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Isn’t It Impossible To Not Love Sports in October 2019?

With So Many Sports In October 2019, It’s Tough To Choose

If you are a Multi-Sport fan like me, then Sports in October 2019 is an exciting time. Take your pick, I have a hard time setting up my DVR most nights now. Tuesday It was NHL and Opening Season NBA. But whatever you like now is the time. For Sports in October 2019 only pick up from here.

You could be in playoff mode right now. Watching your MLS team try and make it to the Audi Cup. Or you could be a Baseball fan hoping the 2 of 32 teams left are one of yours. The MLB World Series can be very exciting for some. And this year hasn’t been any different. Sports in October is shaping up great as usual.

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Maybe you are right in the middle of your NFL Season? It’s week 7 so your team might even be out of it already. You can always switch days and watch NCAA Football Saturdays and check out who your team could potentially draft. Or it could be nail-biting time trying to figure out if you get to cheer on the NFL playoffs come January for your team.

That isn’t the end of Sports in October 2019. The NHL season is about 10 games in for most teams and fans can start to brag or cry. And on the hardcourt, the NBA Season tipped off Tuesday night with a pair of games. Only to be followed with a lot more Wednesday night.

The NFL Is In Full Swing

Let’s start with the league right in the middle of things sports in October 2019. The NFL heads into week 8 and it has been a good season for some fans and a disappointing one for others. Check out Sports Talk Line’s Power Rankings for the NFC and AFC.

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The defending SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots led the AFC. a 7-0 record crushing the weak teams they have had to play leads most to believe they might just be headed back. In the NFC The surprising San Francisco 49ers are the only other undefeated team at 6-0. They control the NFC and don’t look like they want to give it up any time soon.

There are a whole lot of teams in the NFC who could come out at that conference. Besides the 49ers, the Saints, Packers, Seahawks, and Vikings are all looking like very good teams. Then the Rams, Cowboys, Bears, Panthers, and Lions all are at a winning record or right there from one.  You could even make an argument for the Giants and Cardinals that they might not be out of it.

The AFC paints a completely different picture. What parody we are having Sports In October 2019. Unless some teams make a showing the top 6 teams might already be set for the AFC. Besides the Patriots the surprise Buffalo Bills are 6-1 and are technically the second-best team in the Conference. A Scare to Patrick Maholmes knee on Thursday night looks to be alright so the Chiefs will try and stay as the argued 3rd best team.

The other team that you could give the 3rd spot to would be the Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Lamar Jackson is making a run for MVP this year. Leading the Ravens to a 5-2 record and doing things on offense we haven’t seen since, Michael Vick. He currently has 83 rushes for 576 yards better than a few teams.

Sports in October 2019 The Audi MLS Cup Playoffs

The weekend gave us great matches using the new single limation format. We saw DC United pull on late and then get dismantled in extra time to Toronto. We had Zlatan’s LA Galaxy winning 2-1 at Allianz Fields’ first playoff match.

RBNY took an early led but couldn’t stick it to the Philadephia Union who won 4-3. Atlanta Looks to get back to the MLS Cup beating New England 1-0. Real Salt Lake upset Portland to book a match against the Sounders who took care of business at home to FC Dallas 4-3.

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The Winners awaited and Toronto FC looked to get back to the MLS Cup after knocking off NYCFC 2-1. On no home-field advantage, the teams squared off at Citi Field, Home of the Mets, Wednesday night. After a 0-0 first half TFC came out the aggressor and took a 1-0 lead on a goal by Alejandro Pozuelo.  An equalizer by NYCFC’s Ismael Tajouri-Shradi in the 69th minute only did so much.

A terrible challenge by Ronald Matarrita in the death of the game led to a Penalty Kick for TFC. Pozuelo causally walked up and buried the brace with a chip to make it 2-1 and seal it for Toronto FC.

In the west Real Salt Lake was no match for Seattle Sounders Wednesday. After again a 0-0 start the Sounders took control. Fueled by their passionate fan base who are no doubt excited for sports in October 2019. Seattle Scored 10 minutes into the second half on a goal by Gustav Svensson in the 64th Minute and never looked back.

The 81st Minute goal by Nicolas Lodeiro put it out of reach for Real Salt Lake. And a Red card and sending off off Everton Luiz for a clumsy tackle made it even more clear. Nick Rimando made some late saves to hold RSL in the game at 2-0 but he would have liked to go out better than this I would imagine.

The World Series, Sports In October 2019

What if you are a Baseball and MLB fan? Then you have been watching the World Series Between the Favorite Houston Astros and waiting Washington Nationals. What else is there to look forward to than the World Series for Sports in October 2019. a pitching duel for any Baseball fan. 6 of the top 16 in ERA in the regular season.

