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Can Daniel Jones Rebound in 2019

While right now Daniel Jones's stock is falling can Jones rebound in 2019? The debut of Daniel Jones was nothing short of spectacular as Jones lead the New York Giants to a comeback victory on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During that week Jones was the toast of New York City. All of those that booed Jones on the draft night have converted to believers in Jones. 

There was also praise for the man that selected Jones in Giants General Manager David Gettleman. Many felt that Gettleman was out of touch and a few other choice words that believed Gettleman would bring the Giants to the abyss of the NFL.  With the debut victory for Jones, the selection of Jones as the number 6 pick overall in the 2019 draft by David Gettleman was justified.

Fast forward a few weeks where the Giants lost their third game in a row, this time to the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 27-21. Jones the man once considered the savior of the G-Men had three turnovers and was sacked eight times in a game where the Giants were favorite to win and maybe parlay the victory to earshot of contending for the NFC East title. 

Now the grumbling is back as the Giants are ready to start looking at mock drafts instead of potential playoff opponents before November. While the voices are a familiar tone the concerning issue is that the NFL might have figured out how to deal with Daniel Jones. 

The team that developed the blueprint to take out Daniel Jones was the New England Patriots which does not shock anyone with Bill Belichick at the helm. This was confirmed when Patrick Peterson stated how Jones struggled against two-deep shell and stunts

While many people would be extremely upset about Jones’s performance against the Cardinals this is a blessing in disguise. Now the Giants have received actionable intelligence from the opposition on how teams will gameplan to neutralize Jones. It is the Giants' turn to come up with a gameplan that enhances Jones’s and the Giants' ability to finally win consistently.

One way to help Jones rebounds in 2019 is to improve the ground game especially with the return of Saquon Barkley. Having the opposition focus on stopping the run first should enable the effectiveness of play-action pass and wide receivers to gain single coverage and allow for mismatches.

The second way to help Jones rebound in 2019 is to start calling the run-pass option.  Since Jeff Hostetler was traded away to the Raiders in the early 1990s the Giants have not had a mobile quarterback. Jones's first NFL touchdown was scored by the QB running into the endzone off a run-pass option. WIth Barkley healthy, the run-pass option could be the wrinkle that helps raise Jones to the next level.   

The third way to help Jones is to utilize the sidelines in the passing game. Peterson stated how they wanted to take away the middle of the field against Jones. To succeed in the NFL a quarterback needs to take what the defense gives and if the defense gives Jones the sidelines that's whats Jones needs to take.

The fourth way to help Jones rebound in 2019 is for Jones to be able to identify the coverages pre-snap and make the correct audible or read. This will be the biggest challenge for any quarterback and a reason why Jones was kept on the sideline for the first two games. This means Jones will need to spend time off the field in the film room studying the opponent to garner the results Jones and the Giants want on the field. If Jones is able to understand and anticipate what the opposing defense is doing will be a watershed moment that will let Jones rebound in 2019 if not flourish.

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