NFL Week 7 Picks

NFL Week 7 Picks

We are nearing the half-way mark of the 2019 season with NFL Week 7 Picks being a great way to set up your thought process on how to approach the upcoming week's contest. Starting with next week under each section we will tabulate how it went the previous week's predictions.

NFL Week 7 Picks

We break it down into three sections rather than just a straight list of games. The "Pick Em" section is a list of straight picks and a quick overview for the upcoming week. "Over Under NFL Pick" is a spotlight on a game for the week that may have a twist to it you have not thought about or overlooked. Last is THE "NFL Week Pick" and that is the game we dive a little deeper into.

NFL Week 7 Pick Em Picks

Dolphins vs Bills

The 'Phins are tougher than you think, but not by much. Bills have made improvements and it will show by the quarter.

Take the Bills

Vikings vs Lions

TOUGH game and one I would love to attend. Kirk Cousins is getting his confidence back and the Vikes are a complete team. The Lions go as Stafford goes but he is feeling it right now and the D is gelling and playing at home. Confidence trumps all of that.

Vikes take a close one.

Raiders vs Packers

You can enter all you want here about Gruden and company gelling, finding their stroke, etc. They are playing at Lambeau field and the Pack is coming off a 1 point win to the Lions. Maybe the refs help again, maybe not. Regardless the Pack makes its own luck with Aaron Rodgers flinging the rock.

Packers with a solid win.

Cardinals vs Giants

Arizona is coming off a 1 point win over the Falcons BUT (and this is a pretty huge one) Coming back from injury, Saquon Barkley will be taking the field for the Giants to pair with rookie QB Daniel Jones on offense which will face the Cardinals defense.

Victory for Giants in New York

Saints vs Bears

They are playing in Chicago. Drew Brews is on the sideline. Fine. Trubisky still hasn't found his swing yet and he will be facing one of the craftiest defenses in the NFL. Sean Payton just finds ways to win, no matter who he has at QB.

Patriots vs Jets

Seriously?  If you think this is anything other than a gimmie game for the Pats you are ... well ... I have some swampland I want to sell you in Florida! Great deal!

Pats win in New York

Over Under NFL Pick Week 7

49ers vs Redskins

The game has an Over/Under at 40.5 - Washington held Miami to 16 points last week only giving up a touchdown late in the contest. The 'Skins have talent on both sides of the ball and this is the second week for no-nonsense coach Bill Callahan who Adrian Peterson has already developed a fondness for as Bill fed him the rock last week. Look for a lot more of the same with an embattled Redskins club playing at home and wanting to keep the game close with a clock-eating ground-and-pound attack.

Take the under.

NFL Week 7 Pick

Eagles vs Cowboys

Cowboys are playing like a team in total disarray. The Eagles were that team a few weeks ago, then they weren't. Then they were again. Yep, this game is an easy call. And really, it is. Both coaches have issues call-to-arms. Eagles Pederson has tried to throw down the gauntlet all but guaranteeing a victory while the Cowboys Garrett has stressed the players to challenge themselves.

A LOT of it boils down to injuries and fair or not, that will be the case again this Sunday. The Cowboys ills can be traced straight to the loss of both of their starting offensive tackles both of who are expected to be available. They will still be hurting if Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb, Byron Jones, and Anthony Brown miss but the Eagles WR corps is a weak point on the team and as long as the Cowboys can get Zeke going the game will be in hand.

Take the Cowboys at home.

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