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NFL Picks Week 8: Which Games Can We Call?

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This is the halfway mark of the 2019 NFL season and we are here with NFL Picks Week 8! I called them all but one correctly last week and am looking to improve! Under each section, we will tabulate how it went with the previous week’s predictions. Let’s dive in!

NFL Picks Week 8

NFL Picks Week  7 results:  7 Wins 1 Loss – 7-1

We break it down into three sections rather than just a straight list of games. The “Pick Em” section is a list of straight picks and a quick overview for the upcoming week. “Over Under NFL Pick” is a spotlight on a game for the week that may have a twist to it you have not thought about or overlooked. Last is THE “NFL Week Pick” and that is the game we dive a little deeper into.

NFL Picks Week 8 – Pick Em

NFL Picks Week  7 results:  5 Wins 1 Loss 5-1

Seahawks vs Falcons

This is a tricky game to call. On paper, it’s all Seahawks right now and for good reason, the Falcons are playing horribly right now and Matt Ryan will miss his first start in a little over 180 games. Home games are double tough and Atlanta has a lot of pride and pride is what will make the difference in this game. The ‘Hawks got their butts handed to them by the Ravens last week going down 30-16 in front of the home crowd. They are too talented and too nasty not to respond in a big way.

Seattle wins in Atlanta

Chargers vs Bears

da Bears have a lot going for them here. Their backs are against the wall, they have a ton of talent on defense and they are playing at home. In the modern NFL however, it’s all about the QB and the Boltz have Phillip Rivers who has Hall of Fame credentials still playing at a high level and Chicago has Mitchell Trubisky. Throw in the fact that historically, every season the San Diego LA Chargers dig themselves a hole almost impossible to get out of before going on an epic playoff run and they have done that now. ’nuff said.

Chargers win on the road.

Giants vs Lions

I am not shying away from tough games to call and this one is one of the toughest this week. It’s home game for the Lions but the perceived negative reaction of the team to recent personal moves by head coach Patricia looms large. Matt is a hell of a coach. What is unknown is his acumen as a head coach. Bill Belichick can do things a certain way because he has earned the latitude to do so. Lions HC Patricia is living off his mentor’s reputation in this regard and with the losses piling up the honeymoon period seems to be over in Detroit. The Giants’ QB Daniel Jones is trying to figure out how not to turn the ball over and handing the ball off the recently returned RB Saquon Barkley is the surest way to do that. Don’t forget this is Golden Tate’s chance to stick it to an old team and that is always a good bet in a sport that is 90% motivation.

Turnovers will tell the story but the Giants should win on the road.

Bengals vs Rams

Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on D. Goff and Kupp on O. Take that and match it up against the Bengals, mix in a home crowd and let the beer and guacamole happen.

Rams win big at home.

Panthers vs 49ers

I am finally going with the home team in a TOUGH game but the 49ers are for real. It won’t be pretty but that is Jimmy Garoppolo who is the modern-day equivalent of Troy Aikman on game day presenting himself as a QB that has no problem handing the ball off 30 times, dink or dunking all-day-long yet still able to strike deep when the D over-commits. That Bosa kid on D? Ya, he makes the new Niners wide 9 D cook and the Panthers, though playing well, are facing a team that just has to beat itself.

49ers win in blue-collar fashion at home.

NFL Picks Week 8 – Over Under

NFL Picks Week  7 results:  Win – 1-0

Packers vs Chiefs – Over/Under 48 points

On one side you have an Andy Reid team so you know they are going to move the ball paired with a limited defense that can’t stop the run. On the other, you have Aaron Rodgers who has Mr. Jones he can hand the rock off to paired with a D that has issues stopping the pass. See where I am going here? Mahomes injury takes some of the luster off but still, Rodgers won’t hand off all day as he and the Pack could put up 48 all by themselves.

Take the over

Cardinals vs Saints – Over/Under 48 points

LOL – I had to have ONE gimmie, right?  Not so fast sports fans. Most see this game as a high-scoring affair. HOWEVER, Brees is returning but will take a quarter, perhaps two in order to get his rhythm back. Arizona is coming off the win over the Giant’s and Kyler Murray is feeling it. Ergo look for Sean Payton and the Saints to use the running game and control the clock keeping the rookie QB on the sidelines and the score down.

Take the under

NFL Week 8 Pick – Pick of the Week

NFL Picks Week  7 results:  Win – 1-0

Eagles vs Bills

Another tough matchup that will be decided by off-field issues. Recently cut DB Orlando Scandrick called out the Eagles and the club had plenty to say in response. Now let’s see what they can do on the field. There were plenty of denials from the Philly locker room leaders but the truth can be seen via the product on the field. This is a team with issues. Injuries are the catalyst but for whatever the reasons the effect goes from the back end of the defense to the front end of the offense where Carson Wentz has had plenty of detractors. The Bills, on the other hand, are a team on the rise who needs to be measured against a variety of teams in order to measure where they are in their climb to challenge the Patriots.

Sophomore QB Josh Allen leads the Bills to victory.

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