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NFL Week 7 Review - Teams In Different Directions

NFL Week 7 is almost history. There are a few teams who are not looking forward to the film room session on Tuesday and conversely a group that can't wait. Why wait till Tuesday? Let's dive in and do the NFL Week 7 Review now!

NFL Week 7 Review

Rams vs Falcons 37-10

Oh, what a difference a week makes. The LA Rams' Jared Goff was 22/37 268 yds, 2 TD's and 0 picks. He had under 100 yards last week. Cooper Kupp is just fun to watch! Todd Gurley played and while still not Gurley (that guy is gone) he flashed his insane 5-tool skill set with hard runs and an awesome catch on a fade route. RB's aren't supposed to be able to do that, right? Dante Folwer absolutely LIVED in the Falcons backfield as they had zero answers for him all night long. 3 sacks, 3 TFL some defensed passes and of course a forced fumble. Please tell me he was your IDP in Fantasy Football this week?!? The Falcons have plenty of talent but Ryan went down with a rare injury he could not play through, Ito Smith was lost as well and the talk in Atlanta is not about next week's opponent, it's about the new coach/GM. If the Rams can keep it dialed in like they did vs the Falcons, look out.

Dolphins vs Bills 21-31

Fearing tanking retribution from the league office the 'Phins actually tried to make a game of it. Ok. Rosen was benched and Fitzmagic happened! Until it didn't. Here is what you need to take from this game. Josh Allen was 16/26 202 yds, 2 TD 0 picks. Frank Gore was 11/55 and the Bills have the talent necessary to move the ball on offense and a burgeoning D that one day soon could give the Pats a run for their money. Not today. But soon.

Jaguars vs Bengals 27-17

My new FAV section or as I like to call it "the Gardner Minshew Report." Gardner was 15/32 255 yds 1 TD and 0 picks. That is winning football stats. Fournette tossed in 131 yards on 29 carries and the Jags have FINALLY found an offense to pair with their nasty D. It was the Bengals BUT the arrow is still pointing up in Jacksonville.

Vikings vs Lions 42-30

WHAT A FREAKING GAME! As  I have been mentioning on my NFL Insider reports, Kirk Cousins is feeling it! 24/34 337 yds, 4 TD's and 0 picks. Pair that with Dalvin Cook pounding out 142 yds on 25 carries punching it in twice for scores and you have a serious contender in Minnesota.

Raiders vs Packers 24-42

The Raiders have quite a bit of talent on their roster. I have to give them credit in that regard. They also have Gruden. Green Bay, on the other hand, has Aaron Rodgers and after a brief clumsy period with the new coaching staff and offense all is smiles now as the two are feeling good. Rodgers went 25/31 429 yds and 5 TD's. Yep, five. Zero picks. Aaron Jones did 50 on the ground and 33 catching the rock. The D was tough near the red zone and if anyone wondered how the new coaching staff and older veterans were going to work out in Green Bay wonder no more. It's the exact opposite of who it's working out in Oakland.

For the Raiders Josh Jacobs looks to be the real deal going 21 totes for 124 yards but Derek Carr isn't Bret Farve, but he takes chances like he is. The WR corps is a mess and the game day results speak for themselves. At least Vegas has great food.

Texans vs Colts 23-30

Running vs the Chiefs defense is NOT like running vs any other NFL defense and Houston RB Carlos Hyde's 35 yards on the ground on 12 carries speaks volumes and explains the game. Deshaun Watson was 23/34 for 208 yards and a TD but had 2 picks. The Colts tried hard to give the game to the Texans but in the end, Jacoby Brissett was too effective going 26/36 236 yds and 4 TD's with zero picks. The Texans are a BLAST to watch but they are a flawed team. The Colts, on the other hand, are looking just fine after losing their franchise QB to injury. There ya go.

Cardinals vs Giants 27-21

The one game I missed on last week's NFL Picks Post. The New York Giants have too many talent deficiencies. They need another DL, OL and LB and DB help. Other than that they are fine (sarcasm alert). The Giants dug themselves a 0-14 hole which helped take Saquon Barkley out of the game. QB Daniel Jones has talent but the book is out on his flaws and proclivity to turn the rock over. 22/35 223 yds 1 TD, 1 pick and 2 lost fumbles are not winning football. He needs to do better. It wasn't all roses on the Cardinal QB position either. Murray went 14/21 for 104 yards. It worked out as Chase Edmonds delivered 126 yards and 3 scores on the ground but the Cards got lucky here. That doesn't happen often in the NFL.

