sports in October.

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