The Astro’s will head into the Friday and Saturday games down 2-0 to the Nationals. What was viewed as a pitching duel has only lived up to that for one side so far? Tuesday undefeated since May, Garret Cole lost. To an equally good pitcher Max Scherzer who didn’t really out pitch him. Juan Soto and the Nationals just out hit the Astro’s. It was the same for game two.

With Justin Verlander vs. Stephen Strasburg the score should be low. Well for fans of sports in October it was not. 12-3 for the Nationals and they take a 2-0 lead that very few saw them having. The Nationals beat up on Verlander a bit but the bullpen more importantly. Important because they will be seeing a lot of them in the next couple of games.

Game 3 and 4 are back in Washington DC. The home crowd should be excited and ready for it having backed a championship team recently, The Washington Capitals. The opportunity to end it on home soil should give the underdog Nationals all the fuel they need to lift a title.

Champion Raptors Tip-Off NBA Season

Sports in October is also exciting if you love Basketball. The Season started Tuesday with reigning NBA Champion Toronto Raptors raising their banner and receiving their rings. And oh what rings they were.

A lot of Bling and a great ceremony and the Raptors may have been a bit gassed to come out. They got things together to beat the new-look New Orlean Pelicans. Even thou they were without their star number 1 overall pick Zion Williamson they still looked good to start the year. The Raptors had a short bench but looked like a team with a big chip on their shoulder.

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Sports in October is in full swing. The second game of the night was between the new-look LA Lakers at the new-look LA Clippers. It was a home game for LA. So they Booed Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers. No, it was an LA home game. So they should have cheered him. okay this is confusing! Anyways LA lost/ won 112-102. ore Importantly do we still get Taco Tuesday during the season?

The rest of the NBA started on Wednesday and Thursday and there are a lot of new faces. Also faces we might not see for a while. Klay Thompson might not play this year with the Golden State Warriors. Same with Kevin Durant for his new team in Brooklyn. Paul George is out for a couple of weeks with the Clippers.

Speaking of the Nets Kyrie Irving dropped 50 in his debut Wednesday night so I guess no rush back for KD. Nevermind they lost. The west is set to be tough this year again. Portland, Denver, and Dallas all look to compete with the talked about teams. Sports in October will go along way to see where we are in the NBA. Regardless it is going to be exciting.

NHL Another Sport In October Firing Up

Are you tired of sports yet? No? Good cause NHL hockey is about 10 games in and we are in store for an exciting season. Whether it’s Washington Defencemen John Carlson leading the league in points with 20 after Wednesday. Or the Buffalo Sabres being tops of the NHL with 17 points.  We are in for a ride this season and for sports in October.

There is a whole bunch of parody this year in Hockey. That should make fans of Sports in October happy. Where will this NHL season take us? I can’t imagine the East will stay like it is. Or the West for that matter. Edmonton, Vancouver, Anaheim and Arizona 4 of the top 6. Long season. I’m a Canucks Fan so I hope it keeps going like this but I also follow sports. So I know it most likely will not.

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Toronto and Tampa might as well both right off their seasons. According to their fan bases anyways. They don’t lead the East and are 6th and 7th as of Wednesday. I am sure they will be fine. There have been some teams looking much better this year. Buffalo to name one and Florida with the signing of a Number one goaltender is looking to make the playoffs this year. No matter what team your cheering for this year. The NHL and Sports in October will be exciting.

As usual, besides on the ice, There is the NHL’s fair share of off the ice drama. To the Ref’s calls or things happening at General Manager levels, There is always something to talk about in the National Hockey League. Let’s hope it continues throughout the year.

Sports In October Never Ends

I could go on forever about all the many sports that you could be watching. I didn’t even mention European Soccer or World Cup Rugby that’s happening right now. Or Tennis, or Track and Field. Whatever you like its a great time to love Sports in October 2019! PS: Watch Rugby Semis and Finals you will not be disappointed if you love sports.

If you are a big fan of sports and all sports than now is the time of year to be excited about. It’s almost hard to watch all the sports you want. And for any lover of Sports in October, That’s a good thing! I had a hard time figuring out my PVR yesterday and I’m sure that will be a good problem I continue to have in the near future.

With all the sports in October in 2019, it’s hard not to be a big sports fan! This is the time of the year where we can all just get together and love sports. You could be a DC United Fan and have had your team get eliminated. Get behind the Nationals then. Blue Jays far from the playoffs? How about TFC or the Raptors. Sports is one of those things that can unite us all. Pick a team and embrace them.

For more Sports in October check out our website Sports Talk line and some of my other articles.

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