49ers vs Redskins 9-0

I predicted in my Picks Post to take the under on this game. Called that one right. The 'Skins were going to pound the rock and eat the clock keeping the ball out of Jimmy Garoppolo's hands. Mission accomplished. Being unable to score while doing that was also expected. Good teams find ways to win on days they play poorly. In my eyes, the 49ers just checked another box. The Redskins are a mess. Callahan is a very good OLine coach. That's it. The 'Skins ran the ball well. Blocked well. Callahan should be happy. The 49ers defense is just nasty. Think of the Bears D from last season. Bosa is a BEAST (1 sack 4 TFL)! Jump on the Niner train. Plenty of room and they are going places.

Chargers vs Titans 20-23

The Titans are in a pickle, but a good one. They benched Mariotta and Tannehill did everything this scheme is required of him and he looked good doing it. Derrick Henry was solid grinding out 90 yards on 22 carries and the WR corps responded to the "spread the ball" attack. The defense stopped the run, created pressure and came up big on the goal line time after time. Is this the year Tennessee gets off the Mariota-Nipple and starts delivering some consistency? We will see. Tannehill looked good for one week. So has Mariotta.

The LA Chargers are in a pickle, but not a good one. Not good at all. Phillip Rivers was 24/38 for 329 yards and 2 TD's but he can't do it all. Melvin Gordon carried the rock 16 times for 32 yards and zero touchdowns. He also put the ball on the ground an incredible 5 times. FIVE!!!! He only lost the last one on the goal line (where he fumbled 3 times!!!) on the last offensive play of the game for the Chargers. It just blows my mind. Gordon was not in camp. He missed almost half of the season and he looked it. Ekeler wasn't any better and HC Antony Lynn, a former RB himself, must be flummoxed at the lack of production. I have to be frank, the offensive line is decimated with injuries and the D isn't far behind. The cliche is injuries are not excuses but let's get real, the OLine is smoke and mirrors protecting a QB who is not mobile.  What do you expect? Until they get healthy expect more of the same. But once they do recover this team is tough enough mentally to rebound. If they get healthy.

Saints vs Bears 36-25

Drew Brees is still out and the effect on the Saints is ... negligible. I mentioned the game he went down that it would take a week for Sean Payton to get his scheme tweaked to Bridgewater's sill set but he would. It took him exactly one week and Teddy delivered again methodically taking down the Bears pressure D. 22/38 for 281 yards, 2 TD's and 0 picks. Latavius Murray carried 27 times for 119 yards and 2 scores. WR Michael Thomas had 9 receptions for 131 yards and the Saints attacked successfully from all angles. Trubisky fought hard going 34/54 251 yards, 2 TD's and 0 picks. But there was ZERO ground game as the Bears only got 17 yards TOTAL for the game and there you go. Two teams. One is much better coached than the other. You guess which one.

Ravens vs Seahawks 30-16

While it is tempting to make this the Earl Thomas revenge tour paragraph that would do a total disservice to what the Ravens did to the Seahawks. The Ravens sacked and pressured Wilson all day long as he went 20/41 for 241 yards, 1 TD and 1 pick. Pedestrian numbers. Chris Carson was held to 21 carries, 65 yards, and 0 scores.  Earl Thomas and the Ravens D were in fact dominating. They were complimented however by the Baltimore offense. Lamar Jackson 9/20, 143 yds, 0 TD or picks AND 14 carries for 116 yds and 1 score on the ground. Are you kidding me?!?!?! The Ravens are winning with physical play on BOTH sides of the ball. When you can walk into Seattle and hand it to that team in its own house you have arrived. Welcome to the club Baltimore.

Eagles vs Cowboys 10-37

What a game. Two teams and this game determined which direction they are headed in 2019 but that, in itself is only half the story. Both teams have been decimated by injuries. The Cowboys guy recovered quicker and they lost fewer during the contest. The NFL is a game of attrition. HOWEVER .....

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was 21/27 for 238 yards, 1 TD and 1 (ill-advised) pick. Ezekiel Elliott carried 22 times for 111 yards and 1 TD. Amari Cooper had 5 receptions for 106 yards and when those three are on their game so is the Cowboys offense. Dallas got both of their OT's back and though you could see neither was at 100% they were good enough.

The Dallas D was the story however as the Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz was held to 16/26, 191 yds, 1 TD and 1 pick while under constant pressure and throwing the rock to WR's who seemed to give poor effort. I'm talking to you Nelson Agholor.

The Cowboys D lost LB LVE early and never missed a beat. The Eagles D lost Fletcher Cox late and it never mattered. Two teams, two different directions but BOTH clubs could do 180's in a week and blow your mind. The organizations have the talent to compete on any given Sunday. Neither of them seems to have the depth or coaching acumen to get by when not.

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